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Official Chrome Extension for “Google Save” Is Here


The official Chrome extension for an upcoming Google service is here. However, the service itself is yet to be announced. You can save web pages and images to Google using this extension, but you cannot view your saved items. Interesting, right? Google has been playing around with a feature that lets you save images and […] Read More

This Chrome Extension Removes The Next Episode Countdown on Netflix


Binge watchers of the world rejoice! Today, I am coming to you with the blessings of  a Chrome extension that removes those 3o seconds of brutal waiting on Netflix for the next episode to start playing. Flix Assist is a Chrome extension that fixes some of the annoyances that Netflix users are destined to live […] Read More

Acer Launches New “Chromebase for Meetings”


There are some Chrome OS products that you might not see if you are not working in a company or an institution which uses Google Apps or other Google for Work products. Chromebase for Meetings is one of them. News is that Google has added one more piece of hardware to the pack, the new […] Read More

Chrome Remote Desktop for Android Gets Material Design


Material design is slowly ( as slow as a creeper plant that is) coming to Chrome and Chrome OS. The latest addition to the list is the Android app for Chrome Remote Desktop. The latest update of the Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android brings the Material Design look along with other minor changes. To refresh […] Read More

YouTuber Demos Vintage TV Connected to Chromecast #awesome


Here is the ultimate Chromecast hacking project for you, well if you got a vintage TV and some expertise and some patience and quite some knowledge about how the hardware works inside these TVs. I will start with these two videos. Watch the short video if you just want to see this cool thing working. […] Read More

Bring “Bing Wallpaper of The Day” To Your New Tab Page With This Chrome Extension


The New Tab Page (NTP) is a special place for Chrome users (and Chrome developers, they keep playing with interesting stuff there). We do many things do the NTP. Sometimes we keep it clean and minimal and sometimes we go crazy making it a task management app. Today's extension just fills it with beautiful pictures. […] Read More

Acer’s $300 Chromebook with Aluminum Body, 4GB RAM and 14″ Full HD IPS Display


This post might lead you into temptation of buying a new Chromebook even if you already have one (or more). If you are in the market to buy a new one, this could easily be one of the top choices. So read carefully. Acer has announced a new Chromebook, CB3-431-C5XK with impressive specs and an affordable […] Read More

3 Apps For Beautiful New Wallpapers Everyday On Your Chromebook


I remember my excitement when I read about wallpapers coming to Chrome OS. That was way back in 2012. Chrome OS as you all know, has come so far and it even has an API to set beautiful wallpapers automatically. Today, I want to introduce you to three of my favorites. Bing features incredible images […] Read More

The Pixel C Challenge, Day 27: The Undiscovered Country

"Floating Windows" screen capture courtesy of Ars Technica

In isolation, the Pixel C is an impossible product to evaluate. You can't look at it today (running Android 6.x Marshmallow) without being influenced by what we know the Pixel C will be tomorrow (with Android N and its split-screen multitasking goodness). Thanks to Google's aggressive new Android Beta Program, we can actually experience tomorrow's Pixel […] Read More

How to Enable or Disable Facebook Notifications on Chrome


Is Facebook sending you notifications while in Chrome on your computer or on Android? This guide will help you disable those notifications (or enable notifications if that's what you want!). From version 42, websites can send Push Notifications with user permission. Several websites including eBay, Facebook, Pinterest, and Vice News now send push notifications to users. […] Read More

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