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Here is The New Wallpaper of Chrome OS Guest Mode

How to Set Up Chrome OS’ “Smart Unlock” (Or Unlock Chromebook When Your Phone is Nearby)

The Simpsons, Yosemite, Hokusai’s Wave and Purple Bubble #themesunday

Chrome OS Admin Console Gets “Smart Unlock” to Unlock Chromebooks With Phones #chromeweekender

Google Chromecast Launches in Taiwan

A Kid Friendly Version of Chrome Is In The Works?

Google Sold More Chromecasts Than Apple TVs This Year in the US

Google Updates Santa Tracker Website and the Official Chrome Extension

Buy Chromecast from Amazon for Just $22.99 #hotdeal

In Q3 2014, US Schools Bought More Chromebooks Than iPads

Cute Cat Themes for Chrome Anyone? #themesunday

Convertible Acer Touchscreen Chromebook in 2015? #chromeweekender

Chrome’s ‘Touch to Search’ on Android is Fast and Intuitive – Try It!

Google Makes 7 More Android Apps Available for Chrome OS

Comedy Central, TuneIn and 5 Others Add Chromecast Support

Chrome NPAPI Support Going Away in 2015

How to Disable Chrome’s Redesigned Bookmark Manager

“Emmet Re:View” Shows You Responsive Media-query Breakpoints For Current Page

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