Coming Soon – Tabpose – A New Way To Look At Your Open Tabs on Google Chrome

The Mac version of Chrome is  experimenting with something Google calls “Tab Overview” or Tabpose. Tabpose is similar to Mac OS X’s Expose; it allows you to visually pull back and see all your tabs as thumbnails and quickly switch between them. It will be really useful for someone who wants to be a power user of chrome

Here is a screenshot that has posted on their blog. However, I believe that there a lot more coming in for tab pose and it will be something that adds beauty to Chrome OS.

I will tell you why I am thinking that there is more to this. Do you remember these two screenshots from a post here at about Chrome OS? Look at them again and tell me if you can guess something.

  1. Their is already an extension that does the same. I couldn’t find it 🙁

      1. oh thanks !!
        its always good to have it inbuilt to chrome right ? 🙂

  2. but now u can test in on ur non-mac computer 😉
    as it may not be as fast as an inbuilt feature.

    1. yea 😉 I get a taste of what is coming 😀

  3. As an alternative, there is this alpha Chrome extension called “Tab Sugar” that aims to look and feel just like “Firefox Expose”, and can be used on whatever OS you got. (as I said… it’s still alpha but very promising)

    1. thank you !! will check it out !

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