What’s New in Chrome OS ? Wifi Settings

Life is exciting after installing Chrome OS Vanilla from Hexxeh on HDD of my netbook. It auto updates ever day, meaning, I will have latest Chromium build every day.

But sometimes, the update will fail to take effect, when the build is not a successful one. It happened continuously for past two days, but with today’s update, I have couple of new things to show you.

Enable WiFi Option – No, not there yet !

Chrome OS Wifi Settings

Chrome OS Wifi Settings

I found an option to enable wifi on the settings page. Nothing happens when I click on it. I do not have much info on this because, my dell netbook’s wifi hardware is not supported on Chromium OS yes.

I am not sure if this has changed. I can’t confirm if because, I dont know if this option was already there on other netbooks with supported hardware. If it was there on other netbooks, and just landed on mine, that means we will have wifi support on Atheros wifi cards soon !

I will take my chrome os netbook around the house and dance, I will take her for a walk in the park near here 🙂

I will keep a close eye on this and will update you all when more info is available, promise !

Profile Image On Settings Page

Chrome OS Profile

Chrome OS Profile

I used to wonder why my profile image ( the one that shows up on the login screen ) is not showing up on the settings page. It now shows up under “Personal Stuff” as “Account” I can enable password protection while the system comes back from the sleep mode.

Currently if I close the lid and open it again, I will have the session back, without logging in again. By enabling this, I will be asked to enter my password again when I open the lid.

New in Labs – Side Tabs

Side tabs were there on Chromium OS when I started using it. But, with this update, they have moved it to Labs page with a check box to enable. Not a big thing, but here is the latest Chrome OS labs page.

Chrome OS Labs New

Chrome OS Labs New

So, that’s all for now guys ! hope you guys enjoyed this episode of Chromium OS updates. Stay tuned for more !! Join my facebook page and support Chromstory.com !! check the sidebar 😀

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  • Shaunak 24/10/2010, 4:06 pm


    I dont have a netbook. I have a laptop on which chromium os does not boot. I have a dekstop on which Chromium OS Flow boots but Vanilla doesnt.
    And in my cable network , i need to adjsut IP , Gateway , DNS and proxy. Which are not possible in flow sadly.

    • chrome story 24/10/2010, 7:55 pm

      that’s going to change ….. 🙂 wait for the next post ..

  • Shaunak 15/11/2010, 8:57 pm

    Well , i will keep my fingers crossed. I currently use the old old 1st version vmdk release of chrome os in virtual box.

    • chrome story 16/11/2010, 1:09 am

      will you buy a Chrome OS device when its released ?

  • Joel 27/07/2011, 7:04 am

    The only computer that is working for chromium os is my borken laptop 5 hours away, and I’m not sure if I want to download the img from hexxeh becuase I’m using someone elses mifi with a limit, on top of all this I don’t know if the wifi will work without a ethernet cable on my my dads hp? at least I don’t have to bother my dads xp computer which got a virus for some reason after I tried to boot chromium last time…. 😉