Google Doodle is Coming to Your New Tab Page

The new tab page used to be the most hated pieced of Google Chrome. Things have evolved a lot and the team has been working hard on making this the best part of your Chrome experience.

There is more coming.

Google Doodle on The New Tab Page

I used to keep Google as my homepage, when I was using other browsers. With Chrome, that is not necessary any more. I can directly type in to the Omnibar and get results. What I missed because of this, is Google Doodles. Now that they are becoming more fun and interactive, it makes sense to have them back.

Google Chrome team is doing just that for me! They will soon bring doodles to the new tab page, along with some cool stuff. Here is a mockup of this, the Doodle will show up where you have that red box now.

Suggested Sites, With Extensions API – Cool!

Do you like digg, or techmeme or reddit? Is this the site that you open up as the first tab on every browsing session?  What if there was an extension to place the most popular articles from these websites, just like your most visited websites thumbnails on the new tab page, refreshing them at regular intervals?

I think that’s going to be really cool an I am excited about this new feature that the Chrome team is working on. This feature becomes so cool because it will come with an API that developers can use to write extensions for this feature.

Start thinking about one now!!

Deeper Google Search Integration – Removing the URL

This is another subtle change that the team is planning, to make the Google Search integration in Chrome a bit more unique. When you will search for a term, you won’t see the full google search url anymore but just your search term.

Not sure how many of you will like it, but that’s coming too!

Any other changes you guys noticed recently?

Thanks François Beaufort

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  • Maldar 18/08/2012, 3:39 pm

    Cool stuff! I really think that the extension api for the new tab page could really work out. That would be awesome. Now, I never use the new tab page because there isnt just anything there I would need, but a start place with all my daily content I would like to see would be very nice.

  • Marc 25/09/2013, 11:54 am

    We already have the Omni-search-Bar at the top of the page!! So why on earth would Google put ANOTHER search box on our home page and make the eight frequent tabs even smaller?
    its redundant, waste of space, and its DOUBLING-UP on what we already have!
    – Why does google feel the need to have TWO search areas on the same page?

    I remember the time when I no longer needed the google home page as my default home page because we have the omni box at the top! and now I have to see this extra google search box!

    I found a delete for it:
    copy and paste this into your URL:
    Then hit “ctrl” and “f” and paste the following in the ‘find box’:
    Enable Instant Extended API
    – then select DISABLE (on the Extended API section).

    this will remove the annoying search box and give you your old functionality back (and you still have the recent chrome updates)