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Google Testing New ARM Based Chromebook “Puppy” ?

So this morning a puppy showed up on chromium code base. It was putting together a new build of Chrome OS based on an ARM processor.

Yes. A new Chrome OS device (since I am not sure if it is a Chromebook, Chromebox or something else!) is being tested by the Chrome team. They are calling it PUPPY.

Update: Our friends at liliputing.com believes that the Dalmore is a Tegra 4 Chip.

Update: Dalmore is the name of the mobo that goes with WAYNE (A.K.A. Tegra 4) according to the article.  God I hate that name! Thanks Ian Cummings!

Commit 42830 says:

puppy: Add bct ebuild

This includes cfg files for generating a bct that works with T114 dalmore.

Dalmore is Upcoming NVIDIA Tegra Processor

I looked up Dalmore. Dalmore (Tegra 114 family) I found this.

Dalmore (Tegra 114 family)

Googling Dalmore, I found this.

The patches refer to the new Tegra SoC as the “Tegra 114″ with the development/evaluation boards being called “Dalmore” and “Pluto” for this Cortex-A15 MP platform. This is the hardware that’s coming to market as the Tegra 4 “Wayne” generation. 

The Linux NVIDIA Tegra support does allow for a single kernel image to handle NVIDIA’s Dalmore T114, Pluto T114, and Cardhu T30. The Cardhu is the current-generation NVIDIA Tegra 3 reference board.

Is Has Something To Do With Android Too!

Chrome browser for android is there and they are actively developed. So it is normal that Android is mentioned in the code. But in the very early stages of setting up a build for a new Chrome OS device? Here is what I saw:

chromebook  Google Testing New ARM Based Chromebook Puppy ?

CROS_WORKON_SUBDIR=”android-files” it says.

I am not a developer, but still, this is mention is really interesting to me. They are definitely doing something that Chrome OS and Android are deeply involved, together.

Stay tuned for more! And if anyone of you can dig deeper in to the code and figure out more, do let me know!

Is This Screenshot from a Chrome OS Tablet?

We have seen Chrome OS tablet being mentioned in Chrome OS code before. Seaboard was the code name for a tablet that chromestory.com reported back in 2011.

But when Pedram Jabbari send me these screenshots, everything looked more clear and gave me a feeling that, we are almost there!

Take a look at this screenshot

chromebook  Is This Screenshot from a Chrome OS Tablet?

Chrome OS Tablet

The Chrome icon on the screen is a bit bigger than the icon we see on Chromebook. The width of this screenshot is 625px.

chromebook  Is This Screenshot from a Chrome OS Tablet?

Chrome OS Tablet

A Little History, The Seaboard

Here is the specs that we could dig out about Seaoboard.

chromebook  Is This Screenshot from a Chrome OS Tablet?

1. Tegra 2 Processor from Nvidia
2.  Atmel MXT Touch Screen
3.  2MB of SPI storage – ( whatever that means — )
4.  DRAM: 1 GiB
5. Two USB Ports

That’s probably a reference tablet device to test things on. But this may not be the device being used these days, because I keep seeing new devices with different code names being mentioned in the code.

Chrome OS + Android Dual Boot?

Yes, this could be a screenshot from Chrome OS Tablet. But, what if this is from a tablet running Chrome OS and Android?  A dual boot device?

What do you think?

Well, that’s just a wild guess, and I do not have any proof/reason to provide. However, looking at number of rumors going around about a possible dual boot device with Chrome OS and Android 5.0, this is just an attractive speculation to make!

NVIDIA – Google Partnership for Chrome OS netbooks

An NVIDIA executive on Thursday confirmed the company is working with Google to introduce a netbook containing Chrome OS and NVIDIA’s Tegra mobile device platform. ( NVIDIA Tegra is a system-on-a-chip with an ARM processor developed by NVIDIA for mobile devices such as smartphones, PDAs and MIDs. )

This news confirms two things, firstly, Google is doing some serious homework for Chrome OS, in the form of hardware partnerships. Secondly, Google is confident that the high level of sales in the Netbooks market is going to continue for a long time.  We can expect some more announcements like this in the future, from different hardware companies.

Is this something to be excited about it ? Not really, but as Chrome admirers, we can definitely be happy with these new developments. Why I am not excited is because of what I learned from the market’s response to Android.

I was expecting some really good android devices from many handset makers, but it turns out that HTC is the only company doing serious work on Android, and Motorolla entered the Android OS arena only a couple of months ago. Well, to be honest, I expected something bigger.

So, Chrome might get a good response from the market, but that will be very slow. That’s what happened with Android, a Mobile OS with  a future in Laptops and Netbooks.  But again, let’s wait and watch how things change ..