New In Chromium Labs – Infobar Refresh

Okay, I am not getting excited about this one yet, because I am not really sure, how this is going to change things on Chrome. Let me go straight to what it says on Chromium lab page, or the flags page. This adds another security feature to Chrome which already has a bunch of them.

Infobar Refresh

Infobar Refresh

Infobar refresh : Adds some visual hinting to infobars that makes them impossible for websites to spoof.

Now, what is info bar in chrome you ask ?  The infobars API allows you to add a horizontal panel just above a tab’s contents, as the following screenshot shows



So this new feature is something that lets you make changes to the info bar, may be through the options menu, or through extensions. Anyone with more info around ? hello ?

Will keep you posted on this, stay tuned !

Update from Mr. P  Who knows the code :  the new “Infobar Refresh” flag, is simply a slight redesign of the infobars (to translate, to save your password, to save your credit card information, to expose your location, to allow desktop notifications, to restore your session and a few more), to make it visually distinguishable from home made infobar spoofing by websites.
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