How to Get Google Chrome Web Apps Working – Now !

Remember Google Web Apps and Google Web Apps Store from Google IO 2010 ? We were all waiting to try them out.

Hot Update : Download Chrome App from here

Now, thanks to, I can tell you how to get few of them working on your Google Chrome browser right away, provided you are using Google Chrome Development version.

chrome apps store

note : learn how to change to dev version here. Also, please note that these features are still under development and not final.

Google Chrome has been shipping with 3 basic apps built-in for sometime now. We will load them manually for us to play with. 1. Gmail 2. Google Calender and 3. Google Docs.

Step 1 : Add the following line of code to the command line properties –enable-apps (how to here )

Step 2 : Go to chrome://extensions on Chrome

Step 3 : Click on “Load Unpacked Extension

Step 4 : If you are using windows, browse through C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\6.0.453.1\Resources

Step 5 : Click on the folder names – docs_app, calender_app and gmail_app ( Do this three times to load all three apps )

Step 6 : Now, open your New Tab page !

Now you can enjoy the new applications with a lovely pinned tab-like UI. However, this feature is not fully developed. I tried a test chat on Gmail app, and it didn’t give me any notification about new chat message being received. Now, let me go back to testing playing.

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