Google Ebook Offline Reading on Chrome and Chromebooks!

Another thing to do on your Chromebook when it is offline! Google Books team has launched a new Chrome Web App which lets you read Ebooks from Google Books offline too.

This comes along with the other cool features Google Ebooks have. Change font, search within book, information about book  Night-reading mode and more.

How To Make a Google Ebook Available Offline on Chromebook

After you install the app, open it up and look at your ebooks under “My Ebook”. Mouse-over on the  book you need offline and  find the “Make available offline” checkbox in the pop-up that appears and you are done!!

If you are reading a title in the web reader, you can also access this option by clicking on the “i” in the right-hand corner of your screen: 

Once you select “Make available offline” for a title, the Google Books app will start downloading that book in the background. When this download is completed, the book is ready for ready any time, and you’ll see the gray text “Available offline” under the book cover.

3. Read your ebook offline
After you’ve finished downloading your ebooks for offline reading, you can now read those you downloaded any time in the Google Books app, whether you’re online or offline. The app will show your connection status in the top right hand corner.

I am not sure how many of you use Google Ebooks, not as many as Kindle right? They also have a Chrome app which supports offline reading. I would love to get some feedback from users here who use Chromebooks to read ebook.

Guys, speak up!!!

link to kindle app

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  • John Crosskey 02/01/2012, 5:21 pm

    Yes – I use google books and find pdf’s are very useful as well. Currently e-publishing formats don’t provide any of high quality typesetting and hyperlinks flexibility available in pdf formats. You can also use latex, a great opensource typesetting utility.

    Thanks for the blog

  • jkeel 04/11/2012, 8:13 pm

    what about the new chromebook XE303C12-A01US which i just bought
    11/01/12 while shopping for AN E-READER. How can i perform this
    simple task of reading library e-book on a device which cannot download
    in the usual sense?