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And Chromebookpixel.com Belongs To……..

Is Chromebook Pixel a real deal? Or was it a brilliant fake?

I don’t know.

But what I know now is, chromebookpixel.com was registered by MarkMonitor.com back in October. Google uses Markmonitor.com for domain registrations from time to time.  discovered the domain registration.

chromebook  And Chromebookpixel.com Belongs To........

Does that say anything about Chromebook Pixel.

I still don’t know.

But, if you remember, the domain was registered around the same time when rumors about a Google branded touchscreen Chromebook hit the interwebs. The report said:

Supply chain revealed that Google designed netbook with touch functionality, but notice the order amount is not large, tentative only 20 million units to infer the nature of internal testing, the components plants begin shipping in November, is responsible for OEM Compal fastest will start shipping at the end of the year.

Do you remember? The video said, “designed entirely by Google”. Remember the stress they were giving on that point? My initial guess was that Google will let one of its Chrome OS partners do the manufacturing. But looks like they decided to follow the Cr48 style here. They designed the hardware, and outsourced the manufacturing part. Are they going to follow the same method here? Is that why they were saying “Designed entirely by Google”

This Chromebook Pixel thing is still an amazing thing to drool over! For now, I will give it a 50-50 chance. We will revisit those numbers when we get more tidbits like this.

What say?

via OMG Droid.

Getting Started With Your Chromebook – A Free Ebook

Sure. But can’t you cut it down to “open lid”? :p

That was the response from Philip Sum on Google Plus when I asked my friends if they can review a small ebook I was writing for Chromebook users. Yes, setting up Chromebook is as easy as opening the the lid and logging in.

So, why a guide to get started with Chromebook?

My own experience.

I have been blogging about Chrome OS for sometime now. But I got my own Chromebook only this month. It was using Chromum OS on a netbook and knew how to use a Chromebook. But an actual Chromebook is different from a netbook with Chromium OS.

The keyboard is different. There are keyboard shortcuts and settings that you can change for a better experience. I had to Google a couple of things (and yes, search results had articles I wrote!) like taking screenshot and replacement for the Delete key.

That’s when I had the idea of writing a very small ebook to help new Chromebook users get started.

chromebook  Getting Started With Your Chromebook   A Free Ebook

Contents of This Ebook

  • Getting To Know The Keyboard
  • The Search Key and Caps Lock Key
  • No Delete Key
  • No Home or End Keys
  • Dedicated Brower Keys
  • Some Trackpad Tricks
  • Chrome OS Apps Menu
  • Changing Time Zone
  • Changing Wallpaper
  • Taking Screenshots
  • Add More Users
  • Screen Lock and Password Protection
  • Going Offline
  • Managing Files
  • Downloads
  • Google Drive
  • Drag and Drop Between Google Drive and Downloads
  • Deleting Files

Download Getting Started With Your Chromebook

This ebook was written on a Cr48 Chromebook chromebook  Getting Started With Your Chromebook   A Free Ebook

Thanks, Reviewers

I got very positive response from my Google Plus circle, offering to review the Chromebook. Their review did help this ebook a lot, but more than that, it helped me feel better, you know, that positive energy that you always look for!

Thank you all!

Chrome Story Powered By Chromebook and Coffee

Finally, I have my own Chromebook. A Cr48 at that.

I have always complained about not owning a Chromebook to write more about Chromebooks and Chrome OS. As you guys already know, I was managing with a dell netbook loaded with Chromium OS. But today, I am writing this very post from a Cr48. This is not a brand new Chromebook, but it is still beautiful.

chrome news  Chrome Story Powered By Chromebook and Coffee

I am trying to get used to this new keyboard now. It feels nice, but you know, this is new. I stop typing in between, searching for the delete key, and things like that.

So, how am I planning to celebrate this?

I am going to write a post with 100 tips for Chrome OS and Chromebooks, similar to my 100 tips for Chrome ebook. I haven’t decided if this also has to be a PDF book or a page on the blog. Your suggestions are welcome! And yes, keep asking me about this so that I will complete this on time.

That’s it for now guys! End of this happy post chrome news  Chrome Story Powered By Chromebook and Coffee

Second Generation Acer Chromebooks in October?

Digitimes reports that Acer is planning release of its second generation Chromebooks in October.

That’s next month, right?

Samsung did comparatively well with Chromebooks, and they released the second Generation Chromebooks along with Chromeboxes. When I saw all this, I thought Acer has left its Chrome OS dream behind and move ahead.

Looks like I was wrong! Here is what Digitimes reported, quoting their sources.

Acer is reportedly set to launch a second-generation Chromebook in mid-October and hopes the device will be able to replace its netbook product line which is expected to be phased out of the market soon, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.

Acer and Samsung Electronics, which recently-announced its second-generation Chromebook, are the two major brand players aggressively promoting Chromebook-related products.

The sources pointed out that Microsoft’s Surface tablets are part of the reasoning that has prompted Acer to turn aggressive about pushing second-generation Chromebook products, despite the failure of its first-generation Chromebook.

Acer’s 11.6-inch Chromebook has already entered mass production with monthly shipments expected to reach as high as 200,000 units.

Currently, all major PC brand vendors have stopped placing orders for 10.1-inch netbooks. Acer, Asustek Computer and Hewlett-Packard (HP) still have some 11.6-inch netbook orders in production, but volumes are also declining.

In addition to Samsung and Acer, Lenovo is also reportedly developing second-generation Chromebook products.

chromebook  Second Generation Acer Chromebooks in October?

Google did confirm that we will see more Chromebooks this year and we have seen a lot of device names popping up on Chromium code. Is October going to be another Chromebook month?

Better hardware or lower price? What will Acer betting on this time?

Google Chrome for Windows 8 Metro UI Confirmed

We all know that Google Chrome works fine on Windows 8 and you can add it as an app to your Metro UI. But news of the day is, there are some metro specific  features coming to Chrome to make your browsing experience on Windows 8 more lively.

“Our goal is to be able to offer our users a speedy, simple, secure Chrome experience across all platforms, which includes both the desktop and Metro versions of Windows 8,” the rep said. “To that end we’re in the process of building a Metro version of Chrome along with improving desktop Chrome in Windows 8 such as adding enhanced touch support.” (Mashable)

windows 8  Google Chrome for Windows 8 Metro UI Confirmed

Metro UI has live tiles. Now, lets start imaging Chrome’s live tile updating with say, alerts, or download status…hmm what else can you think of?

Another possibility is Chrome for Windows 8 Tablets. If the team decides to add features similar to Chrome for Android here also, we will get a seamless experience on a Windows 8 tablet and Windows 8 PC.

I’ve Windows 8 consumer preview running on netbook now so I will keep that there ( I was planning to change back to Chromium OS) and see what the team comes up with. So, expect some hot Windows 8 Chrome news soon. But until then, I want you to use your imagination and drop me some comments on what you would like to see on Chrome Metro UI on Windows 8.

Comments field is open to everyone windows 8  Google Chrome for Windows 8 Metro UI Confirmed

Your Chromebook Finally Gets… Guess What? – Wallpapers!!!!!

ooOh!! Awesome news here Chrome OS – Chromebook fans!!! Chrome OS is finally getting a wallpaper (download  here) option that will sweeten up things for you! Details and a video right ahead. Read on.

When Chromebooks launched, many people raised a serious concern. They felt locked inside the browser. There is no way to get out of it unless you shut down the Chromebook. There is no way to minimize windows, or go to a wallpaper or nothing that resembles the traditional computing experience we always had.

For many, this was part of the deal. I approached my Chromebook (Chromium OS on a netbook in my case) knowing, once I login, a browser window or two is all I will get. There were many who liked it that way. But for others, here is the great day.

Aura window manager is Google’s effort to bring in some old school desktop experience to Chrome OS, but I am sure they will have few twists thrown in here and there. We are yet to see the whole picture. But Aura has been around for a while now and today, they added new wallpapers. François Beaufort  and I noticed that they added wallpaper system yesterday but today we got something more eye-candy. So here is my dear friends, the first screenshot of Chrome OS wallpapers. – Do they look a little MACish? or is it just me?

chromebook  Your Chromebook Finally Gets... Guess What?   Wallpapers!!!!!

Next up is a video of this new wallpaper changing option in action. Now, on this screenshot you will see an option to have wallpaper change every day! Since Chromebooks are supposed to have a working internet connection always, we will soon see options to have it download pictures every day and change it for you. And if the team plans to throw in a API around this, expect a bunch of cool extensions making your Chromebook desktop experience super awesomatic.

Media Player With “Desktop Notifications”

Finally, we get to write about “desktop” and desktop notifications on Chrome OS! So, here is a screenshot of how the media player shows its notifications when you play a song.

chromebook  Your Chromebook Finally Gets... Guess What?   Wallpapers!!!!!

Chrome OS Desktop Notifications

Stay tuned for more!!!!!!!!!!!

How To Install Chrome OS In VirtualBox – A Video Tutorial

I have already posted articles on where to download Chrome OS image that suits you the best, and also how to install it on your netbook to make your own chromebook.

Now, here is a video explaining how to install Chrome OS on your PC or Mac using VirtualBox. Download links and other details available here.

Share if you found this useful!

OMG!! Chromium OS for Macbook Air

For those who do not want to buy a Chromebook, download and install Chromium OS on a netbook. The best device to do that on? a Macbook Air. Starting at $999.

chromebook  OMG!! Chromium OS for Macbook Air

Chromium OS for Macbook Air


Well, I was trying to joke. But, if you really want to install Chromium OS on a Macbook Air, Hexxeh has got something awesome for you. From today, he is making his custom build of Chromium OS for Macbook Air for download.

Every piece of hardware works except for the Bluetooth (because Bluetooth isn’t supported by Chromium OS yet). So WiFi works, graphics are fully accelerated via nVidia’s drivers, screen brightness controls work, sound works, touchpad works. Basically everything works. The touchpad drivers could use some tweaking, as scrolling is currently painfully slow, but that’s about the only issue I can think of. Boot time is around 22 seconds to the login screen, most of which is wasted by Apple’s EFI implementation, as once control is passed to the kernel, the boot only takes a further 6-7 seconds thanks to the fast SSD inside the Air. Battery life is probably slightly better than that of OS X.

Well, there you have it a working version of Chromium OS for your Macbook Air. If you are ready to hack it and have a 2GB USB drive handy, get ready for it!

Download link and instructions on Hexxeh’s Blog.

OMG !! Chrome OS Default Avatars #awesomeness

I’ve been waiting for this for long enough !!! Every time I install a fresh copy of Chromium OS on my netbook, I look for the default avatar images, but they had only dummy images so far.

Today’s build didn’t work properly for me, so I missed this one, but François Beaufort posted this on his Buzz feed. ( I recently added Buzz back in to gmail only to get updates from him )

So here you go, Awesome Default Profile Image set for Google Chrome OS. Let me know which one is your favorite. Download link at the bottom of this post. Subscribe to my feed for more cool updates on Chrome and Chrome OS !

chromebook  OMG !! Chrome OS Default Avatars #awesomeness

chromebook  OMG !! Chrome OS Default Avatars #awesomeness

There is also a new avatar for Guest login as well !!!

chromebook  OMG !! Chrome OS Default Avatars #awesomeness

So, which one is your favorite ? Download the whole set or each image from here.


Dell L13, Kaen, Aebl, Harmony And Wario – Google Chrome OS Tablets and Notebooks

I spent last two days searching for possible Chrome OS Notebooks and Tablets and I found a few, and that explains the title of this blog post ! Yes, they are all devices used by the Chrome OS team. ( the search was exciting but I am but tired now chromebook  Dell L13, Kaen, Aebl, Harmony And Wario   Google Chrome OS Tablets and Notebooks )

I am still reading bugs to find out more on these devices, but to speed up things, I thought its better to share these names with you all.

Dell L 13

chromebook  Dell L13, Kaen, Aebl, Harmony And Wario   Google Chrome OS Tablets and Notebooks

L 13 is  mentioned as Dell L13 at times. So, this could be Dell Latitude 13. Is this a device Dell planning to launch with Chrome OS on it, or is Google just using an available model for testing ? I am not 100% sure. If this is an actual Chrome OS device for Dell, they would have given a code name to it, instead of calling it “dell” or is it a mistake by someone who filed that bug, calling it Dell L13, instead of the code name L13 ?

Kaen, Aebl, Harmony And Wario All Powered by Nvidia Tegra Processor

chromebook  Dell L13, Kaen, Aebl, Harmony And Wario   Google Chrome OS Tablets and Notebooks

Kaen, Aebl, Harmony And Wario


This was a bit shocking for me. Is Google concentrating too much on touch screen devices ? Or planning tegra powered netbooks with touch screen and without touch screen ? I was expecting Seboard to be the only tegra device, and all the other devices being netbooks or notebooks. But when I started my search, tegra started showing up everywhere.

I am still looking for info on all these devices so that we can confirm if it is touch or non-touch devices. Will need your help too !!

Did iPad Make Google Think This Way ?

We have been seeing reports from every corner that tablets are killing netbook sales. ( read it as “ipad is killing netbook sales if you are a die hard Apple fan ) Is this why Google looking at Chrome OS touch devices a lot lately ?

Do you think Chrome OS will succeed on Tablets considering the fact that honeycomb is still struggling for attention  from developers and customers  ?

Or is this just a move to save some battery life for us ? chromebook  Dell L13, Kaen, Aebl, Harmony And Wario   Google Chrome OS Tablets and Notebooks

Stay tuned for more !!!

ps: I do see some bugs where “Partner Device” and “Factory Installer”  are mentioned. Looks like we are almost there !!