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Chrome OS Beta Testing? There’s an (unofficial) Community For That!

Google Stops Updating Chrome For Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich”

“Qwertyzen” is a Minimalist Text Editor App for Chrome

Will Google Bundle Chromebook Pixel 2.0 With Its Upcoming LTE Network?

Search Your Bookmarks from Chrome’s Addressbar Without Any Extensions

Want to Remove Passwords from PDFs Using Chrome? Simply “Save As PDF”

Vimeo for iOS Adds Chromecast Support, AMD Not Interested in Chromebooks, yet. #chromeweekender

9 Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome’s Native PDF Reader

Chrome is Testing Answers in Omnibox (Addressbar)

Chrome Now Warns Users Before Opening Websites with Malware Downloads

Pixel 2.0 “Coming Soon”, Google Confirms (Kind of)

Archos announces Chromebook for France’s “Grand Digital for Schools Project”

This App Lets You Access SFTP Folders From Your Chromebook’s File Manager

Lenovo’s N20 Sequel, The Rugged N21 Chromebook Coming in March for $219?

Google Calendar Chrome Extension Gets Material Design #chromeweekender

SHINE for Reddit is a Chrome Extension That Redesigns, Yes, Reddit

Cloud Import, The Chrome OS Feature That Lets You Backup Files from External Drives to Google Drive Goes Live on Canary Channel

You Can Now Launch The Google Play Music App for Chrome and Start Playing, No Need to Visit Play Website!

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