The Funniest Chrome Bug Report Ever!

Here is the funniest Chrome bug report every.

Well, strike that chrome off. This one qualifies for the title of funniest bug report ever, on any software product.

So, What’s This Bug About?

Well, here is the bug description for you.

Cheez On Top - Chrome Bug

Cheez On Top – Chrome Bug

On the logo of cheeseburger in the “users” cheese located under the a cutlet. As I know, cheese never put under the cutlet.

Sounds like a genuine concern? Lets go read some interesting comments from the discussion thread of this bug.

Keep in mind that it would be harder to see both the cheese and the meat clearly if the cheese were between the meat and the lettuce, where it clearly belongs culinarily. Sometimes we have to make these difficult sacrifices to improve usability.

In my opinion, cheese, cutlet and salad are clearly visible on the correct icon.

I have to disagree with comment 4. As a colorblind, I see a much better lettuce/cheese separation in the original icon. Let me take that opportunity to thank Google for it’s willingness to dismiss culinary tradition in order to improve usability.

I think the png in comment #4 looks better and probably tastes better.

“Tabs on top, cheese on bottom” has been a fundamental Chrome design principle for as long as I can remember.

although I understand the argument that as a BicMac has cheese below patty this would be a commonly accepted position of cheese on a cheeseburger I feel compelled to disagree.
A BigMac is NOT a cheeseburger. Therefore the position of cheese on a BigMac is not germane to the current dilemma.
The cheeseburger in comment #4 is clearly the correct, and superior, combination of ingredients.

The point is that the image is defined as an ‘AVATAR_BURGER’. Neither ‘AVATAR_CHEESE_BURGER’ nor ‘AVATAR_BIG_MAC’. I suggest you to file another bug to replace AVATAR_BURGER with AVATAR_CHEESE_BURGER.

Want to join the discussion?  Come in here and if you are on Google Plus, there is hashtag too!

Thanks François Beaufort!

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