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How To Redirect Cortana Searches Back to Chrome on Windows 10


Microsoft recently announced that they are limiting Cortana searches to their new browser Edge, and Bing, their search engine. Here is how to get Google and Chrome back on Cortana searches. The solution that I am about to share is not a tweak within Windows or Google Chrome. This is a tool developed by a […] Read More

How To Import Chrome Bookmarks To Google Save


We do not know much about what Google is planning to do with Google Save (and the links in Inbox and the links in Google Keep). This could be part of something big that they are yet to announce, or even a side project that can be killed sooner or later. For now, Google is allowing us […] Read More

HP Chromebook 13 G1 is Official, Starts at $499


We have seen almost everything about this Chromebook in previous leaks. The only thing that we were all curious about was the price. We have that information as well now. And thus, the HP Chromebook 13 G1 is official. The new HP Chromebook 13 from HP is part of the newly launched Chromebook for work […] Read More

Chromium OS for All SBC is For Chromium OS for Raspberry Pi and More


The first time we saw Chromium OS build for Raspberry Pie was from Hexxeh. That was back in 2012. Now we have a new build from the team at "Chromium OS for All SBC". Chromium OS for All SBC is a new project that builds Chromium OS for all Single Board Computes (SBCs). As of now, their […] Read More

“Readism” Extension for Chrome Provides Reading Time Estimates For Articles


Reading time estimates are a signature feature of Medium.  Readism is a Chrome extension that wants to add this feature to any article on the web. According to the developer, "Readism intelligently scans the page for articles and other readable content and tells you how long it will take to read them. Once installed, your productivity […] Read More

“Focusbook” Wants to Help You Waste Less Time With Facebook


Do you open Facebook for something and forget about it and just stay on and on there, quite often?. You need help. I also use Facebook as a procrastinating tool. When I read about Focusbook, a Chrome extension that wants to help Chrome users spend less time on Facebook, I also wanted to give it  a […] Read More

Google Play Store Is Coming to Chromebooks


I might be looking at something that Google wanted to announce on stage at IO 2016. From the code and few screenshots that I am looking at, Google Play Store, which is an Android only phenomenon, might be coming to Chromebooks. We can discuss the possibility of Google killing Chrome OS later. We have got some details […] Read More

Acer’s Chromebook 14 for Work Is Powerful, Rugged and Spill Proof


Acer's Chromebook 14 for Work is the first Chromebook in Google's "Chromebook for Work" program which certifies Chromebooks for the enterprise. Apart from the simple name, this Chromebook comes with a lot of configuration options that should make any enterprise Customer happy and also a good design and rugged build. I have mentioned couple of […] Read More

Save Links to “Inbox” With This Official Chrome Extension


After you save that important web page to Google Keep and Google Save, please remember to save them to your Inbox too. There is an official Chrome extension for that too! Inbox by Gmail is Google's second take on email. I honestly cannot remember how the Gmail inbox looks like. I have never opened Gmail after […] Read More

Save to Google Keep With This Official Chrome Extension


Google Keep has always been this mystery kid of the family to me. The product lives off-the-radar for the most time and gets press occasionally (there hasn't been many occasions). Yesterday was such an occasion. Lack of regular news or updates does not mean that this app is not popular. The number of installations and […] Read More

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