How To Add Bookmarklets on Chrome for iPhone and iPad Mini

Hello iPhone/iPad/iOS users! Are you enjoying the Google Chrome experience so far? 🙂

Here is one iOS Chrome tip for you. Using bookmarklets, those little javascript pieces giving you additional functionality, remember them?

Actually I shared one tip a couple of weeks back where you had to use bookmarlets on iPhone/iPad version of Chrome. But, I did not tell you how you can create your own bookmarklets and use them. So, here it is.

Adding Bookmarklet on Chrome for iOS

  1. Create a new bookmark using Chrome with a short name, and paste your javascript bookmarklet code in URL field. Save the bookmark.
  2. Open the page you want to use your bookmarklet on, and type the short name of the bookmark you created in the Omnibox.
  3. Touch the short name of your bookmarklet and it should run the code and work as expected.

Now, here is a video showing you how to do this.


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