Chrome Takes “Task Manager” To A Tab chrome://taskmanager

Google is trying to help you bring your whole computing life in to a bunch of browser tabs with Chrome and Chrome OS. Even though heavy computing on tabs is not here yet, they have successfully ported some of the useful stuff to tabs, like your settings and bookmarks. Now, the latest addition is the task manager UI.

Latest version of Chromium has this feature available ( with a command line switch for now ) and we will soon see this in the browser and the OS. You will visit chrome://taskmanager to view this new task manager.

Update: A recent update has changed this to chrome://tasks




A task manager for all the open tabs in a browser was a novelty that Chrome brought in with it’s first version. Now, they have polished a little bit further to make it more sense in the browser scene.

Oh, speaking of the task manager, In Chrome’s Task Manager, right-click the column headers to see what per-page metrics you can monitor. Try it !

via François Beaufort and@ruslanrudenko

Google Talk Plugin – Now Replaces Gmail Chat Window

I noticed something different on my developer build of Chrome. I have this Google talk app, which currently works only in Chrome OS with full functionality, but I had it installed anyway. From today, when I hit chat on any contact from gmail, instead of Gmail’s native chat window, this app loads up in a panel like form ( but it behaving like pane though …)

stay tuned for more update on this !

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  • kurtextrem 20/06/2011, 11:54 am

    Whats the only use of Task Manager? My use is, if a Website is hanging I open the Task Manager of Chrome and let it crash…
    But, aww, wait, now it’s in the browser and the browser is hanging. One solution left: open windows task manager and crash complete chrome 😀

  • Andrea Page 20/06/2011, 11:07 pm

    Bookmarks on a tab sucks. It sucks very bad ;(

    • Andrea Page 21/06/2011, 12:31 am

      In my home PC I always have the bookmarks tab blocking for no apparent reason.
      It blocks and crash, on and on..
      It slows down the way I surf the web.
      +1 for no shortcut keys to the bookmarks tab!!!

      • Andrea Page 21/06/2011, 12:34 am

        CHROME at the beginning was a good novelty and a pleasant user experience but now increasingly Google Chrome is being set aside the navigability and usability.

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