Chrome Webstore Update Brings New Categories and More Changes

It’s been a while since the Chrome Webstore launched, bringing “apps economy” to browsers. Today, Google Chrome team announced an important update to the Chrome web store bringing in three more categories and few more changes.

Many things changed after they launched the store. Number and the diversity of apps available increased. The new update is the team’s effort to incorporate these changes in the echo system.

Until now, you could list your app into two categories. With the new category structure, we will show your app only in the primary category that you select for your app in the developer dashboard. We’ve found that secondary app categories contributed to a confusing experience for Chrome users and developers so from now on, we’re going to start ignoring the secondary category.

We also updated the list of top level app categories and created multiple sub categories in each of them.

More specifically, given the growing use of Chrome and Chromebooks in large and small businesses, we created a new category called “Business Tools” that can help enterprise focused developers target these users. Also, “Shopping” has been reclassified as a subcategory, within the “Lifestyle” category.

These new categories also have some sub categories in them making it easier to discover new apps. Business Tools category has Accounting & Finance,   HR, Leagal & Logistics,  Marketing and Analytics, Sales & CRM as sub categories.

Lifestyle category is divided in to “Astrology, Food & Health, Money, Relegion, Shopping and then Travel. Take a look at these changes on the Chrome Web Store Now! It’ll be fun, I am sure!!

via Chromium Blog.

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