Drive Apps or Works With Google Drive Section on Chrome Webstore!

Google Drive was released to the whole world today. I posted “15 Chrome Apps That Work With Your New Google Drive” soon after that. While looking at those apps, I found something cool. They all had a Gdrive icon on them and a tag “Works With Google Drive”.

Yes, Google has added a new section in the Chrome Webstore for Apps which work with Google Drive.

Google Drive is an platform developers can build their applications on. So can expect loads of new apps and extensions coming out to the Chrome web store which take advantage of this. Google wants to curate all of them for you and present a nice set of apps to choose from.

If you open up an app from the store which works with GDrive, you will see the following icon with a mouse over message “This app works with Google Drive.”

See the”Show All” link?  It will will take you to this page. This is the new category called “Drive Apps”

Here, you will see a collection of Chrome Web Apps which work with Google Drive. At the time of writing this, I see 17 apps there. We will see this list growing in coming days.

I’ll keep you all posted on new developments there! But do me a favor, if you find some cool stuff there, drop me an email! I’ll share it with my friends here.

ps: did you install Google Drive on your computer and Android phone yet? How is it going so far? How different is this from Dropbox?

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  • Emil Georgiev 25/04/2012, 12:01 am

    Still not available for me. I don’t know if it’s a region restriction and it’s not yet available for Bulgaria or something else but it just offers me an email reminder for when it’s ready.

  • Matt 26/04/2012, 8:26 pm

    I’ve got it!

    Installed on one netbook. On my CR-48 it isn’t any different than gdocs.