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Google Chrome Preloaded on Dell and Sony Computers and Laptops ?

The first thing firefox users do when they get a new windows computer or laptop is, to open Internet Explorer and download their friendly firefox. IE was the only browser preloaded on windows. For us Google Chrome users, things will be different, very soon.

Next time when you purchase Dell or a Sony Vaio, you may find Google Chrome already installed on your computer. This is because Google has a deal with these companies, to distribute their browser pre- loaded on their laptops or computers.

Is Google Chrome Better than Firefox ?

Is google chrome better than firefox, or is there enough potential in google chrome to grow up to , or above, firefox ? That’s is a tricky question for a Google Chrome fan like me. Because, I love google chrome, and use it most of the times. But, being relatively new, it has its own limitations, I can’t stop agreeing on that.