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Top 10 Google Chrome Related Questions; and a single answer !

Here is a small collection of Popular google chrome related questions that people search for. ( Thanks google suggest ). This is what people think first, when you tell them about Google Chrome. Very basic stuff.   My Answer to all these questions, is YES. What is yours ? 1. Is Google Chrome Good ? […] Read More

Type in Malayalam or Any Indic Language using Google Chrome

Update : Do a lot more Malayalam Stuff on Google Chrome Using These Extensions Including Malayalam English Dictionary This is a special tutorial for people who use Indic Languages, including Malayalam,Hindi,Kannada Marathi Nepali Tamil and Telugu and Arabic on websites. After reading this simple tutorial and installing a script in a single mouse click, you […] Read More

Google Chrome OS for dummies : all about Chrome OS in 150 words

Really Really New To all this buzz about Google Chrome OS ?  You are at the right place, let's begin with what Google Says about Chrome OS. This is a small and simple post. But if you are really new to this subject, thank God for sending you here ! Google Chrome OS is an […] Read More

Plugin : Use Google Bookmarks instead of normal bookmarks on Google Chrome

With this post, we are starting a new section on, the plugin news tips and reviews section. You will see more plugin/extension/addon, whatever you call it, in coming days. Last month or so, a visitor asked me how to use Google bookmarks on google chrome instead of regular bookmarks stored on the computer. There […] Read More

Video : How to restore chrome windows from last session

This is a quick video post showing how session restore works on Google Chrome. I had reported this feature from the dev version earlier. Now that this is available on stable versions, watch the video to know more about this feature. Questions ? We got comments and a forum […] Read More

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