Run PPAPI Flash In The Renderer Process – New in Chromium Flags

Run PPAPI Flash In The Renderer Process - If the PPAPI version of Flash is in use, run it in each renderer process rather than in a dedicated plugin process.

PPAPI Flash Renderer Process

PPAPI Flash Renderer Process

That didn’t ring any bell for me initially. Tried some Googling, and that also didn’t satisfy me. Then Mr.P came for help and here I am, with some basic info about what it is. Oh, btw, if you know something more about this, do post in comments !

What is PPAPI ?

Simply put, PPAPI is Pepper Plugin API. It is a new plugin platform, different from the old NPAPI which needs some improvements to keep up with recent developments in browser technology, such as out of process plugin execution.

Chrome, along with other browsers, is trying to bring all its plugins to the PPAPI platform. This is important for them to keep their plugins better, safer and last but not the least, make it work better on Chrome OS because Chrome OS takes only PPAPI. ( Only few NPAPI plugins are whitelisted, but extensions (for example) will not be able to install NPAPI plugins on Chrome OS).

So,  look forward to it, a move that promises a more stable and secure plugin system, especially flash. We have seen some more steps from Chrome team towards PPAPI in the past. P2P Pepper API for Chromoting, remember ?  Oh, and if you want to read more about this, please click here for official documentation.

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  • DaVince 29/07/2011, 4:47 am

    So, since about:flags has an option for it, how does one actually obtain a PPAPI version of Flash? And is is better or worse at its performance?