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CloudReady Now Lets You Install Chromium OS and Windows To Dualboot

CloudReady, if you haven't heard about them yet, allows you to turn your old laptop into a Chromebook. Well, almost. It lets you install Chromium OS, which is almost identical to Chrome OS. Now they have added the ability to dual boot Windows along with Chromium OS. In the early days of Chrome OS, when […] Read More

Using Chromium on Windows? Chrlauncher Can Keep It Updated For You!

If you use Chromium -- the opensource browser that Chrome is based on -- you are most likely spending a lot of time downloading and installing the newest version of the browser. Chromium updates many times during any given day. If you are using Chromium, you know why it is important and are okay with […] Read More

Default Port Forwarding and Git Integration for Your Chromebook

If you are a developer and a Chromebooks fan, I have news about two new features coming to Chrome and Chrome OS. Default Port Forwarding and Git Integration. Default Port Forwarding configuration have been added to the latest Chromium build. It might take a few weeks for it to land on developer builds and up. When […] Read More

Chrome for Android – Open, Reload, and Close Tabs Without Touching your Android Device

(Mostly) Developer News: Google Chrome + Android combination is bringing out one more interesting feature. Here is a new feature added to latest Chromium builds: you can open, reload, and close tabs on an Android device without touching it. Developer and Google open-source Chromium evangelist François Beaufort first noted these features on Chromium Code. He writes: What if […] Read More

Chrome is Getting Default “Search by Image”

Use Google's "Search by image" a lot? Do you have Google's official Chrome extension for this feature installed? I have got some good news for you. Google is adding this feature to Chrome browser itself. François Beaufort is reporting that the team has added this feature to the latest Chromium builds. If everything goes according to […] Read More

Chromium Turns 30. Hello Big Brother!

Chromium turned 30 today. I mean, the version 30 is here. A couple of years and 30 versions of the browser! It is already elder than me!. I don't know if Google will continue the version numbers like this or add something like 30.0.1 etc. If not, by the time my daughter starts using Chrome, […] Read More

VP9 Codec Makes it to Chromium

Google's own VP9 video codec has been enabled by default on Chromium builds from today. It will make it to Chrome and Chrome OS developer builds soon if everything goes according to the plan. Here is François Beaufort's report :) VP9, the open and royalty free video compression standard has just been enabled by default in the […] Read More

Chrome To Save Passwords Without An Associated Username

Speed Simplicity and Security. Here is the latest security feature from Chrome. ( I am not sure if this is exclusive to Chrome, so if you guys know about any other browser doing this, do comment!) Future versions of Chrome will be able to save passwords without an associated username. Can we call this a […] Read More

Ubuntu Ubuntu 13.10 May Ship With Chromium As Default Browser Instead of Firefox

Ubuntu developers are pondering the idea of making Chromium the default browser for the next major release of Ubuntu, v. 13.10 code named Saucy Salamander. "In a discussion on the subject at the current Ubuntu Developer Summit developers expressed broad support for the change, saying that they are “leaning towards” supporting such a switch" reports OMG […] Read More

Chrome OS To Get User Switching Without Logging Out

Multi-user support on Android tablets was big news. On Chrome OS, it will not be. Because it is feature that every operating system on a desktop or laptop computer must have. All the other desktop operating systems have it. It is finally Chrome OS' turn. Chrome OS will soon get the option to switch users […] Read More

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