A Sony Vaio Chromebook Is Getting Ready!

Chromebook market is going to get better. I posted yesterday about a possible Chromebook, daisy with Exynos 5250 Processor. Now, Techcrunch has posted pictures of a Sony Vaio Chromebook making its trip to FCC for certification. This one seems to have a tegra 2 processor inside.

Features and Specs

Name of the device is listed as “ VCC111” which Techcrunch guesses to be Vaio Chromebook Computer with 11.1 inch screen. Sounds ok to me! The processor is given as T25 which could be Nvidia’s Tegra 2. The Chromebook comes in two color variants, White and Black.

HDMI port, Memory Card Slot, and two USB ports.

Pricing? well, that’s the big question everyone asking. Chromebooks really need to come down to a $250 – $300 range for a mass market acceptance, according to many around here. I am not expecting a sharp dip in price soon but things are going in this direction. We should see more chromebooks from many manufacturers with innovative ideas and competitive pricing.

Google I/O 2012  is going to be a pretty happening event for Chromebooks also. There are many people who believe that these new Chromebooks will be announced during this annual Google event.

Aebl, Harmony And Wario

I posted about some tegra2 powered Chrome OS devices back in 2011 Kaen, Aebl, Harmony And Wario. So, Google is getting a tegra 2 build ready from a long time. Can this Wario be Sony Vaio Chromebook?

Thanks everyone who alerted me about this news. I found two more device names in the Chromium OS code base. So, let me go dig that up now!!!

Source laptopreviews.com

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  • Charbax 25/03/2012, 12:12 am

    I’ve never heard of 11.1″ screens, only 10.1″ and the next step is 11.6″ screens, isn’t it. You can’t just start making different sized screens, making a new screen size requires billions of dollars invested.

    • tk 01/04/2012, 2:31 am

      The VAIO X had a 11.1″ screen. I think Sony uses the larger than usual bezel to stuff more LED lights to enable deeper color saturation. The VAIO X had 100% aRGB coverage.

  • mycroft 25/03/2012, 12:12 pm

    what about chrome berry pi ?