Download and Install Chrome App for Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 is here and Google Chrome is going to be one of the first apps that you are going to install. I did the same thing after installing the new Windows 8.1 Operating system. I installed Chrome on Win 8.1 and then Β wrote this guide to help all those who needs chrome on Windows 8.1.

Windows 8.1 Chrome App Download

When Microsoft announced the Developer Preview of Windows8.1, the first thing I wanted to do was to get it working on a PC here and try Google Chrome on Windows 8.1. It took me Β a while to finish those 2Gigs of download, but finally, I have Chrome working on Windows8.1.

Installing Chrome on Windows 8.1 was pretty simple, and almost 100% similar to how you will do it on Windows7. Opened up IE10 that comes with Windows 8.1, (probably first and last time πŸ˜‰ ) to download Chrome and run the file after the download.

The Installation & “Smart Screen Cannot Be Reached Now” Error

Chrome for windows xp and 7 will work fine on windows 8.1. Download it from and start your installation. But there is a small chance for this “smart screen” error to show up, which we will discuss in this article.

When you download the file you have the option to set Chrome as your default browser. This is selected by default. Un-check if you want to keep IE or any other browser as your default.

Now, run the set up file and here you might face an small problem. I got an error message or warning while trying to run Chrome set up file. It said “smart screen cannot be reached now

All you need to do is click on “More Info” on that screen and then select “run anyway” . That’s it, Chrome will download the rest of the set up file and install it. If you find any issues doing that you can always download the full set up file and install it.

Once you have Chrome installed, you will be asked to “Sign In To Chrome” to use the “Chromesync”. If you have this enabled on your other PCs, you will get all your extensions,settings,theme and bookmarks etc on your Windows8.1 install of Chrome just by signing in.

Add Chrome Tile on Home Screen of Windows 8.1

So, you got Chrome installed on Windows 8.1. Next thing that you will need is to have the Chrome app’s tile showing up on your home screen where Internet Explorer is now. It is really easy. Chrome will be on the right end of your screen now. Scroll to the end and find it. Now, click and drag it all the way to the beginning of the screen place it wherever you want!

Chrome on Windows 8.1 feels very similar to the windows 7 experience, save for the new animations that they have added for all apps while opening the window, minimizing it or closing it. I am still looking for Windows 8.1 specific tips for Chrome, and you will see more updates soon.

But again, this is just a developer preview for now and things that we see here may not be the final version of it. Hopefully, we will see a lot of things changing before Windows 8.1 makes it to the final release.

A Few More Things on Chrome for Windows 8.1

I noted one issue with Chrome app on Windows 8.1.Β Audio Fades or Stops While Running Chrome Windows 8.1 Metro App In Background.

Here is one tip that you can use –Β Chrome Metro Mode on Windows 8.1 – How To Enable and Disable

Make Chrome Default Browser on Windows 8.1

Any questions or anything that you want me to try on Windows 8.1 for you?

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Dinsan made Google Chrome his default browser within hours of its release. He fell in love with Chromebooks from the day he first touched one and is currently obsessed with Chromecasts.

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  • Arch Stanton 16/09/2011, 3:55 pm  ξ˜‰

    Are you stupid or what ? developer-preview say something to you ?

    • Dinu 16/09/2011, 4:27 pm  ξ˜‰

      I said, “as of now” for IE, if that’s what you are concerned about.. please elaborate..

  • Chris 16/09/2011, 3:57 pm  ξ˜‰

    Actually, IE 10 does have flash, right the IE metro app doesn’t use flash or other plugins, but the desktop version still has all the plugins you’re used to including flash.

    • Dinu 16/09/2011, 4:28 pm  ξ˜‰

      thanks Chris.. I think I better edit my statement a bit..

    • Amm 19/11/2011, 11:11 pm  ξ˜‰

      You are wrong there, FLASH works just fine for me.

  • winsloh 16/09/2011, 7:30 pm  ξ˜‰

    easy way around ” metro UI ” disabling :
    Open regedit and go to :

    then modify the RPEnabled key to a “0” instead of the default “1”

    to return to the Metro UI just change the key value back to “1”

    Enjoy !

  • Pedram 16/09/2011, 8:29 pm  ξ˜‰

    Thank you so much for your very useful posts. This part is hyper-nice πŸ˜€ “Opened up IE10 that comes with Windows 8, (probably first and last time πŸ˜‰ )

  • Chris 17/09/2011, 4:07 am  ξ˜‰

    I installed Windows 8 and soon after Google Chrome. The thing is that now when I pull off a tab from the window, I can’t get it to merge back in with any other window I have open. Has anybody else encountered this problem and how do you get around it?

    • Dinu 17/09/2011, 12:17 pm  ξ˜‰

      Yes yes!! I thought it just me and the way I was dragging tabs!

      • Saum 18/09/2011, 8:11 am  ξ˜‰

        Yea does anyone know how to fix this?

        • Dinu 18/09/2011, 1:43 pm  ξ˜‰

          we will probably see a bug fix in a future update..

  • okungnyo 17/09/2011, 7:04 am  ξ˜‰

    “Opened up IE10 that comes with Windows 8, (probably first and last time ) […]”


  • Luke 06/03/2012, 4:24 pm  ξ˜‰

    Sorry for the stupid question, but how do you “run the set up file” through the metro vision, it always opens it to me only in the old vision, so no app gets created on my start menu?

    • Dinu 06/03/2012, 5:08 pm  ξ˜‰

      Sorrry,not sure if I understand your question..

      are you saying that chrome icon is not on your metro UI?

      • Luke 07/03/2012, 12:05 am  ξ˜‰

        exactly, when I click the install buton or if I try to save the install file, it brings me back to the old desktop and only installs the program, but not the app! I am using the windows 8 consumer preview, if that is important for the case!

        • Dinu 07/03/2012, 12:11 am  ξ˜‰

          well, the installation happens like the old style.. you can run the file and the app will show at the extreme right of your metro ui.

          If it is not showing, search the app “chrome” right click and say “pin to start menu”

          • Luke 07/03/2012, 12:19 am 

            Well, I did that! No app named chrome, even after I opened the all apps option and searched through them one by one! I can only pin it to the taskbar through the old vision, but not even see it through Metro

          • Dinu 07/03/2012, 12:21 am 

            are you able to complete the installation? is Chrome opens up after your install it?

          • Luke 07/03/2012, 5:44 am 

            sure, chrome works well, but only under the old vision, no possible way to make it work like an app and not like a program on windows 7

  • Jack 08/03/2012, 4:53 am  ξ˜‰

    Did you manage to get Chrome to integrate into the MetroUI, or does it run on the desktop?

    • Luke 09/03/2012, 3:40 pm  ξ˜‰

      nope, it’s still working only on the desktop version, but got used to it already

  • Himanshu 27/10/2012, 1:09 am  ξ˜‰

    Flash is built directly into the Metro version of IE 10 – there is no plug-in required. However, Microsoft has explicitly restricted the working of Flash in the Metro IE 10 to work on a few known web-sites like Disney – this is to keep the attack surface for the Metro IE 10 down to a minimum. The desktop version of IE 10 still allows for plug-ins just like IE 9 did so you can grab the Flash plug-in from Adobe’s website and browse to any Flash-enabled website using the desktop version of IE 10.

  • sher 08/01/2013, 11:36 pm  ξ˜‰

    I have google chrome on my pc, I had it on my others, I pressed the part that says upload to windows 8, it opens my pages, (sometimes) but then they freeze and won’t do anything?
    Do I have to uninstall it, and reinstall it from a different link?
    Thanks in advance for your help

    • Dinu 17/03/2013, 3:07 pm  ξ˜‰

      upload to windows 8 or Upgrade to windows 8?

  • Rosa 31/10/2013, 3:00 pm  ξ˜‰

    I am completely clueless how to…”…Open. up IE10 that comes with Windows 8.1 ” Please if possible make it really simple and step by step I am not at all a savvy with computers. Thank you

  • Kennis Hankerson 25/01/2014, 1:14 am  ξ˜‰

    Unable to download windows 8.1 from Google crome website.

  • Maureen Chicoine 07/02/2014, 10:08 pm  ξ˜‰

    Installed Chrome on new computer with Windows 8.1 and it worked fine. Set it as default and it recovered all my bookmarks and I started using it. But the next day when I booted up the computer and clicked on chrome nothing happened. I tried downloading it again and had two copies neither of which opened. I had enabled it to be my default but was able to use IE only. What did I do wrong?

    • Barton 17/02/2014, 4:56 am  ξ˜‰

      Holy Smokes. Similar trouble on my new Win8.1; see my comment. AM PUZZLED.

  • Barton 17/02/2014, 4:53 am  ξ˜‰

    Google Chrome TILE worked great for months! Now get locked in partial split screen LOOP which does nothing but give “move shelf ->” messages! Partial website appear in rectangle often but no active! Can only pull down the SHADE trick to dump it for full screen of Greyness. Tried reload Google Chrome but no dice! Gotta switch to another “User” to get WORKING Google. Hassle.

  • StephanieDonald 25/05/2015, 8:49 pm  ξ˜‰

    I’m sorry but I HATE Chrome. Now all of a sudden out of nowhere on my new HP laptop, “Chromium” pops up and tries to wrestle control away from Firefox, my browser of choice!

    I’ve looked under the Programs and Applications in the Control Panel and NO CHROMIUM uninstall program! I’ve done a search of my computer and while I have no problem finding all the files that make Chromium run–there are NO uninstall files!!!

    How do I get this pig off my computer??

  • Pingali Sivasehubabu 26/07/2015, 8:55 pm  ξ˜‰


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