Chrome Web Store in 41 languages and In-App Payments

In-App Payments is available for everyone to use now! I am sure this will make some of our developers happy! From today, the Chrome Web Store is available in 41 languages.

Straight from the Chromium Blog.

First, as we announced at Google I/O, the In-App Payments API is now available for app developers. We demo-ed the way Graphicly uses this API and Angry Birds announced that they will use it to offer users the Mighty Eagle for in-app purchase on the web. Integrating the API into your app is as simple as adding a single line of code and provides a frictionless user experience for making purchases within the app. We hope to gather feedback on the API before making it fully available this summer.

Second, the Chrome Web Store is now available in 41 languages. This is our second step towards launching Chrome Web Store in 15 additional countries. Developers interested in targeting international users can now go to the Chrome Web Store and publish free apps in these countries in preparation for launch. We will also support publishing paid apps in selected countries later this year.

Any developer here with In-App payment working on their apps?

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  • Dmitry 02/08/2011, 5:21 pm

    Google Checkout is still working with USA only, so i can’t get what this means:

    > available for everyone to use now

    I still can’t even read in-app payments documentation.