How to Change Google Chrome Theme

Changing Google Chrome theme is one of the basic things that every Chrome user must to know. It helps you change the background of your Google Chrome browser and make your new tab page look prettier.

.. and it is really easy to do!

How To Change Google Chrome Theme

All you need to do is find a theme from the Chrome Web Store, and then click Choose Theme button from the page. So, if you ask how to change Google Chrome theme, I should start by teaching you finding a good theme. Lets do that!

Finding A Good Google Chrome Theme

There are many sources that you can get Chrome themes from. I would recommend downloading only from the Chrome Web Store. Here are a few options you can try

Themes Section Of, this blog : I’ve shared a bunch of nice Chrome themes on this blog which you can use to pick one for yourself. Click here to see all of them.

Blogs and Websites Dedicated to Chrome Themes, Like this one

Chrome Web Store: Now, you got few options here. First, click here to go to the themes section. You will see the most popular Chrome themes from the gallery, they have named them as Recommended Did you notice that recommended is a drop down list? Click there and see what else you got!

  • Recommended
  • Popular
  • Trending
  • Rating

They all give you options to sort all available themes (there are tonnes of them!!) and pick the right one for yourself. You can use the search box on the left side to search for your favorite theme using a keyword.

Found One? Here Is How You Change The Theme

Once you open the theme, or when you keep mouse on one of them from the page or search results, you will see choose theme button. Click on it and you  will see Chrome downloading the theme for you. Your new theme will be applied as soon as the download is completed.

You are all set!

Making Your Own Google Chrome Theme – How Cool Is That?

I was teaching you how to find a good theme and change to that one. But, there is one more cool thing you can do, you can create your own Google Chrome theme. It is really easy and will take only 2 steps with the help of an awesome tool created by Google. Go ahead and read my easy and simple article showing how to create your own Google Chrome theme, click here.

Hope you learned something new today. If you think this article will help your friends, please do share!

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