Google Launches 3D Graphics Driver Project for Chrome

Google has launched a new project for Chrome that will let the browser run a wider range of 3D graphics content without downloading additional drivers. If you are not too much in to computers, this news may not be for you, but just know one thing and be happy – Chrome soon will have ability to run 3D graphics from the web.

The open-source project, called ANGLE (Almost Native Graphics Layer Engine), seeks to let Chromium run WebGL content on Windows computers, wrote product manager Henry Bridge on the Chromium blog.

This means more power for your Chrome browser, in the near future. It will be able to access 3D capabilities of your system to run web apps. This will redefine web based gaming and 3D content.

This will also boost use of opensource technology for 3D graphics, where Microsoft’s DirectX technology is dominating. Another level of competition for Microsoft from Google.

So, let’s wait for some real news now 🙂

via PC world

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