Erase Parts of Webpages That You Don’t Like with this Chrome Extension

Title of  this article on Lifehacker made me think, really? A Chrome Extension that lets you delete pieces of webpages that you don’t like?

That’s a pretty cool thought!

So, here we are, an incredibly interesting thought piece, a Chrome extension to get rid of sidebars, advertisements, flashbanners, and anything that comes between you and the content of the webpage you are on. Watch this video and see what I am talking about!

After installing, the extension will add an eraser icon to your Chrome toolbar. Refresh any open webpage to get started with this extension. Open up a page, click the eraser icon and click any piece of the page you are on to remove it from there!

Getting Those Pieces Back

Well, how will you get those erased items back? Answer is in the options page. Right click the eraser icon and select options. Here, you will see the list of websites you have deleted content from. Find the website you want to revert back, and remove it from the list.

The settings page also gives some controls for the animation when the content disappears, do check those as well!

What do you think of this extension? Useful? A Cool thing to show off? Get it here!

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  • Mark Scholes 18/08/2012, 3:27 am

    I just use adblock to do this

  • Maldar 18/08/2012, 3:22 pm

    I use my adblock extension for that. Right-click on a piece of content and block it. Works with every kind of content, not just ads. I must say this extension is much easer for that kind of task, but I almost never use it.

    Do you know of the extension: FastestChrome? It creates endless pages, for example google search, so you dont have to click on next page. When this happens, it creates a bar between the two pages. I dont want to display that bar so I make it invisible with my adblock extension.