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And Belongs To……..

Is Chromebook Pixel a real deal? Or was it a brilliant fake? I don't know. But what I know now is, was registered by back in October. Google uses for domain registrations from time to time. Derek Ross discovered the domain registration. Does that say anything about Chromebook Pixel. I still don't know. But, if you […] Read More

Getting Started With Your Chromebook – A Free Guide

Sure. But can't you cut it down to "open lid"? :p That was the response from Philip Sum on Google Plus when I asked my friends if they can review a small ebook I was writing for Chromebook users. Yes, setting up Chromebook is as easy as opening the the lid and logging in. So, why a […] Read More

Chrome Story Powered By Chromebook and Coffee

Finally, I have my own Chromebook. A Cr48 at that. I have always complained about not owning a Chromebook to write more about Chromebooks and Chrome OS. As you guys already know, I was managing with a dell netbook loaded with Chromium OS. But today, I am writing this very post from a Cr48. This […] Read More

Second Generation Acer Chromebooks in October?

Digitimes reports that Acer is planning release of its second generation Chromebooks in October. That's next month, right? Samsung did comparatively well with Chromebooks, and they released the second Generation Chromebooks along with Chromeboxes. When I saw all this, I thought Acer has left its Chrome OS dream behind and move ahead. Looks like I was wrong! Here […] Read More

Your Chromebook Finally Gets… Guess What? – Wallpapers!!!!!

ooOh!! Awesome news here Chrome OS - Chromebook fans!!! Chrome OS is finally getting a wallpaper (download  here) option that will sweeten up things for you! Details and a video right ahead. Read on. When Chromebooks launched, many people raised a serious concern. They felt locked inside the browser. There is no way to get […] Read More

How To Install Chrome OS In VirtualBox – A Video Tutorial

I have already posted articles on where to download Chrome OS image that suits you the best, and also how to install it on your netbook to make your own chromebook. Now, here is a video explaining how to install Chrome OS on your PC or Mac using VirtualBox. Download links and other details available […] Read More

OMG!! Chromium OS for Macbook Air

For those who do not want to buy a Chromebook, download and install Chromium OS on a netbook. The best device to do that on? a Macbook Air. Starting at $999.   Well, I was trying to joke. But, if you really want to install Chromium OS on a Macbook Air, Hexxeh has got something awesome […] Read More

OMG !! Chrome OS Default Avatars #awesomeness

I've been waiting for this for long enough !!! Every time I install a fresh copy of Chromium OS on my netbook, I look for the default avatar images, but they had only dummy images so far. Today's build didn't work properly for me, so I missed this one, but François Beaufort posted this on his […] Read More

Dell L13, Kaen, Aebl, Harmony And Wario – Google Chrome OS Tablets and Notebooks

I spent last two days searching for possible Chrome OS Notebooks and Tablets and I found a few, and that explains the title of this blog post ! Yes, they are all devices used by the Chrome OS team. ( the search was exciting but I am but tired now :-) ) I am still reading bugs […] Read More

Google’s Own “Seaboard” – A Tegra 2 Powered Chrome OS Touch Device

Google is testing a new Touch UI for Chrome OS. This is not a secret these days. I saw some bug fixing even today, on this touch UI. But where are they testing this new touch UI ? There should be a touch enabled device right ? a tablet ? or a netbook with touch […] Read More

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