Google Chrome OS Cloud Print – Everything You need to Know

A Cloud Based Printing System

Chrome OS wants to take everything to Cloud. ( Or Read Google Wants to take everything to their servers ; if you like that). Printers and Print jobs are not spared. Update : You can now view a video demo of chrome os cloud print here. And here is how Cloud Print works on Chrome and Chrome OS.

Oh my dear printers, Google Just made you all modern printers “Legacy Printers” because you are not “Cloud Aware’. One fine morning, you all became too old !

What Is Cloud Printing

Cloud printing is how Google Chrome and Chrome OS will manage printing jobs on computers and printers. The main goals here, are three.

1. Let any web app ( the corner stone of chrome os ) seamless printer access )

2. Get rid of printer drivers and connect them directly to the cloud, and let them talk to cloud. Get rid of printer drivers on your computer.

3.  Share printers with your coworkers, friends, and family anywhere in the world using Cloud. So  Print from Anywhere.

Printers Connected to your Google Account.

When the Cloud Printing is ready, you will be able to add your printer to your Google account, and access it from anywhere in the world. A printing experience that enables any app (web, desktop, or mobile) on any device to print to any printer anywhere in the world.

You can take a printout on your home printer, while you are browsing from a railway station using your cellphone !

APIs for querying print job status

A new set of APIs will be created to manage printers through the cloud. When the APIs are available, third-party app developers will be able to use Google Cloud Print in their web, desktop, and mobile apps as well.

What is a Cloud Aware Printer ?

Cloud-aware printers don’t exist !  hmm, I mean not  yet. So, whatever we have now is “legacy printer” to Cloud Print. There will be a different way of managing them using an additional bit of software.

Under this model, the printer has no need for a PC connection of any kind or for a print driver. The printer is simply registered with one or more cloud print services and awaits print jobs

Google Chrome OS will use Google Cloud Print for all printing. There is no print stack and there are no printer drivers on Google Chrome OS!

More Info Here and Here

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  • Liju Philip 19/04/2010, 2:47 pm

    M$ had tried it out long ago. Never worked. Google is taking it up. Let’s see how it works out.

    • chrome story 19/04/2010, 2:58 pm

      Really ? MS already tried this ? hmm lets hope that Google gets this to work !