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Second Generation Acer Chromebooks in October?

Google Chrome for Windows 8 Metro UI Confirmed

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OMG!! Chromium OS for Macbook Air

OMG !! Chrome OS Default Avatars #awesomeness

Dell L13, Kaen, Aebl, Harmony And Wario – Google Chrome OS Tablets and Notebooks

Google’s Own “Seaboard” – A Tegra 2 Powered Chrome OS Touch Device

Asus Is Planning A $200 – $250 Netbook With Google’s Help – Chrome OS or Android 3.0 ?

How to Install Chromium OS on Your Netbook’s Hard Drive

Acer Chrome OS Netbook Specs Leaked

Chrome OS Tablet or Netbook ? I say Netbook

Samsung to sell Chrome OS based Netbooks

Acer is planning to sell 1 Million Google Chrome OS Netbooks This Year

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