Inline installation – Install Apps Without Leaving A Website – Coming Soon!

If your website has a Google Chrome web app, your readers must navigate away from your website, visit Chrome Webstore to install it and then come back. Not all webmasters that like that flow.

So, how to do you change it to something better?  Installing the app without leaving your website?

The Chrome Web Store contains hosted apps, packaged apps and extensions (learn more). You can create an app or extension related to your site and list it in the store. For users who browse the store and find your item, its a very easy one-click process to install it. However, if a user is already on your site, it can be cumbersome for them to complete the install flow – they would need to navigate away from your site to the store, complete the install process, and then return.

In Chrome 15 we are introducing the capability to initiate app and extensions installations “inline” from your site. These apps and extensions are still hosted in the Chrome Web Store, but users no longer have to leave your site to install them. They will still see a similar install dialog as they would on the store, including all of the permissions that your app or extensions is requesting.
However, please note that this is supported only for Free web apps as of now. You can get more details about this API and it’s usage from here.

Good for Users Too?

It is a win-win situation for both developers and users. To get this flow working in the current scenario, developers must host the extension on their own servers. This will make users doubtful about installing it because installing from the webstore is supposed to be safer. With inline installation, webmasters get the advantage of keeping the visitor glued to the website and visitors get to install an app with more confidence.
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  • Migman 26/09/2011, 3:10 pm

    I tried to use it but got an error: Cannot call method ‘install’ of undefined.

    all conditions have been met


    • Dinu 26/09/2011, 3:12 pm

      it works only on Chrome 15 … which version do you have? if still not working, please use the link to submit feedback!

      • Migman 26/09/2011, 3:13 pm

        15 beta and 16 canary. Nothing…