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Onefeed Puts a RSS & Social Feed Reader on your New Tab Page

SimpleExtManager Allows You To Create Extensions Groups To Manage Them Easily

Chrome Story Now On Google Currents

Chrome OS Survives Pwn2Own, But Chrome Fails

Grammarly Lite – Smart Spellchecker for Chrome

Facebook Nanny Blocks You From Visiting Facebook Unless You Have Notifications

On Google Plus? Circle Me!

Extension Automation Helps You Enable or Disable Chrome Extensions for Each Website

How To Take A Picture Using Chromebook’s Camera

Is Someone Tracking You While Browsing? Ghostery Can Tell You

Instagram for Chrome – Browse Your Friends’ Feeds and Comment

Google Chrome Facebook Extension #unofficial

Using Google Plus And Chrome? Circle Me!

Photozoom For Pinterest – A Must Have If You Are A Pinterest Fan

Friendsheet For Chrome Shows All Your Facebook Photos In A Pinterest Like UI

Make Your New Tab Page Look Like Windows 8 Metro UI

Mix Up Facebook and Twitter With Google Plus – You Will Love This Extension

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