Amazon Updates Their Official Chromebooks Page


I was about to write about another new Chrome feature and randomly opened Amazon's official page for Chromebooks. And then I saw this: Amazon has updated their page, with a fresh design and a lot of useful info. The Chromebook buying guide also has been updated. We now have three sections: Your kids Your […] Read More

Chrome Gets Google Plus Push Notifications


If you visited Google Plus recently on Chrome you might have seen a bubble asking your permission to send you notifications. This is because Google Chrome now supports push notifications from Google's social network. Most of the press calls Google Plus a ghost town, but I still love it. I still find a lot of news […] Read More

Future Chromebooks To Be More Like Tablets, With NFC, GPS, Accelerometer And Fingerprint Reader?


Last week Wired published a really nice piece about Chromebooks. The article had quotes from Googlers who talked about the evolution of Chromebooks. Now, I am writing this article only to highlight a particular part of the Wired article: Google now strongly recommends—which is a lightly-veiled warning that it’ll be mandatory soon—that every Chromebook include […] Read More

Chromecast Preview Channel: How To Opt-In


We here at Chromestory love to beta test things. Especially Chrome things, like our Chromebooks. I myself own a Chromebook Pixel (2015) which has access to Android apps, as long as it's on the Beta channel. It's just fun. Fun getting features before other people, fun being a part of the testing and feedback process. It's […] Read More

Chrome Team Brings Fast, Easy Checkout with Payment Request API


A lot of people have been talking about Chrome 53 and the performance enhancements it brings, particularly when it comes to power efficiency. Nobody is talking about the other thing the Chrome team quietly announced in their latest blog post, which is an API they call PaymentRequest. According to Google, Payment Request is a new approach for […] Read More

Photo Resizing Coming to Chrome OS?


**UPDATE** OK so it's definitely legit. Here's the source: Several tech blogs have reported that Chrome OS will soon have the option to resize photos using the built in image editor. This is definitely a welcomed addition to the Chrome operating system as you will no longer need to rely on third party apps such […] Read More

Add Chrome Extensions To Your Desktop, From Your Phone


So you know how you can visit the Google Play Store from your desktop, find an app, and install it to any of your Android devices without ever touching your phone? Well, now you can do that, the other way-round with Chrome extensions. Sort of. I mean you still can't browse the Chrome Web Store on […] Read More

Android Pay Welcomes Chase. Hits the Web via Chrome

Texture of fresh painted wooden surface. White wooden table

Tap. Pay. Done. That's what Android Pay is all about. With Android Pay you can simply unlock your phone, place it near a contact-less terminal, and you are good to go without the need to open an app. Android Pay is accepted at millions of stores across the US, and is now available in your Android apps. Google has expanded its […] Read More

Chrome OS Camera App Is Getting Video Recording!


The last time I felt this type of excitement for Chrome OS was when we got wallpapers and a proper desktop. This time, as you see on the title, Chrome OS camera app is getting video recording. Before we get into the commit messages and all that, will the official Android Camera app come to […] Read More

CTL NL61TX Extra-Rugged Chromebook Doubles as a Whiteboard

CTL new Chromebook

CTL is famous for its Chromebooks designed for education and out in the market now, is the all new NL61TX version that also doubles as a whiteboard. This comes along with another version with almost similar features- NL61T, the newest version in their NL61 series. Both come with a 11.6 inches display and a 10 point capacitive touchscreen, and powered by […] Read More

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