Background WebApps Coming to Google Chrome

Background Web Apps

Background Web Apps

Latest Chromium builds have added a new feature “Background WebApps” It is available on latest Chromium versions, through the new about:labs page, adding to the ever growing list of upcoming features there.

Background Web Apps – What’s that ?

The description says “Allows Installed web apps to run in the background at system startup and continue running after all windows are called”

It’s simple. Google Chrome and Chrome OS will have applications running almost independently, without having to worry if the browser is open or closed. This may sound little strange on Chrome browser, but makes more sense when we think about Chrome OS.

*fingers crossed* We will keep you posted on the latest developments on this .. stay tuned !!

Source : chromesource

Warning – Chromium should be used for testing purposes only. It lacks automatic updates, which can expose you to security risks if you are not updating it yourself.

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