Slice Watch – Get Notified When an Item in Your List Drops in Price


Those who have used Slice will know that it is a shopper's best friend for keeping track of everything you buy online. With Slice, you can track packages you are expecting on your doorstep, keep a record of your spending habits so you can see how much you’re spending, get notifications on product recall alerts and even […] Read More

This Extension Adds A “Random” Button for Netflix


Netflix does not have as much social features as I want. However it does have suggestions and plenty of categories to browse through. If you are to ignore all that and watch a random movie or a TV show, I mean, if you really want to do that, there is a Chrome extension for that. […] Read More

Chrome OS Audio Player Can Now Play The Same Song Over and Over


I sometimes have this habit of playing the same song over and over. Not always, but I have done a few times in the past. Looks like I can give it a try on my Chromebook if I find a song that I want to repeat in the future. The built-in audio player on Chrome […] Read More

Google Cast App To Be Renamed “Google Home”


From Chromecast to Google Cast, the app that you all have installed on your phone, is getting renamed again. This time, looks like stage is being set for a larger party. Google Cast will soon be renamed Google Home. The change is being advertised on the app itself and many users are reporting that they […] Read More

Typing Emoji on a Chromebook Just Got Easier


Emojis have become a part of our daily conversations online. Every statement is supported by an emoticon- to express an emotion and sometimes not to express it. On a Chromebook, adding emojis were not that easy till now. Users had to resort to browser extensions and other websites to add a particular emoji they choose. […] Read More

Google Releases Two New Tools to Cross Out XSS Attacks


Modern web technologies such as strict contextual auto-escaping help developers avoid mistakes which lead to XSS, and automated scanners can catch different classes of vulnerabilities during the process of testing. However, in complex applications bugs inevitably slip by. The damage range from harmless pranks to malicious targeted exploits. XSS attacks are the most pervasive and enduring web […] Read More

Chromecast Ultra Is Now Official – $69 for 4K HDR Video Streaming


The third generation of Chromecast, named Chromecast Ultra is now official. Almost everything had already leaked, so here goes the same stuff again, this time, official. To borrow the new style from Google's marketing team "very official". The official introudction: Picture quality up to 4K Ultra HD & HDR, stronger processing power for faster, smoother […] Read More

More Chromebooks Get Early Access To Play Store – Here Is How To Enable It


I know that you all are waiting for the Pixel announcement that is scheduled to happened in few hours from now. Would you like to do that on a Chromebook that runs Android apps too? Update: This is working on Dev channel for Toshiba Chromebook 2015, if you have the Developer Mode on. Note: You […] Read More

Chromecast and Google Home Integration Is Getting Ready


Remember Google Home? While announcing Google Home during I/O 2016, Google mentioned that Home is going to integrate with Chromecast allowing your to have seamless multi-room playback. Looks like Google has started shipping this feature, if your Chromecast is on the Preview channel. Google Home is a voice activated device that Google is expected to […] Read More

“Ungoogled” Is Chromium Browser Without Any Trace Of Google For Privacy Conscious


Are you a Google Chrome fan with privacy concerns about sharing data with Google ? Here is a new browser that you might want to try out, Ungoogled. Google has baked in a lot of features to Chrome to bring users closer to its ecosystem. If you have concerns about those services and how Chrome might share […] Read More

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