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Tiësto, Flower Birdie, Yonge Street III and Psychedelic Mushrooms #themesunday

Chromebook Utility “Crouton” Now Lets You Run Ubuntu on a Chrome Tab

Why You Should Check Google’s Chromecast Offers Page Regularly #chromeweekender

PriceDealsIndia Helps Indian Shoppers Find The Lowest Prices While Shopping Online

Intel Wants to Help You Move Data to Your Chromebook with this New Tool

An Official “Data Saver” Extension for Chrome is Getting Ready

Sweden’s Magine TV Adds Chromecast Support

Krispy Kreme Installs Chromebooks for Customers to Interact Across Stores Around the World

Avaya Announces WebRTC Based Remote Ddesktop Client for Chrome

Microsoft’s Photo Sharing app Xim Adds Chromecast Support

Lyve, Fitnet, and MusiXmatch Adds Chromecast Support

Mac OS X Magic Theme and Glossy Blue #themesunday

Dell Launches $20 Chrome Keyboard #chromeweekender

Chromecast is Now Available in New Zealand for NZ $61

Acer’s Chromebook Plans for 2015: A Rugged Broadwell Powered Chromebook and One with a 15.6″ Screen

How to Set Up Chromecast’s Gest Mode #video

Chromecast Gets “Guest Mode” For Devices That Are Not on The Same Wifi Network

Chrome to Warn Users When Their Extensions Are Using Too Much Memory

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