Acer Cromia Chromebook Delayed to Mid-July, Gets A New Name

Yes, Again. Chromebooks from Acer is not going to be shipped anytime soon. The wifi model is delayed till mid July and 3G model till mid August. That’s what the Acer Chromebook page on says.

Very bad Acer, really!

I know that there are many who are planning to buy Acer Chromebooks for its HDMI port and the better price compared to Samsung Series 5. Most of the Samsung Chromebook fans got their orders already and are on Cloud ๐Ÿ™‚ and you, Acer, have left your fans in a very sad state.

This is after playing with the price couple of times, let me remind you all.

Acer removed the name “Cromia” from, their sales pages on and the new name is AC700. Well, that’s a good move. I always felt that Cromia won’t fit in between “Acer’ and “Chromebook”. The name Chromebook itself was kinda unique, at least for now, hoping that we will see a lot of companies producing Chromebooks soon.

Chromebook Subscription plans and Acer Chromebook Delays – Any Connection?

One thing that went through my mind after reading the news about the shipping delay was the Subscription model Google announced for Chromebooks. It’s $20/pm for schools and $28/pm for businesses. Uhmm, that’s the starting price and its for Acer Chromebooks, not for the Samsung stuff. Here is the pricing chart from Google’s FAQ page.

Option 1Option 2
Weight2.95 lbs. / 1.34 kg.3.26 lbs / 1.48 kg
Battery6 hours of continuous usage*8.5 hours of continuous usage*
Price (3 year contract term)– $28/subscription/month with WiFi
– $31/subscription/month with WiFi and 3G access card
– $30/subscription/month with WiFi
– $33/subscription/month with WiFi and 3G access card
Additional specs

Yes, the $28 price is for the Acer Chromebook. You need to pay couple of $$ extra if you want a shiny Samsung Chromebook for work or school with subscription. I am sure most of the subscription customers will go with Acer device ditching the sexy look for some savings.

Even though Google did not give us any numbers, they have stated that response to the Subscription model was promising. It is safe to assume that Google has received a good number of orders from Schools and Organizations for Chromebooks. Now, relate this to the Acer shipment delays. Will it be because the high number of orders Google has placed for their subscription plan ?

Think about it, and let me know what you think, see the comment form right below this post ? ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Matthew 22/06/2011, 7:21 am ๎˜Š

    And what is the status on the Samsung Series 5? So far only the White 3G is available, all others are listed as preorder on Amazon. I’m pretty upset that Google/Samsung aren’t speaking about this delay.

  • Peter @ Cloud High Club 22/06/2011, 7:46 am ๎˜Š

    I’m not convinced. Acer being one of the largest notebook manufacturer in Taiwan (and probably in the world) should have the capacity to handle the orders. And, may be Google placed lots of orders for Acer’s Chromebooks, but did anyone see any review by corporate/institution users?

    • Dinu 22/06/2011, 8:10 am ๎˜Š

      well, not even an unboxing video yet … I agree .. but it may take a while before someone sets up the company computer and give to users ?

  • Cougar Abogado 23/06/2011, 8:25 am ๎˜Š

    I’m blown away that the announcement of the delay came so late . . . Could this be an executive order to hold off until Acer feels chromebooks are selling well? It seems like Acer IS going to sell chromebooks, at some point, so I’m really confused what’s with the announcing the delay before launch date and then releasing the 3G model something like _two_ months after launch date? Maybe Acer’s trying to wait for excitement to build before shipping? . . .

    If I had the cash and the brownie points with the wife, at this point, I probably would have opted for the Acer (were it on sale . . .).