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There Won’t Be a “Pixel 2”, Confirms Google

Shutting down the rumor mill about a Pixel 2, PC World reports: While the new Chromebooks are expected to be flagship products for their respective brands, don’t expect a repeat of the Chromebook Pixel; that product, which paired an Intel “Ivy Bridge” Core processor with an incredible 2560-by-1700 pixel touch display, was a “prototype” to […] Read More

I Want To Be In Your Circle (on Google Plus!)

Going a little off-topic today. Can we meet, greet and talk a little more? My social network of choice? Google Plus! I spend a lot of time on Google Plus every day. I share/discuss mostly Chrome and other Google products, but occasionally, I share some random funny stuff. Here is my profile, you can follow from […] Read More

Speed Up Google Plus By Loading WebP Images on Chrome

This post is about speeding up Google Plus on Chrome. This post is also about a new Chrome API, and also about an extension that uses this API. Let us get started. Use the chrome.declarativeWebRequest API to intercept, block, or modify requests in-flight. It is significantly faster than thechrome.webRequest API because you can register rules that are evaluated in […] Read More

First Look – Official Chromoting (Chrome Remote Desktop) App for Android

It was raining when I picked up Sandeep's call. "Ha ha ha" he said with the joy of accomplishment. "Finally, I got it working". It has been a while since Sandeep started working on compiling the Chromoting for Android app from source. He is my go to  Linux guy and blogs here at Technix. So, what […] Read More

How to Use Chromecast – 3 Videos from Google

The Google Chrome team has uploaded 3 videos explaining how to use Google Chromecast. The three videos explain how to cast videos from Youtube, Netflix and Google Play Movies. Happy casting […] Read More

Chrome for Android Gets New Gestures and Search By Image

I ignored Chrome for Android for a while, didn't I? I use Chrome for Android Beta on my Android phone, but I am not impressed by the start up speed of it. There is a lot to be done to get the mobile experience on par with the desktop experience of Chrome. Meanwhile, Google is […] Read More

Google Blocks Third Party Chromecast Apps (For Now)

With a recent update to Chromecast, Google blocked all the third party apps. Fling, the desktop app that sends local videos to Chromecast, and the Aircast Android app are among the blocked apps. Heads up. Google's latest Chromecast updateintentionally breaks AllCast. They disabled 'video_playback' support from the ChromeCast application. said Koushik Dutta. Three new lines of code […] Read More

Chrome OS Comes to Servers with CoreOS

Meet CoreOS. "CoreOS is Linux for massive server deployments" says the homepage. But there is something more interesting that I want to tell you. Quoting a article. The project is based on Google’s ChromeOS, the new-age laptop operating system that automatically updates itself every few weeks, but unlike ChromeOS, it can run more than just your […] Read More

Editing MS Word Documents on a Chromebook

The ability to edit Microsoft Office files on a Chromebook offline was THE most wanted item in the wishlist of Chromebook users. Google recently added this feature by default to the development channel of Chrome OS. Here is a quick walk through of the MS Office documents editor for Chromebooks. When you open up an […] Read More

Lima Announces Support for Google Chromecast

I think I should start by telling you what "Lima" is. Lima is a  Kickstarter project that is expected to launch the promised device by December. It was launched as "Plug" and later renamed to "Lima. It helps you create your own Dropbox like system using your own hardware, say your external hard drive or […] Read More

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