Make Your Windows PC Keyboard Work Like Chrome OS Cr48 Notebook

When I published “How to Make Your Caps Lock Key Search the Web, CR48 Style” last week, apruler2012 was smart enough to play around with it, continuously and made a script to take this Cr48 style keyboard modification to a whole new level. The script works for Chrome, Firefox and most of it on IE.

What Do You Get From The Script

The script changes the current functions of menu keys on your windows machine and make it work better for a web centric life style. You get more control and more convenience with keyboard.
Caps Lock:: New tab / Open browser (Open browser does not work for IE)
Shift + Caps Lock:: Caps Lock ( actual caps lock, so its not gone )
F1:: Previous Page
F2:: Next Page
F9:: Previous Tab
F10:: Next Tab
F12 (Chrome):: chrome://settings
F12 (Firefox):: about:config
F12 does not work for IE

Sounds cool uh ? Now, he has avideo tutorial on how to do this. So, here it is. and GREAT WORK apruler2012 and sorry that I published this late,  I was away for  awhile.

How to Get This to Work

AutoHotKey Download page:
Google Doc Script Page:
Auto Start Any Program:

1.) Download and install AutoHotKey ( )
2.) Create new AutoHotKey Script (in a location where you won’t move the file) by right clicking going to New and AutoHotKey Script
3.) Right click on the HotKey Script then Edit this Script
4.) Delete everything on there and copy everything from the Google Doc Page to the script. ( )
5.) Edit the “If FileExist(“C:\Users\[YOUR COMPUTER NAME] \AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application­\chrome.exe”)” so [YOUR USER NAME] is actually your computer name.
6.) Save and set script to auto start if you wish ( )

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  • kurtextrem 15/02/2011, 3:18 pm

    Wow! Really cool script 😀

  • apruler2012 16/02/2011, 6:04 am

    thxs =D
    and thxs again for publishing it =D