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Cool Chrome Tip – Open New Tabs by Dragging Links and Text to Chrome’s Tab Bar

When we want to open a link in new tab, or perform a search, most of use middle click or ctrl + click, or even right click the link and select open as new tab, right ?

Drag Drop To Tab Bar

Let’s change that and learn something new today !

This works in two ways, same action, but two results for links and text. If you drag and drop a link to the tab bar, I mean, anywhere in the tab bar, the link will be opened in a new tab. Drag and drop !  If you drop the URL between two tabs, you will get the new tab opened between those two tabs, that means, you can decide where the new tab will be opened !

This works with links on your bookmarks bar or even links from the page you are on now.

If you drag and drop text to the tab bar, in the same way, Chrome will turn that in to Google search and show results in a new tab, just like you do an omnibar search.

Cool tip uh ? Try it, and share this link with your friends !!!

via lifehacker

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  1. You can also drag images up to the tabs to open the image in a new tab.
    And while your talking about drag n drop, maybe you should have mentioned you can drag a link to your bookmarks bar to bookmark it, you can also drag an image to the bookmarks bar to bookmark a link to it.

    1. I think I should come up with a long post with all drag and drop tips … what say ?

      1. You can also drag ‘n’ drop a file from “Documents” (etc) into the Chrome browser to open it.
        Handy for reading JS/CSS files in Chrome (or opening HTML files if your default isn’t Chrome)

        1. yes, I think I have covered in another post, not quite sure, but as I said, I am planning another post with all drag and drop tips !

          1. Awesome, I’ll look forward to it – I’m subbed to your feed now, so I won’t miss it.
            P.S. How come you don’t use the WebP format for your images? Thought you might being a Chrome fan 😉

  2. hey, thanks for subscribing to the feed !!! 😀

    there is a good percentage of non-chrome visitors to this blog, so do you think it will be wise to switch to webp now ?

    1. Personally I sometimes view this blog on my iTouch so I think going with webp might be a bit premature….unless you checked the headers and serve webp to chrome users, thatd be cool.

      Talking of tutorials, did you get my email yesterday about the omnibox/custom search engines?

      1. yep, I did, I will be travelling this weekend, I will try that and post it when I come back, sorry for the delay !!

    2. and what about a webp converter ?

      1. Google provide one on the WebP Site.
        Direct Link

      2. Sorry, I thought I replied. Check out the link here – http://code.google.com/speed/webp/
        It gives you all the information, with a download link.

        1. Thanks for pointing out these are working in Chrome now Daniel.
          Seems they work for the NTP background pic for themes, that’s a good thing.

  3. check out http://allaboutgooglechrome.blogspot.com/ to see how to view webp inside Windows Photo Viewer!! =D

    1. Didn’t seem to work for me, maybe I’ve got to reset my computer?…ohwell, Ill try later.

  4. I don’t really see any uses with this feature.
    I open any link by clicking my middle mouse button, it opens the link, image in a new tab.
    dragging takes much more time, but it is usefull for people who hate shortcuts.

    1. my laptop doesnt have the middle click when the mouse is not connected ( its not connected most of the times ) and right click time consuming

      1. you really have an old laptop, haven’t you?

        Nevertheless, you have a point 😉

        1. My notebook (Samsung NC10) doesn’t have a middle click. Also, the iMacs I use at College don’t have a middle click either. This is why this is a handy feature 😉

        2. acer 4520 ..

          btw, I have 4 LOL

          1. Oooh, lucky you. Show off 😛

          2. 4realz show off! =D

  5. LOL 😀

    1. thanks !! I have 11 points now 😀

      thanks for that screener link !! I will try that for sure !

      1. No problem, I use screenr reguarly.

        P.S. How about a floating sharebar on your site? 😉

        I’m not sure if you’ve seen my site, but I have one on there – If you want a “live example” (disappears with screen size too!)

        1. Check this Screenr out for what I mean 😉 -http://www.screenr.com/cJo

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