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Stable Google Chrome for Mac and Linux : Are we there yet ?

There is a new development about Google Chrome for Linux and Mac. ReadWriteWeb found a change in the Google Chrome privacy policy that hints to the release of Google Chrome for Linux and Mac operating systems.

The Change.


The Privacy Policy below applies only to Google Chrome for Windows. For the Developer channel releases on other platforms see the privacy policies for Mac OS X and Linux .


The Google Privacy Policy describes how we treat personal information when you use Google’s products and services

On Google Chrome for Windows, You can configure Google Chrome to not send cookies to Google or other sites as explained here. Google Chrome for Mac and Google Chrome for Linux currently do not allow this level of configuration.

So, we have a strong reason to believe that release date for the stable version of Google Chrome for Linux and Mac is near.

Is it a BIG news ?

It is a big news for people who do not use the development version of Google Chrome for Mac and Linux. However, for those who do not use these, will be really excited to see this news. There is another group who can be happy about this. When they released Chrome development version for Linux, it was only for Ubuntu users. So, users on other Linux distributions like Fedora was left out. This time when the stable version of Linux Chrome is out, we should expect Chrome for all distributions on Linux.

PLUS, I believe that Google will bring the Extensions and Theme support for all platforms Windows, Mac and Linux, to the stable versions. It’s going to be REAL BIG !!

Launching Google Chrome Support Forum; Get your questions answered

Dear friends, We started our journey together on February 2009, and chromestory.com is 5 month old now. Thank you for the great support that you have offered me so far, and I hope that we will be together for years to come.

60+ people following the blog on RSS, and 100 unique visitors per day, average. That’s really nice, thanks again.

Now, I have a gift for you all. A brand new support forum for Chrome Related discussions. It’s fun answering questions from our friends, and learning more while helping others.

You can review your Chrome experience so far, share tips to make google chrome secure and stable, and more private and much more. We will soon start sections for Google Chrome themes and plugins.  Support forum for Linux, Mac, and Windows versions are also on their way.

Wow ! How Do I Join ?

Okay, I know you are excited, now, I’ve made joining the forum very simple. Simply click here and register for your FREE account.

Google Chrome Official Release ( Dev ) for Mac and Linux !!

And finally …..  sorry, I feel I need to add another “finalllyyyy” ( because, it took sooo long ) we have official releases of Google Chrome Linux and Mac OSX.

But wait, why am I so excited ? There is no need to be that much excited yet, since this is a developer version, where you can bugs, crashes and a lot of other issues, and missing features, but still, it makes me happy if not excited. Now, the funniest thing, they have added “don’t download” in caps, on the release post !! check this

In order to get more feedback from developers, we have early developer channel versions of Google Chrome for Mac OS X and Linux, but whatever you do, please DON’T DOWNLOAD THEM! Unless of course you are a developer or take great pleasure in incomplete, unpredictable, and potentially crashing software.


Ubuntu and Linux :  HERE

Apple Mac OSX : Here

Will you be testing them ? Downloading them ? Please let me know your comments ! ( more news and review coming soon )

Google Chrome and Ubuntu : I am waiting for that !

chrome news  Google Chrome and Ubuntu : I am waiting for that !I am Google Chrome fan and you guys know that. Now, I am also a fan of Ubuntu too. I am blogging from a Ubuntu laptop right now. But, I really miss Google Chrome when I switch from Windows to Linux,which I have to do most of the times. I started using Linux with my first job, and then extended it to my personal computing too. I can work very fast when I am on a Linux Computer.

Google Chrome is another thing that helps me do my work faster. It’s going to be great if you combine Ubuntu with Google Chrome.

Rumour has it that Google is going to release Linux and Mac version of Chrome by May 2009. Two more months … hmm ok, and it’s a rumor too. I can’t make myself wait 2 more months because of a rumor. I am  going to try installing Chrome on Linux with Wine.

There are two ways of making Chrome work on Linux. First method, is installing Chromium, ( the project that Google Chrome is based on ). Second method is installing Chrome using WINE.

Wanna Try ?

Follow these links for Detailed “How To”

How to Install Chromium (Google chrome) in Ubuntu using deb package

How to Install Chromium (Google chrome) in Ubuntu using deb package

Linux Version of Chrome To Use Gtk+

A quick news update:

Good news for linix and Mac users. Google Chrome Linux/Mac versions are being developed, and we have some updates about it.  Read this article for more info : Linux Version of Chrome To Use Gtk+. For those who do not know what Gtk is, read about it here

So, if you are using linux, or mac, get ready for your Google Chrome experience .. its going to be here very soon. We have a screenshot of Mac version being developed, published here So, things are moving, but not fast enough ?