Explore the Right Click Menu – The Ultimate List of Chrome Context Menu Extensions

Google Chrome recently added Context menu support to Chrome extensions. Context menu is the list you get when you right click on any web page. Now that Chrome has given extensions access to this menu, let us see what developers have put together.

Let us dive deep in to the Google Chrome Extensions Gallery and get an awesome list of extensions that use this menu to do cool things.

Change tab from contextmenu : Add a list to your contextmenu and you can select tab from that list. Install the extension from here.

Select n Translate : Select text and translate using Google Translate from context menu (right click menu). You can use multiple languages. Currently supporting: English, Hindi, Arabic, French, German and Urdu. Install it from here.

Close all tabs from a site : Provides a context menu that will close the current tab, and all other tabs showing a page from the same site. Install the extension from here.

Context Menu URL Shortener : Right click and copy a short URL of the page that you are on.

Image Properties Context Menu : This is a simple context menu extension to show the properties of an image.

Context Menu Search:Right click to select search engine

OneLook Context Menu Command : The OneLook Context Menu Command is a tiny little extension that brings the power of the world’s most comprehensive index of online dictionaries and encyclopedias to the convenience of the context menu on your web page.

Close tab on context menu : A simple extension that add a “close tab” context menu entry.

Context Sharing : Use the context menu to share webpage to Twitter, Google Buzz or Facebook

QR Code Generator : Creates a right-click context menu for generating a QR Code from the current page, link or selected text

Select n Translate : Select text and translate using Google Translate from the right click menu. Supports Multiple Languages.

TweetRight: Share images, links, webpages and selected text on Twitter.com right from the context menu (right click menu).

Do you have an interesting extension to share ? drop me a comment here !

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  • Makis Theonas 14/01/2011, 3:28 pm

    “Append email adress” in addition to “Copy Email Address”
    “Append (to clipboard)” in addition to just “Copy”

    What about that?


  • Ricardo 08/12/2012, 4:25 am

    Change Tab, finally a way to do it in fullscreen mode, without need to use keyboard shortcuts.

    The only point is that it could be translated to ocidental chars.

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