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How to Make Chrome for Windows Play Audio in Surround


Right now some of you might be thinking "who's using Chrome to play high quality audio anyways?". Well I think the answer is, a lot of people. Sure, many of you are using your favorite VLC player, or some other kind of player, like iTunes or Spotify's Windows application. But many users are using web-based […] Read More

Apps Might Soon Be Able To Change Screen Temperature On Chromebooks


Using apps on your phone to adjust color temperature? You might soon be able to do that on Chromebooks too. You are most likely to use the same app that you run on your Android phone to do that. I used Twilight for Android briefly on my Nexus 6 to adjust color temperature to suite the […] Read More

“Flatbook” Chrome Extension Gives You Better Looking Facebook, Without Ads!


Facebook users, want a better, cleaner design for Facebook and remove those advertisements? Here is a Chrome extension which can do that for you! Flatbook, as the name suggests loads Facebook in a flat and refreshing new design. Install the extension and reload Facebook and you will see the new design right away. Here is […] Read More

Vivaldi Launches Its Google-free Chrome Browser Version 1.2

Vivaldi zoom

Chromium based Google-free browser, Vivaldi has launched its new version 1.2 with more improvements and feature updates. The highlights are smarter tab options, new shortcuts and custom mouse gestures. The latest update of Vivaldi technologies is targeted at the ‘power users’ of internet who spend a lot of time on the web. Vivaldi releases a […] Read More

Acer Chromebook 11 And 14 Now Available In Google Store


All Chromebooks are created equal but some Chromebooks are more equal than others. The latest in Acer's Chromebook portfolio, Chromebook 11 and Chromebook 14 are being lifted to the "more than equal" category with their addition to the Google Store. Fully encased in strong and durable aluminium alloy, Chromebook 14 comes with a 14 inch […] Read More

Stream Audio to Chromecast in Linux


Very few pieces of tech have exploded in popularity quite like Chromecast, the $35 media streaming dongle from Google. Consumers bought 3.2 million Chromecasts in Q3 of 2015 alone, giving Google 35% of the global digital media streaming device marketshare. (source: When the Chromecast was first released in July of 2013, it supported 4 apps: […] Read More

Do You Need This Extension That Lets You Track Incognito Browsing History?


The whole idea of Incognito mode is not to save browsing history and other related information. Now, a new Chrome extension , Off The Record History wants to help you temporarily save Incognito browsing history. Off The Record History lets you track browsing history temporarily while you are on Incognito. This information is deleted as soon you […] Read More

Free Chromecast For YouTube Red Subscribers


Looks like Google is tired of giving away freebies with Chromecast. They are now giving away free Chromecasts! If they are planning to throw in those usual freebies with this free Chromecast, oh! that’s going to be awesome! If you received an email like the one given below from Google recently, rest assured that you are […] Read More

The Pixel C Challenge, Day 98: The Adventure Continues


Forgive the tardiness of this final post. I've been working. A lot. On the Pixel C. I know, right? Yes. Boom. Period. Comma. Moving on... There's much I can say about my ongoing working relationship with Google's apparently-already-forgotten Android productivity experiment. I'll invest a few final words on the topic here, but I'll begin with […] Read More

Google Fiber TV Box Now Has Google Cast Support


Do you have Google Fiber at home? (lucky you!) If yes, you now have a Chromecast as well. The TV box that comes with Google Fiber now supports Google Cast, the platform that powers Chromecast. If you have Google Fiber, you can install the Google Cast extension and start setting up your casting empire. From […] Read More

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