6 New Chromebook Videos You’ll Love!!!

Yes, 6 new chromebooks ads that you all will love and have lots of fun with!! check this out guys, Google is getting ready for the holidays season. I can see a lot of talk about Chromebooks and these videos.

Good times ahead!!!

Chromebook: Virus Protection

Chromebook: Installing Programs

Chromebook: Fix Dad’s Computer

Chromebook: Teaching Grandma

Chromebook: Set Up

Chromebook: Back Up

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Dinsan made Google Chrome his default browser within hours of its release. He fell in love with Chromebooks from the day he first touched one and is currently obsessed with Chromecasts.

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  • Mike 22/11/2011, 6:20 am

    If google wanted to saturate the market with Chrombooks and sell the world on cloud computing they should give away a few thousand of them. It would only help them in their future cloud computing endeavors – which I’m sure they have plans.

  • LTNGNX 22/11/2011, 10:08 am

    Funny ones!!! I want a Chromebook…

  • Luiz 22/11/2011, 9:26 pm

    If it could be less expesive…

    I have a project of a “ChromeBook” but i just devoloped mine with Gecko from Firefox. Is anyone out there interested on assembling the parts and build the case?

  • James 22/11/2011, 10:38 pm

    The set-up is oversimplified. The problem I found was that I couldn’t use the mouse until after I set it up, which was quite annoying. Other than that, they are good videos.

    P.S. what’s the cup drawn on?

  • Stephen 23/11/2011, 8:06 am

    Mike, they have already done that, They actually gave away 60,000 of them as a test. I got one and it’s awesome.

    • Kenny Strawn 24/11/2011, 9:43 am

      Agreed… However, those Cr-48’s had different hardware specs compared to the commercial Chromebooks. For starters, they had single-core CPUs instead of dual-core ones. Second, they weren’t actually free gifts but instead were given to developers and testers for the purpose of obtaining feedback. In other words, beta hardware.

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