Google Toolbar for Chrome – Complete Guide

Looking for Google Toolbar for Chrome?  This is a complete guide for you to get  all features. Some features of the Google Toolbar is built in to Chrome. Some can be brought in using extensions. Read on for getting all of them up and running on your Chrome. According to “The Google System” a leading blog on Google services, Google claims that Chrome has all the features of Google Toolbar built in to it, but there are many missing pieces. He has given a list of 12 Google Toolbar features that Chrome does not have.

Google Toolbar for Chrome

But still, when you visit the toolbar website using Chrome, Google tells you “You’re using Chrome, that’s great. All of the features of Google Toolbar are already built into your browser. You can search from the address bar. Create bookmarks with one click.”” Lets find out the missing Google Chrome Toolbar ! I am trying to help those who are looking for those missing features, with the help of some extensions. So, thanks  for this list.

Google Chrome Toolbar – Complete Set Up Guide for Missing Features

This guide was written to help you get those missing Google Chrome Toolbar features. Most of them are inbuilt so you will not have trouble finding them, but for some, you will need help! So, here it is.

1. Searching the Current Site.

You have an option to search inside a website. All you need to do is type the website’s address and press tab and you will get the option to search within that site.



Another solution is this extension. It will add an easy to use icon on your Google Chrome toolbar, click to search the site that you are on. Simple!


2. Highlighting the Search Terms on the Page You’re Visiting

This can be enabled using an extension. Name of the extension is “Highlight Keywords for Google Search” It works pretty neat, except for one small bug. When you are searching something, the extension will hilight those words even on your search results page on Google. It looked bad.  The extension also provides an icon to enable/disable this on a webpage. Quite handy, right?

3. Changing the Google Search Site

“maybe you are in France and want to use instead of” is the requirement mentioned by Alex. This can be done with a little tweaking. Find out about that here (yea, from Google System)

4. Switching Search Engine Without Re-entering the Query.

“preserving the query in the search box and switching to other Google services. For example, you can go from Google Search to Google Scholar without losing the query” This is possible with Search Assistant extension. When you do a search from the Omnibar, Chrome will use your default search engine, like or depending up on your location. After installing this extension, look for a search icon at the extreme right of your Omnibar, click on it and you will get a list of other search engines. Default options are, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon and Ebay. Right click on this icon and select “options” to add more to this list!



5. Showing the Page Rank of the Page

Plenty of extensions available for this one. There are simple ones showing only the pagerank and complex ones with Alexa rank and more SEO related results. Click here to find a lot of them.

6. Spell checking powered by an online service (not by a local dictionary)

I almost lost it on this one. The closest I could find was this extension. It is a spell checker which supports 12 languages on its spell check. But I have a better news for you. Chrome’s spell check is getting better and smarter connected to web. Read more about it here. Turns out, I got this news also from Google System!


7. The “share” button that supports services like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Mail, etc.

Again, plenty of extensions for this one. You can choose extensions for your favourite services or pick one which can share to many services. Click here.

8. Integration with Google Bookmarks

Chromesync works perfect for me for storing my bookmarks. I would suggest you all switch to it if you are yet to do so. If you need help importing them to Chrome, here is your user guide. If you want to keep them separate on Chrome, well, extensions are there to help. I found a few of them. Click here.

9. Custom buttons that combine search features with feeds and other useful information

I give up on this one! I couldn’t really understand the concept because I have little experience with toolbar (un-installed it after I tried it for sometime, that’s what I remember) Anyone here knows a similar extension? Some features are available as Chrome extensions developed by Google, Alex writes. I am including them here, and linking them to those extensions. ps: I got an update from the developer, this partially uses a web service. 10. the Google +1 button and Google+ notifications (official page here) 11. Google Related 12. Quick Scroll. Final Thoughts Yes, almost all these missing features can be added to Chrome using extensions. It may be because Google felt there are less takers for these features. But as Alex points out, its not misleading to say that “All of the features of GoogleToolbar are already built into [Chrome]””

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Dinsan made Google Chrome his default browser within hours of its release. He fell in love with Chromebooks from the day he first touched one and is currently obsessed with Chromecasts.

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  • ghosttie 01/07/2011, 5:37 am

    You can also get Google Toolbar’s ability to send your visited pages to Google History with this extension:

    • Dinu 01/07/2011, 5:48 am

      oh ! thank you friend !

  • ruby 01/07/2011, 6:27 am

    I miss the “up” button, that would smartly go up a folder or level from your current url. I know there are bookmarklets that do this, but I swear the google toolbar version was smarter at determining “up” beyond a simple “../”

  • Alec Burgess 01/07/2011, 9:41 am

    “site” button on Google toolbar is the one I miss the most.
    I know I can (while on a site) go to address bar:
    [home] to beginning of URL
    type “site:”
    cursor right or mouse click after domain name
    delete remainder of URL if not already at top level
    type my query
    hit [enter] or click on first suggestion

    … too complicated … 🙁

    • Dinu 01/07/2011, 9:55 am

      so, you need an option to search the site you are on ?

      • Alec Burgess 01/07/2011, 10:19 am

        > so, you need an option to search the site you are on ?
        Yes, that’s what I am after.
        Ideally, I click in address bar and type may query and click (or middle click for the search on a new tab) an extension button and the query is submitted against the site of the current tab.

        Instant-search which may have caused the original page to no longer be displayed is perhaps a bit of a complication.

        Alternatively – click the button which clears the address bar and substitutes “ ” or some mechanism where I type “site:” and the [Tab] to search appears and w/o having to retype the domain, just the query the desired query is submitted.

  • PhistucK 02/07/2011, 6:33 pm

    Regarding highlighted search term, even though it is not exactly the same, this extension is useful –

    This way, the less tech savvy do not have to use keyboard shortcuts. 😉

    • Dinu 03/07/2011, 7:47 pm

      thank you Sir !!!!

  • Reshma 02/09/2011, 12:01 pm

    @ ghosttie
    Check out your google history (I use, u may try or from the settings drop down menu on and enable web history too, by default it shows only search history.

  • Reshma 08/09/2011, 12:10 pm
  • mf9000 21/12/2011, 4:05 pm

    Some things the toolbar does but still not chrome (the main reasons I’m still on FF):

    – When I put my mouse cursor on any word in any language, it’s translated in my language in a small window.
    – The buttons with the words of the search allow not only to highlight them (not very useful) but to go to them immediately.

    I use those features dozens of times a day

    Translating whole pages gives terrible and useless translations. And it’s available in any browser anyway.

  • michael 01/01/2012, 7:27 am

    With Google Toolbar I can see my search history and easily go to my previous searches. Is there such thing in Chrome?