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Google Chrome Plugins People !! Ready to Pick Yours ?

Okay, people out there, waiting at the door steps of Google Chrome family, because we do not have those fancy addons as you firefox dudes do, come on in, you are most welcome to check out google chrome plugins, which will be pushed very soon to  stable versions. ( already available on dev versions ) […] Read More

How to Reopen Closed Tabs in Chrome or Restore Last Browsing Session

Opening recently closed tabs are really easy in Google Chrome. There are keyboard shortcuts and other tricks. You can either open individual tabs, restore your last browsing session or configure Chrome to always start where you left off. Open Individual Tabs To re-open the last closed tab, use CTRL + SHIFT + T  keyboard shortcut. You […] Read More

Is Google Toolbar available for Google Chrome Yet ?

There are news about Google Chrome Toolbar being developed buy few people on the web. However, most of Google services are inbuilt in to the Chrome Browser, and for others, there are official extensions available. Click here to find the full list. Since we don't believe in providing news about "fake" plugins, its not posted […] Read More

New Version of Google Chrome : More Features, More Speed

Google has released a new stable version of Chrome with more features, and increased browsing speed. More features have been added, so, check it out. If you are wondering how to update Google Chrome to the latest version, listen, Google Chrome will it to automatically when you connect to the web. If you just started […] Read More

Google Chrome is Changing it’s Design ?

Google Chrome fans love the design and layout of their lovely browser. So, when modifications are done on this design, it gets noticed. Are they making a significant change to Google Chrome's Design ? Let's check it out. I was testing the new Dev version, which was updated today. Then, I found a black color […] Read More

Chrome Updates Pop up Manager, with “allow pop ups” option

Until now, there was no  option for you to let a website load popups, always. All popups were blocked, and you will open those windows manually, from the bottom of the page. With the new Dev Update this week, Google Chrome is adding a "allow pop ups options" to it. You will see this feature […] Read More

Is Google Chrome Better than Firefox ?

Is google chrome better than firefox, or is there enough potential in google chrome to grow up to , or above, firefox ? That's is a tricky question for a Google Chrome fan like me. Because, I love google chrome, and use it most of the times. But, being relatively new, it has its own limitations, I can't stop agreeing on that.

Major Security Issue, Update Now !!

If you are using Google Chrome now, what you need to do, is check if your Google Chrome installation is latest. I have explained how to do this here The version should show "" for stable version users.

Download and Install Google Chrome for Mac.

Note: This is not an official version. This is not the final product either. So, be careful when you playaround with this. Today, I found two interesting articles about Google Chrome on Mac. Even though the official Mac Download page for google chrome is just an email sign up form, for updates, there is one […] Read More

After Comic Books, It’s video time for Chrome

Remember Google Launching Google Chrome with a  comic book ? Now, it's time for some videos, called "Chromeshots". Chromeshots consists of 10 short videos about Google Chrome. Now you get to watch all of them HERE Enjoy  !! and, tell me which one is your favorite […] Read More