Two Official Chrome Plugins for Google Plus

As part of features push on Google Plus, Google has released two new Chrome Extensons. One that lets you check G+ notifications from the browser toolbar, and another to give you +1 button all over the web.

Let’s take a look at each of them.

Google+ Notifications

Not big surprise here and nothing fancy. We already have many plugins from other developers with the same functionality. An icon will be added to your Chrome toolbar which will alert you whenever there is a new notification for you on Google plus.

You do not need to keep Google Plus open to get these notifications, and to view those notifications and do some bit of commenting and +1s.

Google +1 Button

This extension makes sharing on Google Plus a lot more easy. No need of copy pasting URLs to share on Google Plus!. An icon will be added to your Chrome toolbar which will give you exiting +1 count for the page you are on, and also lets you +1 it and share on Google Plus without leaving the page.

I hope to see this making some positive impact on my referral traffic from Google Plus to my blog. This is gone down significantly after the first week‘s awesome performance.

So, official Chrome Plugins for Google Plus have started showing up. We will soon see more of this kind adding functionality to G+ and also bringing some of the Google Services with special packaging for Google Plus.

Here is the official page.

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  • Cougar Abogado 05/11/2011, 4:57 pm

    As I said to Francois, I hope we get the option or an extension to just _share_ a page, as I think sometimes we want to share something, absent +1ing it.