How to Manage Chrome Bookmarks

Bookmarks are web addresses that you save for future reference. Internet Explorer calls them “Favorites”. If you recently switched to Chrome from IE, this will be called “Bookmarks”. This article explains how to manage bookmarks.

Chrome Bookmarks Location

Where do you find bookmarks on Chrome? There are a couple places where you can access bookmarks.

The easiest way to access them is to open chrome://bookmarks on a new tab. You can open links, add, edit or remove bookmarks from this location.

Another way to open the bookmarks manager is by going to Settings > Bookmarks.

Click Bookmarks to open the bookmarks manager

Add New Bookmarks

To add a new bookmark, you can use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + D or click the star icon in the address bar.

Click the “Star” icon to bookmark a page

When you click the star icon or press CTRL + D, Chrome will ask you to give the bookmark a name and select a folder to save it in. You can either keep the page’s title as the bookmark name or give a custom name.

bookmarks location

This star icon will turn blue after you bookmark a page. This also helps you identify if you are on a page that you have already bookmarked.

Existing bookmark

Edit Bookmarks

To edit bookmarks, open the bookmarks manager by visiting chrome://bookmarks on a new tab.

Bookmarks manager

Find the bookmark that you want to edit and click the three-dots settings icon against it.

Click the Settings icon

Choose “Edit”.

Choose “Edit”

Make required changes and click Save.

Click “Save” when done

Export or Import Bookmarks

You can either export bookmarks from Chrome to other browsers or import bookmarks from other browsers. The Bookmarks Manager has an option to do this manually.

To export to import bookmarks, go to the chrome://bookmarks page and click the three-dots icon on the top-right corner.

Import or export bookmarks

Choose Import or Export and follow the prompts.

You can find complete instructions for exporting or importing here.

  1. For beginners with Chrome concerning Bookmarks [IE’s Favorites] bar. There is an Option (>tools> ) to ‘Always Show Bookmarks Bar’ but (to keep an optimum amount of screen space) better is to click on the New+ tab where the Bookmarks bar will always to be found,

    1. Yes, i forgot to include that … thank you !!

  2. Give me ONE GOOD REASON to make a move for Chrome? 😉

    1. open a PDF file on IE and then on Chrome 🙂

    2. @Kiran
      Because Chrome is faster and more secure! 😉

    3. Give it a go and if you like it stick with it.
      Theres really no one reason why you SHOULD, at the end of the day its what works for you.
      I personally think FF is the most technically better browser, FF is capable of doing almost anything net related and what it cant do it can be made to do……but at what cost? complexity
      Chrome is the most simple browser in sooooo many ways.
      Its simple to look at, its simple to use and (for me the most important thing) it simple to code for…..FF is a beast and its a beast to code for….XUL…urgghh…does my head in
      Just stick with what you like.

    4. Use once u gonna love it….and u never want to leave this browser..

  3. put everything in other bookmarks folder ?

    1. Nice article but you didnt cover acupune’s question and that is by far the most common question of people coming from other browsers to Chrome. Ive answered that question a bunch of times.
      Maybe one day do a post on all the different bookmarks in your toolbar extensions.
      Oh why did they take away the bookmarks in the toolbar icon command line option?…..Why!?!?!

      1. uhmm ,, good point 🙂 I had started writing a post about moving from IE to Chrome .. couldn’t complete yet … 😀 any points to add to that ?

        1. Nah, sorry, but I havent used IE in like 4-5 years….I hate it with a passion!
          The only person I know that still uses IE uses a really old version without tabs because he hates tabs (he considers the task bar to be his tab bar).
          Ive converted three people to Chrome from IE (most come from FF) and they didnt have any probs at all.
          Its FF users who want more out of Chrome and whine the most and theres not much you can do about that until the extension api allows for more things….the alternatives are quite often sub par.

  4. How to save a web title in the favorites in IE after Google Chrome has been installed?

  5. I need my favourite back on my tool bar

  6. Ok, so I’ve moved to Chrome, all seems very nice. I’ve imported my ‘favourites’ but why isn’t there an icon to go straight to them? The way it is now, its so long winded to get to them! spanner – bookmarks – imported form IE… and there they are! that’s way to fussy! Is there a way to make a short cut to them? Thanks.

    1. Sorted it! thanks.

      1. How did you sort it Joanne?

  7. I am very unhappy with these changes. Don’t you have anything better to do with your time? I can’t find a thing. What would it cost you to replace everything as it was and then all resign and go away? This is not an advance; it is restless, random movement. How much did this all cost you?

  8. Is there a way to make a short cut to ‘favourites’ . I managed to import them from IE ok but the Chrome way of accessing them is far too time consuming – spanner/bookmarks etc. Surely I’m doing something wrong? Please help! Thank You.

  9. Where did my bookmarks go? I had a lot in there? Had about 30 with several folders with more in them. Used to click an Icon below the wrench and they all would be along the right side. Forgot what it looked like now,but It’s gone now.

  10. On IE there was a way to pin my favorites list open. Is there a way to do that on Chrome?

    1. I dont think so.But, try putting your links on bookmarks bar, and you can have it always open (ctrl shift b)

  11. -effin THANK YOU!!! Geeze-la-weeze!

  12. well, I can’t even find the wrench so how stupid am I eh?

    1. The wrench has been replaced with a bacon icon..

      1. thank you for that.

        I thought I was really stupid.

        And I did get my Bookmarks back. They say the History cam with it also but I haven’t figured out how to delete that.

        thanks again,
        Deb Davis

        1. Cool.. can you explain the last thing about history a bit more? I didnt quite get that..

          1. You know when you go in and delete your history so its not got 3 months back. Well, I’ve always kept mine pretty clear. I deleted my history about once a week. But now I don’t see how I do that.

            thanks again and I am off to bed.
            deb davis

            1. you can either set to delete it automatically when you close Chrome .. or get some extension to do that for you..
              good nite!!

              1. And where do I find this extension so I can delete the history I want deleted?

  13. how do I my OLD FAVORITES Icon back

    arlene leach

  15. Is there a way to make Chrome search my bookmarks/favorites when I begin typing in the command line? My bookmarks/favorites hold all the most useful sites that I want to return to when they relate to my current search. A “Yes” answer would be great to learn of! Thanks!

  16. You have got to be kidding me! Send me back to Internet Explorer

  17. I would like to save this page for reference, oh but guess what, I don’t have a favorites tab or a print tab when viewing this page on Chrome.

  18. i would like a drop down favorites/bookmark. i don’t like the toolbar, it’s limited to what can go across the screen. drop down allows for a lot more visually, unless i’m missing something

  19. change it back i love the old way to find favorites

  20. i love google chrome but i dont like not having bookmark icon hope you bring it back

  21. Than you so much It has helped a bunch! :-*

  22. Google chrome Never Ask you regarding plugins and this is the thing i love the most….. Chrome is d best if Mozilla Addicted user once start with chrome I bet nobody want to move again on other browsers……. 🙂

  23. I know how to find my bookmarks, that’s not my issue.

    I would like to save all my bookmarks to a text file, or somewhere I can access them. Right now Chrome has stopped working for me several times, why I don’t have a clue, then after a few days it comes back up.

    I am concerned that I may have to uninstall it, and then re install it later. And if I do I have no idea what will happen to my bookmarks.

    Thanks for any help.

  24. Sorry, just posted a question about saving my bookmarks. From all the dialog I figured there had to be a way, so I dug deeper and found how to export them.

    I am all set, sorry for the inconvenience.

  25. Dumbest thing I’ve ever seen, buh bye Chrome!

  26. I didn’t want to change my way of working with my favorites. By what friggin’ right does Chrome just show up like a bully and slow my work down?

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