Use “B.S. Detector” To Know When You’re Reading a Fake News Source


More than half of the news stories that I come across on WhatsApp are fake. I try to verify the source whenever I can, and get into arguments and fights with friends and family. Not everybody likes when you point out their stupidity. It is no exaggeration when I tell you that B.S Detector, a Chrome […] Read More

Chrome Dev Adds New Audio Focus Feature


A new feature has been added by Chrome to avoid running into more than one audio source playing at the same time in your browser. You need to enable this option and restart your device to get this running, as it doesn't work by default. Here are the instructions: Go to chrome://flags/#enable-default-media-session in the address bar. Get […] Read More

[How-To] Update Android Apps On A Chromebook


At the 2016 Google I/O, Google announced that it would be bringing Android apps to Chromebooks. And they did, sort of. Right now, officially, there are three models of Chromebook that have access to Android apps via the Google Play Store: The Google Pixel (second generation), Asus Flip, and Acer R11. There are other models […] Read More

NEnhancer- Chrome Extension to Boost Your Netflix Experience


If you follow Netflix religiously, here is a way to improve its functionality. There is a new chrome extension in place called NEnhancer that shows ratings from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes on your Netflix page. Not just that, you can also browse through trailers of a movie you have selected, thus helping you decide whether […] Read More

Reading Time Estimator Chrome Extension to Manage Your To-Read List


If you are a person who spends quite a lot of time on Twitter and Facebook, and save a lot of material to read later, you know how cluttered and long your reading list is, usually. With this new Chrome extension, you can now read the shorter ones you hit online instantly, and save those […] Read More

With Chromnitweet, Tweet From Chrome’s Address Bar!


Twitter user? Like, heavy, full time Twitter user / fan? Here is a Chrome extension that you might want to try. Chromnitweet. This extension lets you tweet from Chrome's addressbar aka omnibar. Install the extension and authorize it with Twitter like you do with any other third party Twitter app. Now, type tw in Chrome […] Read More

Google Announces 2 Billion Active Chrome Installations Across Desktop and Mobile


Across desktop and mobile, there are 2 billion active Chrome installations today. This information was announced onstage Chrome Dev Summit which is happening in California this week. The Verge reports that this could be a first for a Google product, the big number, 2 billion. Chrome however will have tough competition, which is about 1.4 billion users […] Read More

Microsoft Confirms Office Apps Support For Chrome OS, But…


Contrary to earlier reports, Microsoft is NOT dropping MS Office Android apps support for Chrome OS. Earlier this week, we reported that Microsoft's Office apps are not working on most of the Chromebooks which currently have access to Google Play Store. Microsoft reached out to 9to5Google and confirmed that this temporary as they work with Google […] Read More

Google Pushes Chromecast with New Ads on YouTube


Watch Your Favorites, Bigger. Google releases a slew of new advertisements on YouTube to push Chromecast sales much ahead of the festival season. Subjects of the ads range from how to keep your kids engaged by showcasing their favorite shows on the TV using Chromecast, to focusing on sports enthusiasts and friends who love to […] Read More

doubleTwist Adds Chromecast Support


doubleTwist, once a very popular alternative to iTunes, is out with an exciting feature added to a whole new line of other updates- Chromecast support. This comes after the release of CloudPlayer™, an open Play Music alternative that links with Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive. Cast your favorite tunes using CloudPlayer™'s built-in Chromecast support or stream […] Read More

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