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Change Font of Any Website You Visit with this Chrome Extension

A little fancy stuff today guys. “Font Changer with Google Web Fonts™” is a Chrome extension that lets you change font of any website you visit, with couple of mouse clicks. You can either use a font for all websites you visit, or set up custom fonts for different websites. And the list of fonts is awesome.

Here is the official description:

Tired of the old font on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or any other site? Try changing the font with this chrome extension. Over 500 fonts to choose from. Uses Google Web Fonts for a great selection. You can set a font for all sites, or just specific ones.

There is one thing that I liked very much. The font change is applied instantly, without refreshing the web page. I enjoyed playing around with different fonts on Chrome Story itself, to see which font looked better.

You can either choose to change font, font size, font style (italics and bold etc) globally, for all websites, or for individual websites.

chrome extensions  Change Font of Any Website You Visit with this Chrome Extension

When you are searching for a font in that long list, do it slowly, because it takes a second or two for the extension to show you the font name in that font itself. The list is loaded in the default font when you scroll, and then each font name is displayed in the font itself.

Try it out from here.

Onefeed Puts a RSS & Social Feed Reader on your New Tab Page

Occasionally people (mostly kids, when I visit friends and family) take a look at the list of apps on my phone and then ask me this question. “You don’t have any games?”

No I don’t. I fill up my phone and tab with reading apps. I do no games.

I love Flipboard and Feedly. I spend my free time on Pocket and Google Play Books. I read, read, and read more. And when you tell me that I can make my new tab page a reading app, I say YES.

Well, I do not know if this is going to be too deep of a jump, but I am giving it a try. Should you be doing this? Lets take a look.

Official Description

Everything you love, in one place. OneFeed brings together all your favorite sites. Get Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram , your favourite news sites and much more, directly to your new tab page. OneFeed turns your new tab into the ultimate dashboard.

OneFeed saves you time and lets you consume content on-the-go. Your personal news feed runs items from your favorite sites and social networks. The notification center keeps you updated whenever you have a new Email or Facebook message.

Switch modes to scroll through your social feeds – Facebook, Twitter & Instagram all together directly through OneFeed. Your personal news reader helps you stay updated with your favorite sources. Browse by categories or click a specific source to further discover great items.

chrome extensions  Onefeed Puts a RSS & Social Feed Reader on your New Tab Page

Features List

  • Your new tab page is still intact, in way. By default the app takes you to your most visited websites and shows 3 boxed news items. You can hide this
  • You can scroll to the right to get the News/Social reader
  • Once you navigate to the news page within the app, it remembers this position. It opens this page next time you open a new tab.
  • It remembers your selection within the news page too. If you were on the tech news section, or your twitter stream, you come right back here.
  • You can add or remove news sources to customize your news
  • In social reader, you can Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Instagram
  • If you connect social networks, you get notifications on the new tab page, which is kind of fancy.

Here is a quick video showing off this app:

Think this is something you should get too? Go Here.

SimpleExtManager Allows You To Create Extensions Groups To Manage Them Easily

There are two types in our long list of installed extensions. Extensions that we use through out browsing sessions, and extensions that we use only during specific times, say, work or research etc.

For me, there is Pocket extension that I want to run always in the background. Whenever I find an interesting article that I want to read later, I want the extension to be ready to push my article to Pocket. Then there is PhotoZoom for Facebook. I want it running only when I open Facebook.

If you have such “groups” of extensions, SimpleExtManager is what you need. It lets you group extensions and manage them easily, together.

chrome extensions  SimpleExtManager Allows You To Create Extensions Groups To Manage Them Easily

Groups can be created from the options page of the extension and will be available in the “groups” tab when you click the extension icon from the toolbar. You can un-check the group to disable all the extensions in the group.

The extension also lists individual extensions and apps to disable, enable or remove. You also get quick access to settings pages of extensions if they have them. There is also a long list of options to customize SimpleExtManager.

Think this is something you’ll need? Get it here.

via Lifehacker.

Chrome Story Now On Google Currents

I have created a Google Currents edition of Chrome Story. If you use Google Currents, you can get it here. I have just pushed the rss feed there. There is a lot more to do to make it look good, I think? If you use Google Currents, take a look and let me know what you think!

Like Chrome Story on Facebook

If you are on Facebook, you can like Chrome Story here. I have set up the facebook page to share articles automatically as soon as an article is published here on the blog.

chrome news  Chrome Story Now On Google Currents

Follow me on Twitter

I am not very active on Twitter. But you can get all my posts automatically shared on my Twitter stream here. If you are a heavy twitter user, you can ping me there!

Google Plus baby!

I am always on Google Plus. You can circle me here, or add Chrome Story, if you just want posts. You will find me hanging out in the Chromebook community here as well.

Thanks Adam Causton for your help finding the weblink to the Google Currents edition!

Chrome OS Survives Pwn2Own, But Chrome Fails

Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox all fell to hackers during the annual Pwn2Own event this time. But good news is, Chrome OS survived.

U.K.-based security firm MWR Labs cracked Chrome and also gained full control of the operating system, this time Windows 7. It also “demonstrated a full sandbox bypass exploit.” The company explained in a blog post that it found a zero-day in Chrome “running on a modern Windows-based laptop.” It was able to exploit the vulnerability by performing a very similar attack to what took down Facebook, Microsoft, and a number of other well-known companies: It had the laptop visit a malicious website. From there the website probed Chrome and was able to get control of the area of the browser that executes code “in the context of the sandboxed renderer process,” or the protective area that allows code to run, but restrict it from using any other part of the system but the CPU and memory. 

Chrome OS seems to have a good reputation of surviving Pwn2Own. Chrome however keeps getting hacked and patched. Is Google’s ability to control the operating system from level up making Chrome OS a tough nut to crack?

via Venturebeat

Grammarly Lite – Smart Spellchecker for Chrome

Grammrly Lite is a Chrome extension that does spell check and much more, so that you will have someone to check your spelling and grammar etc before you post something on your favorite social networking site.

Grammarly® Lite is a free spelling and grammar checker to help you write without mistakes on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin, and anywhere else on the Web. Grammarly® Lite integrates contextual spelling and grammar check, thesaurus, and dictionary into your Web applications.

One thing that I liked about this extension is the fact that it helps you improve your language. Dictionary, Thesaurus, and synonyms suggestions, all these help you with better vocabulary.

There are more than 28k users for this Chrome extension on the Chrome Webstore, and I see lots of positive reviews too.

The extension works in the background while you compose your Facebook status or twitter status, or may be an email or a blogpost. Look for an icon on the bottom right corner of the text field which gives you feedback while you write your content. I can see that right now, on my wordpress dashboard as I write this post. I can see it working while I type these lines and showing the number of errors it found in my text.

One that I miss? An options page to add exceptions to certain websites where I don’t usually type in English.

If you are not a native English speaker, this extension is highly recommended.

Install it from here.


Facebook Nanny Blocks You From Visiting Facebook Unless You Have Notifications

Addicted to Facebook? Distracted? Here is little something for you. Facebook Nanny Blocks You From Visiting Facebook Unless You Have Notifications.

 Here’s how it works:

1. Whenever you go on Facebook, you only get to spend one minute on the site for each notification that you have.
2. After that time, your access to Facebook is removed until you receive another notification.
3. You ARE allowed to access messages and your profile at any time, so you can still make posts and chat with your friends.

chrome extensions  Facebook Nanny Blocks You From Visiting Facebook Unless You Have Notifications

Install it from here

via lifehacker.com

On Google Plus? Circle Me!

Active or addictive? Not sure, whatever you call it, I am spending a lot of time on Google Plus these days.

Not just “these days” actually. I am convert from the beta launch days.

Yes, I still use Facebook, but I’ve given up Twitter completely. I recently read a direct message from a friend asking for help, an year after it was sent to me.

Sorry Twitter.

chrome extensions  On Google Plus? Circle Me!

So, what do I do on Google Plus? I get a lot of stuff to read, I share some I find cool.

And I talk Chrome.

And that’s why I am asking you to Circle me and make me your friend on Google Plus.

Ready? Circle me here!

Extension Automation Helps You Enable or Disable Chrome Extensions for Each Website

The Chrome extension that I am introducing you to today can be called an extension for extensions. What does it give you?

Complete control and customization for your extensions.

Here is how the developer describes this extension. “Extension Automation makes it easier to manage other extensions by automatically enabling or disabling them based on the webpages you visit. This extension helps reduce the visual clutter of other extensions and keeps them from running unnecessarily in the background. ”

Let me give you an example. Assume that you have an extension installed to change the look of Facebook page. You need that running only when you are on Facebook. With this extension, you can have it run only when you are visiting Facebook.

Another example, you have adblock installed but you want to see ads on your own blog, so that you will know what kind of ads are showing up.

How To Use.

chrome extensions  Extension Automation Helps You Enable or Disable Chrome Extensions for Each Website

– Click on the extension automation button at the top of your browser, from here you can quickly add new website addresses or keywords to monitor.
– Extension Automation will automatically activate the chosen extensions for the specified keywords.
– Click on “View Settings” in the popup menu to see your current entries and tweak them.

Do you think this will be useful for you? Let me know!

Get it here

How To Take A Picture Using Chromebook’s Camera

Your Chromebooks has a webcam, but that works only for video calls but not for taking pictures. It works as a webcam, not as a camera. I’ve got two methods you can try to take pictures using Chromebook’s camera.

First Method – Using Change Profile Picture Screen

The first method is using the Chrome OS option to change profile picture. Remember, the webcam starts working when you go to the page to change profile picture? Yes, we are going to use that feature of Chrome OS to take a picture. Guessed how this is going to work? Okay, good chromebook  How To Take A Picture Using Chromebooks Camera

  1. Go to Settings > Personal Stuff.
  2. Click Change Picture
  3. Take a new picture
  4. Right click the new image and choose “Save Image As”

That should give you the picture that you just took. Now, this method makes you change your profile picture, just to take some photos. Here is another method. This is using an app. There were many apps that could do this, this is just my pick from them.

chromebook  How To Take A Picture Using Chromebooks Camera

Take Photo Using Webcam Toy

Using Webcam Toy, you can take pictures and add some cool filters/effects to it, save it on your Chromebook or directly upload to Facebook or Twitter. That’s a bonus.

You will need to enable the webcam after install this app. Here is a video showing how to do that.

Now, if you are ready, launch the app and start clicking! The apps has got some keyboard shortcuts you can use.

  •  ‘G’ – Show the Grid view, where you can see 9 effects at once.
  • ‘I’ – Show the Info (settings) menu.
  • ‘S’ – Square the photo (good for avatar/profile pictures).
  • ‘F’ – Turn the camera flash on or off.
  • ‘C’ – Turn the photo Countdown on or off.
  • ‘M’ – Mirror the photo (good for when showing words to the camera).

Problem While Saving Photos

I do see a note from the developer that Chromebook users might face problem while trying to save the picture. I couldn’t confirm that, so if you guys test this app, do let me know.

Install the app from here.