Chrome To Get More Secure Password Management With New Password Generator

It’s better to use different passwords for different websites but I end up using the same for all because that’s more easy to manage. I also know that its better to have passwords with extra characters, symbols signs and numbers, but that’s too tough to remember.

What if Chrome helps you have such strong passwords, unique for each website you use?

Yes, Chrome wants to help you with the password management. This is still under discussion/design so we just have a design document showing how this is expected to work. But don’t worry, we will bring more info on this as soon as they implement this.

How Are They Going To Do This?

Chrome will detect when you are visiting a sign up page (looking at a “username” field and two “password” fields) now, next to the password field, it will invite you to use the new password generator. If user selects yes, a new password will be generated randomly with numbers, letters and additional characters.

Chrome Password Generator

Chrome Password Generator

Chrome saves this password for you and syncs it across your computers and will be ready for you to use on all of them, provided you have selected Chromesync to include passwords too.

Chrome Password Generator

Chrome Password Generator

What Happens When I Am Not Using “My” Chrome?

The design document is not giving details about this situation but their ides is to “ have a website similar to Valentine where users can sign in and view (and possibly export?) their passwords”

Problems and Challenges

This method is not perfect and has lot of challenges. For starters, this will secure only new passwords, not any of our existing passwords because the process starts at the sign up page.

If the website you are signing up have disabled “autocomplete” this wont work at all.  Another problem is, if someone hacks in to your Google Chrome account, they get access to all your passwords. This also makes Chrome a high value target for hackers.

This is in its early stages of development so we will soon see changes and improvements. Stay tuned for more!

source : Chromium Projects.  via François Beaufort

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  • James 15/02/2012, 8:56 pm

    The big problem is that you can’t have Chrome Sync everywhere. If the computer you’re on doesn’t have Chrome, you can’t use the password (since you’ve forgotten it). However, I can get onto my LastPass vault quickly from anywhere, so it is a better system.

  • Mike 13/03/2012, 7:23 am

    You won’t see me using it. I think Mozilla’s browser ID is a better choice.