Senkatel Announces $314 Education Chromebook

Senkatel , a company specializes in hardware and software solutions for enterprise and education markets has announced a new Chromebook based on the Intel reference design, complete with the rotatable camera. The Chromebook's school friendly features include: Built to withstand bumps and accidental drops up to 70cm Water resistant keyboard channels liquids (up to 330ml) away [...]

Asus Chromebox Launched in India for Rs. 21000 ($342)

I was not really happy when LG launched their Chromebase in India couple of days back. However, the Asus Chromebox somehow makes me happy. Again, I am not super impressed with the pricing, but Chromebox makes sense in India than Chromebase. (I still believe that what we need is more Chromebooks, but you know..) Asus [...]

Google Quietly Updates Google Chrome (Dev) to 64-Bit on Mac OS X

Google quietly updated the Mac OS X version of Chrome to 64-Bit. This happened with the recent Developer channel and canary build updates. This means we are only weeks away from 64-bit Chrome on Mac. I am sure there will be a lot of happy campers on the OSX land now, because Apple has shown [...]

Chromecast Becomes the First “Chrome Shared Module” That Apps and Extensions Can Share.

The latest update to Chrome OS developer channel added a new item to the chrome://extensions page: Google Cast API. Explaining this new guy, François Beaufort said: This extension is actually a Shared Module - a new kind of chrome extension - that can be used by other extensions and apps. On my Chromebook for instance, the Google Play [...]

This Extension Shows You A Funny GIF Every Single Time You Open A New Tab

animatedTabs is cool. Totally cool. It just does one simple thing. Every time you open a new Chrome extension, it shows you a funny gif. It's fast, simple and addictive as the developer says. As Techcrunch notes, the extension brings these gifts mostly from reddit’s /r/gifs/. That means this is somewhat curated content, upvoted by Reddit users. I [...]

Chrome 64-bit Beta for Windows and Other News #chromeweekender

I almost missed the #chromweekender post this week. I was down with a viral fever (which I successfully transferred to my mother and my daughter). A few more hours for my weekend to be officially over, and I am coming to you with the chrome weekend news. Announcing the Chrome 64-bit Beta Channel for Windows! : [...]

LG Chromebase Launched in India for Rs. 32,000

Don't ask me if I am excited. I am not. I would love to see more Chromebooks coming to India with a decent price, more like what Motorola managed to do with Moto G. Okay, now the news. LG has launched its Chromebase all-in-one (AIO) PC in India, priced at Rs. 32,000. That's about $525.  Amazon US [...]

Deal Alert – Amazon and Selling Chromecast for $29.99

Chromecast is not a costly product that you wait for deals and discounts to buy, but here is a cool deal in case you were waiting for a good opportunity or a reason to convince your loved ones to buy one. Chromecast is on sale for $29.99 at Amazon and That's about $5 off the [...]

“Quanta”, The Company That Makes OLPC Laptops is Making a Chromebook!

Craig Tumblison found  a new education Chromebook from a company called "Quanta Computers" mentioned in the Chromium code today. At first, this was not very exciting to me. We see new boards very often, and we also see new OEMs joining once in a while. However, going through their list of products, I found something interesting. They make the [...]

Chrome OS Overview Mode Gets Search Filter

Remember the Chrome OS overview mode? the OSX Expose-like view? The team has added a text filter option here to help those with too many tabs and apps open. This is currently available in the developer channel and working well. When you are on the Overview mode, start typing the name of the app or title [...]