Chrome Dev Tools To Be Smarter With These New Features

Chrome Dev tools is already a popular too among web developers and other techies. I’ve seen many of my colleagues using it while working on different projects.  I use it occasionally while working on the design of

Now, it’s getting smarter. What’s coming to you? read on to find out.

A New Reload Button – With Multiple Options

With a long click or right-click, it will bring up a drop-down menu which will allow you to specify:

  •  A Normal Reload,
  •  A Hard Reload,
  •  Empty Cache and Hard Reload

This feature is now available on Chromium builds on Ubuntu. Windows and Mac versions will also get this feature pretty soon. Here is the official commit message.

Added reload drop-down menu for the Reload button on Linux when in the DevTools mode. When on the tab with DevTools opened, Reload button of the browser will behave similar to Back button. Simple click will still perform default reload. Long click, right-click or click and move down will bring up drop-down menu and allow user to specify Normal,
Hard or Clear Cache and Hard Reload. This is Linux only UI change now. Win and Mac will follow after commiting this CL.

Chrome Dev Tools Reload

Is Chrome Dev Tools As Good As Firebug?

There has been a lot of comparisons of Chrome Dev Tools with Firefox’s Firebug. The last time I checked, many said Chrome has a lot catching up to do. Chrome has been adding new features to dev tools for the past few months and I’ve got some to share with you.

How is Chrome Dev Tools doing now guys? Anyone using it regularly and has some feedback to share?

Thanks François Beaufort

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  • Bill 05/08/2012, 12:16 am

    I bought a Chromebook at the university surplus store. Is there a way to change the Owner from the original person to myself?

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