7 Pinterest Extensions for Google Chrome and Chromebook Users

Pinterest is the latest hot chick in the social media town. I often find myself browsing through awesome photos these days. Sometimes I feel that this is taking the ‘short attention span’ to the next level.Twitter limited it to just 140 characters and now, Pinterest brought that down to an image, just scan through them without spending much time on each.

Oh, talking of short attention spans, I recently figured out that I no longer have patience to look at the dials of a clock and find out the time. I looked at it for a second and then decided to check the digits on my phone.

Okay, enough talking, lets get to work. Chrome extensions for Pinterest. I found a few of them and sorted out 7 of them for you all. Most of them give easy way to add something to your pinterest table, and one gives you the “hoverzoom” feature.

1. Screen 2 Pin : This extension lets you take a screenshot of the current webpage you are on and then add to your Pin, with just one click. Here is the video demo.

2 Pin Search: Remember the “search by image” feature on images.google.com? It lets you upload an image or use an image on the web to search the web. This extension adds a button to the pinterest image to search google for that image.

This will help you find similar images, the website where it appeared, information about the author and much more.

3. Pinzy – Brings FBzoom Effect on Pinterest: “Fbzoom” is a Chrome extension that I can’t live without. It lets you hover over any  thumbnail image to view the full size without opening up it in a new page.

Similarly, Pinzy will allow you view the enlarged, full versions of the rich and lovely images found on Pinterest.com, simply by hovering over them!

4. Pin It! With A Keyboard Shortcut: Easy way to add anything to Pinterest, complete with an easy to use keyboard shortcut. This will be for pinterest addicts.

1. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+P
2. Choose a picture
3. Choose a board
4. Describe your pin

5. Instant Pin: Another extension to add any image on the web to your pinterest account by right clicking on them. Right-click on the image to open the context menu, then the select “Instant Pin” to pin the image to Pinterest.com.

6. Pinterest Right Click: Another extension with the same functionality. Right click on the image to pin it!

7. Pinterest Pin It Button : Just like the official Pinterest Button that you see on some webpages, this extension also shows you the Pin count for each page as you surf around the web.

Hope you found some interesting extensions here! Please drop me a comment if you got any exciting extension to share!

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