How To Set Up Cloud Print On Google Chrome And Connect Your Printer

And here goes one more news of this exciting day on Chrome, Google Cloud Print is now beta. Here is how to enable Cloud Print on Google Chrome and connect your printer.

But before we start, one note. Where is print preview guys ? I don’t see it working on the latest Chrome Dev build, or in Chromium latest build. This is what we have, so far. Is it working for anyone here ?

Chrome Print Preview

Chrome Print Preview

So, lets start !. On the Windows PC connected to your printer, click the wrench icon in the upper right hand corner of Google Chrome.

Choose “Options.”

Click the “Under the Hood” tab. Scroll to the bottom to the Google Cloud Print section and click “Sign in to Google Cloud Print.”

In the dialog that appears, sign in to your Google Account to enable Google Cloud Print.

When you have signed in, you will see this confirmation page:

After setting up Google Cloud Print your options pane will look like this:

You can return to this screen at any time to manage or disable your Google Cloud Print settings. You can also print a test page to verify success.

and here is a look at your Cloud Print Page where you will be managing your cloud print connected printers and print jobs.

Chrome Cloud Print

Chrome Cloud Print

Cloud Print

Cloud Print

Cloud Print

Cloud Print

via Google Help and images from The Google System

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  • Anon A. Mus 07/12/2010, 11:14 pm

    Was this supposed to work for version 8.0.552.215? Instead of “Options” in my Wrench menu, I have “settings” which takes me to “Under the Hood” … and doesn’t show “cloud print” option. 🙁

  • apruler 08/12/2010, 3:03 am

    @anon, the Options and settings change for os and versions, but it works on chrome 9 :/

  • bulu 08/12/2010, 5:05 pm

    moi je l’ai pas essayer encore, mais bientot je vais tenter le coup en tout cas dommage que sa soit réserver qu’a google chrome sa aurais bien que ce service inclu dans le navigateur google chrome le soit également dans tout les navigateurs, car sa fais comme microsoft qui a besoin de internet explorer pour faire fonctionner windows update et sa c dommage de ne pas partager la technologie dans ce sens là

  • Blackbeardtech 08/12/2010, 8:07 pm

    I have installed Cloud Print and have confirm PRINT TEST PAGE,
    BUT how do you setup on another computer to print from it?

    I am using Chrome 9 on each computer and I am logged in with Google account, but how do I PRINT from a webpage?

  • Mark 09/12/2010, 9:33 pm


    This is not typical printer sharing. You can’t just add the printer to another computer. To print, you have to log in to your Google account (or one you’ve granted print permission), and print from a web app that supports it. However, I’m not sure if anything (even Google Docs etc) supports it yet.