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Quick News : Extensions now available on Dev Channel for Mac

chrome news  Quick News : Extensions now available on Dev Channel for Mac

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If you’ve been waiting for extensions to be available for the Mac version of Google Chrome, you finally have a chance to try them out. Extensions are now available on the new developer channel of Google Chrome for Mac.

So mac lovers out there .. try them out, if you can change to dev version .. and let me know if you are enjoying it !

image from : technoheads.org

Download and Install Google Chrome for Mac.

Note: This is not an official version. This is not the final product either. So, be careful when you playaround with this.

Today, I found two interesting articles about Google Chrome on Mac. Even though the official Mac Download page for google chrome is just an email sign up form, for updates, there is one way you can install Chrome on your Mac right now. At least for testing purposes. You will need an Intel Mac running Leopard to run Chrome.

There is a list of things that works, and a list of things that does not. Read them carefully before installing or working with it. Now, go ahead and explore the Chrome Mac Version. Good luck !

1. Download Page
2. News On The Guardian

Google Chrome and Ubuntu : I am waiting for that !

chrome news  Google Chrome and Ubuntu : I am waiting for that !I am Google Chrome fan and you guys know that. Now, I am also a fan of Ubuntu too. I am blogging from a Ubuntu laptop right now. But, I really miss Google Chrome when I switch from Windows to Linux,which I have to do most of the times. I started using Linux with my first job, and then extended it to my personal computing too. I can work very fast when I am on a Linux Computer.

Google Chrome is another thing that helps me do my work faster. It’s going to be great if you combine Ubuntu with Google Chrome.

Rumour has it that Google is going to release Linux and Mac version of Chrome by May 2009. Two more months … hmm ok, and it’s a rumor too. I can’t make myself wait 2 more months because of a rumor. I am  going to try installing Chrome on Linux with Wine.

There are two ways of making Chrome work on Linux. First method, is installing Chromium, ( the project that Google Chrome is based on ). Second method is installing Chrome using WINE.

Wanna Try ?

Follow these links for Detailed “How To”

How to Install Chromium (Google chrome) in Ubuntu using deb package

How to Install Chromium (Google chrome) in Ubuntu using deb package

Google Chrome for Mac – Tough times for Safari ?

When Google Chrome is released for Apple’s Mac computers and Laptops, Safari’s browser market share will be hit … don’t you think so ?

Why people spend so much on their Mac, when they can get a normal PC at a much lower price ? Perfomance, Brand , etc etc … ok agreed.. but a major reason for Mac’s success is it’s user interface, the beauty and the ease to use it .. no questions about this right ?

Google Chrome also got it’s first recognition as “Looks Good, and Works Fast”.  It’s something that every Mac lover would love to have on their Desktop or Laptop computers. Google Chrome works faster than any other browser, and looks better than many. It’s going to be the first choice for Mac users, very soon.

With Safari 4 beta, Apple did try to give it a push, but we are yet to see results from this. If Google releases Chrome before Safari 4, stable version is out … well .. that’s going to be pretty interesting for us, and a bit tough for Safari to gain it’s lead on Mac.

What if Google Chrome’s Mac  version comes very late ? …. I am not able to make any guess about it right now. Do you have any ?

Linux Version of Chrome To Use Gtk+

A quick news update:

Good news for linix and Mac users. Google Chrome Linux/Mac versions are being developed, and we have some updates about it.  Read this article for more info : Linux Version of Chrome To Use Gtk+. For those who do not know what Gtk is, read about it here

So, if you are using linux, or mac, get ready for your Google Chrome experience .. its going to be here very soon. We have a screenshot of Mac version being developed, published here So, things are moving, but not fast enough ?