Friendsheet For Chrome Shows All Your Facebook Photos In A Pinterest Like UI

Here is the Chrome Web App for the day, rather year. Friendsheet is a beautiful way to browse your Facebook photos made by long time Facebook App developer Zach Allia. It pulls photos from your Facebook stream and shows them in an awesome Pinterest like page.

“Once you use this, you’ll never want to view photos on again. This makes photo browsing incredibly fun.Interact with photos and even post new photos directly from Friendsheet, says the developer.

Pinterest users will be already familiar with this design. If you liked the UI of Pinterest and wished if you had the same design for your Facebook  photos too, this app is for you!

I took this for a spin and was pretty impressed. Even though we can not give the credit of this UI to the developer, the idea of bringing this to Facebook photos and the effort to implement must be appreciated.

This app is pretty new as far as I can tell. So go grab it from here and share this post with all your Facebook  friends!

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