How To Take A Picture Using Chromebook’s Camera

Your Chromebooks has a webcam, but that works only for video calls but not for taking pictures. It works as a webcam, not as a camera. I’ve got two methods you can try to take pictures using Chromebook’s camera.

First Method – Using Change Profile Picture Screen

The first method is using the Chrome OS option to change profile picture. Remember, the webcam starts working when you go to the page to change profile picture? Yes, we are going to use that feature of Chrome OS to take a picture. Guessed how this is going to work? Okay, good 🙂

  1. Go to Settings > Personal Stuff.
  2. Click Change Picture
  3. Take a new picture
  4. Right click the new image and choose “Save Image As”

That should give you the picture that you just took. Now, this method makes you change your profile picture, just to take some photos. Here is another method. This is using an app. There were many apps that could do this, this is just my pick from them.

Take Photo Using Webcam Toy

Using Webcam Toy, you can take pictures and add some cool filters/effects to it, save it on your Chromebook or directly upload to Facebook or Twitter. That’s a bonus.

You will need to enable the webcam after install this app. Here is a video showing how to do that.

Now, if you are ready, launch the app and start clicking! The apps has got some keyboard shortcuts you can use.

  •  ‘G’ – Show the Grid view, where you can see 9 effects at once.
  • ‘I’ – Show the Info (settings) menu.
  • ‘S’ – Square the photo (good for avatar/profile pictures).
  • ‘F’ – Turn the camera flash on or off.
  • ‘C’ – Turn the photo Countdown on or off.
  • ‘M’ – Mirror the photo (good for when showing words to the camera).

Problem While Saving Photos

I do see a note from the developer that Chromebook users might face problem while trying to save the picture. I couldn’t confirm that, so if you guys test this app, do let me know.

Install the app from here.

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