NVIDIA – Google Partnership for Chrome OS netbooks

An NVIDIA executive on Thursday confirmed the company is working with Google to introduce a netbook containing Chrome OS and NVIDIA’s Tegra mobile device platform. ( NVIDIA Tegra is a system-on-a-chip with an ARM processor developed by NVIDIA for mobile devices such as smartphones, PDAs and MIDs. )

This news confirms two things, firstly, Google is doing some serious homework for Chrome OS, in the form of hardware partnerships. Secondly, Google is confident that the high level of sales in the Netbooks market is going to continue for a long time.  We can expect some more announcements like this in the future, from different hardware companies.

Is this something to be excited about it ? Not really, but as Chrome admirers, we can definitely be happy with these new developments. Why I am not excited is because of what I learned from the market’s response to Android.

I was expecting some really good android devices from many handset makers, but it turns out that HTC is the only company doing serious work on Android, and Motorolla entered the Android OS arena only a couple of months ago. Well, to be honest, I expected something bigger.

So, Chrome might get a good response from the market, but that will be very slow. That’s what happened with Android, a Mobile OS with  a future in Laptops and Netbooks.  But again, let’s wait and watch how things change ..

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