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“He’s Dead Jim” on Google Chrome Is Not A Virus

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He’s Dead Jim – Did this page suddenly show up on your computer screen? Was it on a Google Chrome tab? Don’t worry, its not a virus. It is just an error message to let you know that the tab has crashed. Or, in other words, the tab has stopped working. In most cases, you can reload the tab. If that does not work, close the tab and open the same website in another tab.

Google, especially the Chrome team is known for its witty error messages. The error message that you see when Chrome is offline, the dinosaur, is a game that you can play while waiting for the internet connection to come back. There are many other funny examples of this trend.

I know that many of you didn’t enjoy, and I see that in your comments and there are many who seems to be surprised, and enjoyed and loved this error message. Do you have a story to share? I see many such stories every day. Take a look at the comments on this page, and you will see many people complaining about how Google got them confused.

“He’s dead, Jim!” is a catchphrase used by Leonard H. McCoy, a character from Star Trek, just to remind you.

“He’s Dead Jim” on Google Chrome- Is Not A Virus

The message continues: “Something caused this page to be killed, either because the operating system ran out of memory, or for some other reason. To continue, press Reload or go to another page.”


To see the page, just type about:kill in the address bar after opening a new tab. Here is the official description of this error page, from Google.


You may see the “He’s Dead, Jim!” message if the operating system has terminated the tab’s process due to a lack of memory. Computers rely on memory to run programs. Low amounts of memory can cause programs to run slowly or stop running altogether.

Alternatively, if you terminated the process using Google Chrome’s Task Manager, the system’s task manager, or with a command-line tool, this message will appear as well.


Reload the page to continue. If the message continues to appear, try closing inactive tabs or other programs to free up more memory.

Curious about the title? “He’s dead, Jim!” is a reference from Star Trek to describe things that are unresponsive. Learn more about “He’s dead, Jim!”

So, nothing to worry about there. A tab crashed. Restart the tab, or if that does not work, restart Chrome. If this behavior continues even after restarting Chrome, go ahead and try the incognito mode. CTRL + SHIFT + N opens an incognito window. In this mode, you are using Chrome without any extensions. If you are not seeing the problem in this mode, that means one of your extensions is to blame. Disable all of them and enable them one by one, testing.

  1. chrome story Avatar
    chrome story

    thank youuuuuuuuuuuu !! updated

  2. Avi Singh Avatar
    Avi Singh

    Yeah… I noticed it when I shut down the pc directly without closing chrome window… It appeared for a while at that moment 🙂

    1. chrome story Avatar
      chrome story

      hi hi 😀 isn’t that funny ! 😀

  3. Wait, so is the current dead page with or sans bullet hole? When I look at about:kill, on my Cr-48, I’m failing to see a bullet hole (although, I know I’ve seen the bullet hole version on my Cr-48 or HP, before).

    Regardless, while I’m personally amused with the bullet hole graphic, I can see _a lot_ of people raising a stink about being offended, and I think Chrome/Google will save itself some headaches by sticking to the generic dead face.

    On another side note, I almost feel like the normal dead face makes more logical sense. While I can appreciate the humor, why would the page necessarily have been shot? IMO, it seems like the page being shot would indicate either I or the system _intentionally_ killed it. Maybe the Chrome team’s implying the latter?

    1. Yeah, I just had a page killed, and the bullet’s gone.

  4. kurtextrem Avatar

    Again something new: http://prntscr.com/1mn8h

    1. chrome story Avatar
      chrome story

      cool ! thanks !

    2. chrome story Avatar
      chrome story

      that’s been replaced with the old one on Chromium. Chrome dev version still has it though. Will keep checking Chromium to see what it comes up with 😀

  5. I saw it only for a short fraction of a second when forcing windows shutdown. Normally one would not read it that quickly, but inconciently. Therefore it’s the same as an hypnotic message, although “he’s dead” is not that a pretty hypnotic suggestion and can have nasty real life consequences.

    1. chrome OS story Avatar
      chrome OS story

      about:kill visit this URl and you will see it 😉

  6. carolcann Avatar

    “He’s dead, Jim” would be a funny reference, if not for the fact my new laptop suddenly displayed the exact words spoken by the EMT when my father was killed. Jim, my kid brother, held Dad’s head as he died. Very eerie and not a good phrase to see every time I shut down…

    1. westjgames Avatar

      Now that’s eerie, I can’t look at that error message since reading that, I think of your post. Gives me shivers.

  7. New update on the image. I suppose the shot one was too brutal. Now it has spirally eyes and a tongue out. As a Trekkie, I fell in love with Chrome (even more) when I first saw the new kill screen.

  8. “You have a stray pointer dog breath” is the best error message.

  9. Why “Jim”?

  10. virus hater Avatar
    virus hater

    Not so funny when my gf didn’t know what it was and my research lead to to the “its dead Jim” virus. Lol

  11. NOT HAPPY Avatar


    1. any fool with a pc should be able to figure this one out reasonably fast, (preferably a google search on this before the pc anal probing! haha i think its funny that it has upset “not happy” oooh a frowny face! hehehe

    2. DevilishSerpant Avatar

      are you kidding, if you were so pissed off with something like this sell your PC you clearly shouldn’t have one. Nothing wrong with a bit of fun if you dont like it switch browser to crappy internet explorer or something.

      tbh when i read your post i laughed that you were such an idiot :L

    3. Even more not happy than you Avatar
      Even more not happy than you

      You’re lucky they were on the other side of the laptop or you probably would have kicked yourself in the head!
      Is the caps lock stuck because you got your foot stuck in the keyboard?

      Anybody that doesn’t know this reference shouldn’t be allowed to use a keyboard. 🙂

      Live long and prosper… or at least try not to hurt yourself.

    4. NOT HAPPY, I am with you. Not everyone who owns a computer is nerdy enough to know the reference nor assume you are supposed to read between the lines. Scared the crap outta me !!!! GET RID OF IT !!!

    5. NOT HAPPY, I am with you. Not everyone who owns a computer is nerdy enough to know the reference nor assume you are supposed to read between the lines. Scared the crap outta me !!!!

  12. Paul n Z Avatar
    Paul n Z

    I appreciate the attempt at humor, especially Star Trek humor, but when I went searching on my Mac for answers to the message when my PC crashed, the top answers involved viruses and worms. I was just starting up my PC in safe mode, as recommended by one of the sites, when I spotted this site. Time to change the message, boys and girls.

    1. Paul n Z Avatar
      Paul n Z

      Besides, the message only flashed on the screen for about a quarter of a second…good thing I’m a fast reader!

      1. Same thing happened to me…just a flash. Then, my pc crashed. Maybe I’m just not up on programmer humor, thank god, but sacrificing user ease and good communication for a gimmick geared toward one group doesn’t seem logical when you are offering something for the masses.

  13. earleib Avatar

    My wife just got this same message (He’s dead Jim!) several times yesterday for the first time on her laptop. After googling the message, everything pointed to a virus. So, after running every anti malware program I have over several hours, I found this web site a find out it’a joke. May I say, it’s poor excuse of a joke. We don’t consider our computers a toy since we WORK on them, not play games. Most business’s would NOT appreciate this type of messaging either.
    Does anyone know how to turn this message off or change it?

    1. WDwasworthit Avatar

      Now that you KNOW what it is, why do you need to change it? You still guna trip out and think you have viruses every time you see what is now known to be an error message?
      If your panties are in that much of a bunch about it, you can get rid of it easily by switching search engines to something a bit more typical and monotonous.
      *I* personally thought this was humorous – thought I had a virus as well and found it pretty funny when it turned out to be harmless. Lighten up.

  14. I LOVE IT. KEEP UP THE CREATIVITY GOOGLE! Don’t listen to the people keeping originality down! We need more humor these days and less people with sticks up their butt! *nods because she loves star trek, and loves how google showed windows whose boss with there icon) :3

  15. LOL!! That is funny!
    I imagine quite a few thought it was some virus of some sort but still funny.
    I’ve seen the “aw, snap” one a few times. never really thought about it — simply reloaded the page. Often happens if I have a few heavy flash games open at once. (advantages of duel monitors 🙂 )

  16. And I WORK on mine too but I do like to play games once in a while AFTER %work% — its still funny.

  17. I can see both points of view on this issue. I used to be a huge fan of Star Trek and TNG (just haven’t watched them in awhile) so I understand the humor. However, it wasn’t so funny at first! I knew the reference as soon as I saw it, but still only saw it for a fleeting second before my laptop starting shutting down. It was caused by a Windows Update. The problem is that this is a new laptop, replacing one that the hard drive crashed on. I was definitely concerned about a virus or hacker, because this is the kind of message that we might see. I Googled the message and found this page, so I am ok now, but I was in the middle of an important email to my boss when it happened, so fortunately I didn’t lose anything. Now, if I see it again, I’ll know what it is and appreciate the humor.

  18. I was on my computer om google chrome and all of the sudden My page turned to the “Hes Dead Jim” page then my whole computer shuts down is that a virus

  19. Just got that message here at the exact same moment the local WiFi system went off. Only my Gmail account was affected; not my Hotmail or Yahoo email accounts.

    Everything is back to normal.

  20. there’s a new 1 where it has sswirly eyes &’s sticking out it’s tounge 😛

  21. This is going too far. Our only son, James, passed away unexpectedly four weeks ago. The first time I saw “He’s dead” was two days after we received word about his death. I could not read everything before the page was gone. I took my laptop to a computer wizard who finally figured out what it was as I thought it was a bad “joke” some idiot was playing on me.

  22. Far most people don’t know what is happening, so what can be the humor of that, except for some premature adolescents?

    An error message needs to be informative, not delusional while talking about death and in many cases with people dealing with death and/or threats, this is a criminal offense. And then the message shows up very shortly, often too short to read it well, leaving more confusion.

    Such a message could be acceptable, if it also shows up after restarting the OS and Firefox with an extra line of explanation and staying until the user clicks it away.

  23. Relieved in DC Avatar
    Relieved in DC

    This scared the heck out of me. All of a sudden my computer shuts down after I see a split second message saying “He’s dead.” That’s all I could make out before the screen disappeared. It looked like a virus or some delayed part of today’s FEMA emergency alert test. When my cell phone started acting weird two minutes later, I admit, I started thinking cyberattack… Thanks, Google!

  24. Lots of people so frightened about a message they think can be a virus, a cyber attack, or maybe a terrorist attack. Who knows what else they might think.
    For me it’s just paranoia.

  25. kendallkins Avatar

    I have used chrome for at least 6 months and never got the message before today.. all of my stuff started closing and my latop was turning off so i got scared that it might be a virus, and snatched up my phone to google it, which is how i got to this site.. i looked up at my laptop to find it doing the updates ive been avoiding for 3+ days and felt pretty stupid, but i am glad that the event lead me to read this page so that i know what it is for the future 🙂

  26. lmao i was watching a video of Michael Jackson when this happened to me hahahaha it blew my mind 😛

  27. This is so stupid and insensitive. My son’s name is Jim and his father died when he was 15. This is a sick reminder.


  29. +Joel and others, just in case there’s any doubt, Chromestory is a fan/news blog, rather than a Google-owned website. (I.e., I suggest posting comments specifically intended for the Google team on a Google website, like this one: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Chrome)

  30. lol this just happened to me and i wasn’t sure if it was a virus or not, i quickly found out it wasn’t. Some people r taking this to seriously tho and its kinda funny. So_short_tempered.

  31. The problem with dead Jim, and the reason for the developers of windows doing this along with the understanding of Windows preparing for a later version is all found here Real Story behind dead Jim

  32. Janine Yasovant Avatar
    Janine Yasovant

    He’s dead Jim from Windows ultimate is not funny ..so scary..

  33. Michele A. McCormick Avatar
    Michele A. McCormick

    Okay, all of the stern “why it’s not funny” anecdotes aside, let’s be practical. Techno-savvy troublemakers quote Star Trek too.

    Viruses often let you know with “humor” that you’ve just been thoroughly screwed. It’s like a horror movie clown with a laugh track – it isn’t meant to be funny, it’s meant to scare you and let you know bad things are going down.

    I knew it was a joke. I did not know it was from Google. The message was too fleeting for me to see it well, and even if I had, I would have still followed up with immediate antivirus protocol. Because hey, what sort of legitimate business behaves like a hacker?

    When your computer flashes a science fiction joke at you and then shuts down, it is reasonable to believe something bad has happened. Regardless if your intentions, your message was not only unsuccessful in communicating pertinent information, but also counterproductive by communicating impertinence, causing unnecessary alarm, and generally wasting people’s time.

    I can only imagine the reaction my father would have had. His laptop is company owned, and he is already terrified of “hurting it” and getting fired.

    Grow up, people. The real world actually is bigger than the Trekiverse.

  34. Gakupo Camui Avatar
    Gakupo Camui

    NOT FUNNY Chrome. I’m not a Chrome user myself, my sister is, but just last month my laptop suffered from a virus so severe we had to wipe out my laptop memory to reset to factory settings. Since it happened the week before Christmas, we bought a new laptop for my sister and she got this stupid and immature joke two times in the past recent week. Call it Paranoia all you want, but after having all my photos nearly wiped out, we are NOT looking forward to being scarred by a ‘fake’ virus after that.

    1. realtalk Avatar

      I had the same thing happen a month ago, whole laptop wiped out and restored to factory settings. I was using chrome now because it’s faster and supposed to be less virus-prone than IE and was very concerned to see that screen flash when I would shut down directly from Chrome. I am somewhat relieved that it is nothing, but like you, still gun shy over the whole incident!

  35. I”m in college and every time I try to log on to the school’s wifi it presents an expired certificate. So when I saw “he’s dead jim” i just knew the schools server had been hacked! I was ready to sue them for ruining my new netbook lol. fun times -_-

  36. Thanks, guys. When my anti-virus didn’t find it, I bought a whole new program, with no results. You owe me $165 and 8 1/2 hours of my life back.

    1. WDwasworthit Avatar

      I lol’d.

  37. I know very little about computers. This message has appeared a few times on my lap top while I was playing Farmvillle (which should tell some of you a lot about me!). I got the Star trek reference immediately, and wasn’t concerned about anything. Virus protection is up-to-date. Just closed the tab and kept farming away. No big deal. 🙂 (Oh, Hidden Chronicles is fun too.)

  38. My father, Jim, died recently and every time this comes up I get upset, then pissed off at the stupidity of someone at Google not realising that some people, albeit a small minority, could be upset by this taunting message. Get rid of the bloody thing pronto! Almost but not quite enough to make me revert to Firefox!

  39. Anonymous Avatar

    Well, it was excessive, it still pertains here, where I live, other places like Israel too.

  40. This is awesome! I wish I had no REAL problems to deal with in my life so I could cry about this as if it were some big deal like some people are doing. (chill, people!) Noone ever does anything creative anymore – I like it, its fun, keep it – and I’m glad it motivated me to update my anti-virus too haha. Besides just look at Facebook:
    They keep changing crap no matter how much people hate it cuz they know people will keep using it. Keep it: I like something to lighten up my computer’s issues!

  41. Not Funny when I must wiggle my mouse (no pun intended) every 4 minutes or my screensaver shows No Icons and the only way to recover, is to do a Dangerous Cold Start. It has migrated to all my browsers too. No More Chrome 4 me.

  42. If you type in about:about: in the address bar, their will be a list of addresses to go to 😛

  43. Actually, the “he’s dead Jim” message TOTALLY freaked out my six year old son because his Daddy’s name is Jim. My son watches YouTube videos for Nintendo walkthroughs – that message would pop up & he would get scared 🙁 – I will be VERY happy to tell my son today that I NOW know what this message is – it’s not funny to see my baby boy cry or scared – I’m seriously glad to know that someone was not just messing w/ him – Just please don’t make any “Daddy’s Dead” messages, LOL.

  44. Relieved in DC Avatar
    Relieved in DC

    Sorry to offend the Trekkies and trivia heads, but the point of the message is to inform the user what’s going on. If not, just shut the sucker down and save the dweeby jokes for your friends. This is what happens when techies get full of themselves. I’m sure plumbers have plenty of great inside jokes, too, but at least they’re adult enough to just do their jobs and move on.

  45. Idk my name... Avatar
    Idk my name…

    My friend told me and someone else during recess that her computer says “He’s dead, Jim” and then I thought she was lying. So then when I directly shut down my computer it appeared the same day she told me about it! I thought it was cool though. My screen was purple and the face had swirls on it =)


  47. I got this message on my husband’s computer, while playing a game, with FeardotCom showing on the TV. I only had long enough to read “he’s dead”. I was relieved to hear my husband cough in his sleep down the hall but I was creeped out. I’m pretty dismayed that it went to some update screen and then shut down. When I started it back up, the screen just stayed black. Oh, he’s gonna be pissed in the morning! Glad I have a Mac.

  48. We completely redid our computer since the page never stayed open long enough to read other than Jim it’s dead, so we were unable to ascertain this, why would we think that? I do think it it insensitive to those with family members named Jim, there are other funnier things like the pages have been stunned or something. Yes we are trekkies so we get the humor, but many are not.

  49. Pistoff Avatar

    This is wasting thousands of hrs of people’s time, please desist with the message. It doesn’t display long enough to know what it is, it looks viral and when u have crtical business info that u must protect u dont ignore these things and waste time googling for them, i was up half the night running anti virus scans. There is no humor when ur livelihood is at risk.

  50. Relieved in DC Avatar
    Relieved in DC

    Amen, Pistoff! And you’re right about the display time – even if there are people out there who find the lame joke funny, how the heck would most of them even catch it when the stupid screen goes by so fast. Seems like a joke by the teller, for the teller.

  51. Gladiknowhowtogoogle Avatar

    When the” he’s dead Jim ” message appeared while my husband was online he was startled at first but to my surprise knew where the phrase came from he immediately knew it was a star trek phrase so I just went and Googled it it was the first link that popped up. We do have a sick family member named Jim but come on now my husband is even retired military but why jump to conclusions and get upset, we handled this like all things in life one step at a time. We got info and delt with it. I think its cute and he got to show off it made this 37 yr old giggle at her husband

  52. See the reason that I thought it was a virus is because whenever i get the “hes dead jim” page my computer closes all programs an reboots all by itself, i barely get to see the kill page before chrome closes and windows shuts down entirely. And It seems to happen at random, but i spose it must be a quirk of my PC, because i have pretty good antivirus and scan regularly. Oh well 😛

  53. I saw the message for the first time last night. I was half asleep and my laptop was running low on battery. After a few warnings that I should plug an external power source, I dozed off and all of a sudden I see the error message “It’s dead Jim” followed by my laptop powering itself off. Up until now when I searched for “windows 7 its dead jim”, I thought it was part of a dream. LOL

  54. I got this error message for the first time tonight…but it shut my whole computer down and now my computer isn’t turning back on =/

  55. Ok now I am LAUGHING. I had just done a thorough cleaning of my pc, but am getting and applied some Microsoft Updates. Was afraid that one or the other had caused this msg, or a virus had gotten past my security.

    I like the message. now that I know what it is… LOL

  56. Sunil Patwal Avatar
    Sunil Patwal

    Good one.. I saw it 2-3 times in last week. after I saw it today again, I got suspicious about some virus script running and also most of the processes were killed in the task manager. I remembered He’s dead Jim and searched Google to find any virus attack. But found this naughty thing of Google.
    Good one..

  57. Ok, this is creepy as hell and completely true. Watching a Slender Man vid – nothing special, just another Slender vid. This one had audio of a child crying and looking for something, shouting an unintelligible name.
    Loud noise happens.
    Then all I have time to process is the words “He’s Dead” and the face.
    My computer shuts completely down, and reboots automatically.
    Nothing changed, still unable to get the reason for the random restart.
    Only thing odd was I recieved an exception with this error:
    I don’t know what to make of it, but I am going to have a fun time trying to fall asleep tonight…

  58. Dash Dinosaur Avatar
    Dash Dinosaur

    When google chrome said he’s dead jim my computer shut down afterwards…….
    now it won’t start up again.

  59. Where actually watching the Paranormal Activity Simpson episode when my boyfriend when this happened. It was a little creepy we must admit. Then we were like “Wanna know the truth or live with the mystery?” So we decided to Google it instead. And well, now I’m here writing about it xD

  60. Yes, thought this was creapy. Had just lost a loved one…and to me, with a family members passing it had a different connotation…spooky and surreal. Glad to hear it was not what I was thinking.

  61. You give my daughter the 90 bucks it took her to have her supposed computer fixed when she took it in to see what it was and the guy told her it was a virus only found on google. She got it fixed thinking i was going to get mad when I found out that she was on my laptop.
    Not funny

  62. Morons… Morons everywhere! How can people be this stupid! It’s fun though, to read people’s reactions.

  63. For anyone fooled by this or who took this too seriously…a simple search of “hes dead jim” shows this…


    Finding it funny that people thought it was a virus, I’m sorry to hear about people’s loved ones.

  64. After looking through a couple comments here I just had to laugh lol okay on that note; I was on Facebook when I received this message it shut down my computer I quickly plugged it in and guess what I did what anyone who is a computer user would do and Google it to see if I should be concerned, guess not lol Love this its silly Everyone should just get over it some people have too much time on their hands and really are looking to far into things lol

  65. when this first happened on my laptop my father was using it , his name is Jim .
    we all took this quite seriously as his best friends father only died 2 days before .

  66. NOT FUNNY !!!! GET RID OF IT !!!!

  67. I loved that error message when i got it- i am a huge fan of all things star trek and although i’m probably not a super fan or a Trekkie yet, i automatically knew where it was from. You can’t kill the guy with a bullet, the red suits die in star trek usually by a phaser (although some die by guns).

  68. If people don’t want to see this error they can either;

    1. shut chrome down properly.
    2.use a different browser

    I’m not saying this can’t be offensive but this is a reference used alot in today’s society.

    1. AGREED

  69. blipse Avatar

    Can’t developers make a joke sometime. Does everything have to be serious. You have to be quite retarded to immediatly assume that this error message is a virus. I never even considered the possibility.

  70. Daniel Baker Avatar
    Daniel Baker

    No, this isn’t a place for childish developers to make a joke. The display is totally insensitive plus not thinking of the breadth of the audience.

  71. so we are on the first episode of 24’s fifth season. if youre familiar, in the first fifteen minutes they kill off three of the previous seasons main characters. one of the living tells another living “he’s dead” they respond, “hes dead?.” my wife whom was not quite watching says HE’S DEAD?!” the blue screen pops up, “HE’S DEAD JIM” shivers run up my spine and am expecting a knock on the door and a big boom. whoah.

  72. I was on Facebook when the he’s dead message came up the computer then turned itself off so I left it went to use it the next day and the computer doesn’t work I would appreciate some help

  73. Not funny if this messages crops up whilst your young son is doing research for a school project (and you have briefly left his side so cannot see the exact message).
    8-year-olds don’t necessarily know about viruses or Star Trek… (- and re the latter, neither do I!)

  74. I’m in my 60’s and He’s dead Jim really freaked me out…my husbands name is Jim! Thankfully for me my daughter is a tech and figured it out for me…

  75. The trouble is I closed my PC with google open, saw the image for less then a second having just enough time to register the ominous words “he’s dead” and some sort of skull like icon before my windows started to update.

    I pulled all the plugs and wasted hours backdating my computer and installing fresh virus software and performing a deep scan.

    Yeah I think it’s well f’kin funny and cute.
    I feel I’m entitled the same time I wasted in pummeling the face of the smart arse at Google who thought this was clever.

  76. message showed up and freaked me out. My husbands name is Jim and he died….not long ago

  77. hello i have a computer that suddenly says hes dead jim and then it shuts down for no reason it does it every hour or something and help how can i fix this.

  78. Not funny. It scared my daughter. Who was trying to play a game on a website.

  79. CockMaster Avatar

    I was watching porn when the porn star was about to take three long schlongs in all three holes this error message popped up. It was right my jimmy was dead.

  80. bobbydias Avatar

    Not an error- Chrome shows He’s dead Jim when the user ends a tab or shuts off the computer with one or more tabs shill showing- probably some smart *ss Google employee showing frustration of those computer users who do not bother shutting down Chrome’s tabs before shutting down the computer. Ignore that smart *ss, save time by shutting off the computer period.

    1. So will this issue be resolved when the other computer is shut down?
      or the issue lingers forever?

      1. bobbydias Avatar

        No, the issue will be resolved when Google admits it is good for Google(Chrome) to be shut down. Why should Google make the user(client) look to be bad?

  81. Honey singh Avatar
    Honey singh

    i am getting the same from a last few days.I have tried everthing.i reset,i uninstalled & install again.but again getting the same.Its very hectic to reload web pages again & again.Please google fix this.

    1. Rina Sato Undalok Avatar
      Rina Sato Undalok

      Did you reset the settings in your browser then restarted the browser again?

      1. Honey singh Avatar
        Honey singh

        Its working fine now & thank you for your reply.

  82. Holly Sahs Avatar
    Holly Sahs

    Was watching greys anatomy on watchtvseries.to (per usual) and it said “it’s dead, Jim!) I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard

    1. Azizuddin Pirani Avatar
      Azizuddin Pirani

      Have same problem now to get to gmail I have use explorer
      Can any one help

  83. Matty Welch Avatar
    Matty Welch

    That was a stupid message to put up. Almost had a heart attack, juggling too many issues as it is to worry about some damn virus wiping out my computer. Very very bad idea.

  84. galacticcannibal Avatar

    I cannot fix the error “he’s Dead Jim” Why is it happening and how do I fix it. Just 2 simple answers please . And not the usual long winded fuckin shit given out most of the time.

    1. Jody James Cicchitello Avatar
      Jody James Cicchitello

      lol..there is no fix..just reload he page..

      1. Lillith Avatar

        now seriously, Google Chrome: would you please change this
        cheap jokelethal curse
        into some more tactful wording?
        thank you!

  85. Lillith Avatar

    my gosh, i was sure it’s the Jim Morison and 27 Club conspiracy… taken to serve at the heavenly kingdom… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMhNo03dZdE

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