Google Launches Official Chrome Extension To Go Back With Backspace Key


Google Chrome recently removed the option to go back using the backspace key. The new keyboard shortcut is Alt + Arrow keys. Yesterday, Google released an official Chrome extension to get the backspace key behavior back. The new extension is called Go Back With Backspace. Here is the official description: Go back with the backspace button! […] Read More

HP Printer Owners; Print From Your Chromebook Without Google Cloud Print


Printing has always been a thorn in the side of the Chromebook Movement. In order to achieve the amount of security and speed that Chromebooks boast, sacrifices needed to be made. One such sacrifice is the ability to install software/drivers. This means that you can't print from a Chromebook using the traditional method, because traditionally printing […] Read More

Chrome OS – How To Highlight Mouse Cursor While It Moves


A recent update to Chrome OS Dev channel has added a bunch of accessibility features. One of them is highlighting the mouse cursor while it is moving. I am not an expert on accessibility, but I haven't seen any serious complaints about Chrome OS on this front. Chrome OS offers a host of accessibility features […] Read More

Here Is The New Alt + Tab UI For Chrome OS


Chrome OS team is experimenting with a new design for the ALT + TAB UI. Let's take a look at this new design and couple of other changes available on the Dev channel. Chrome OS currently does not have any animation of specific UI for Alt + Tab. It just cycles through open windows. The […] Read More

How to Get Back to its Old Look from Chrome’s Material Design


With a goal to create a visual language that combines classic principles of good design with the innovation and reach of technology, Google Developed a single underlying system that allows for a unified experience across platforms and device sizes. Google Chrome's Material Design was accepted by many who loved to have a slightly new look […] Read More

Gold Chromebook 14 Spotted on Acer’s Website


No kidding! Gold colored Chromebook 14 has showed up on Acer's website. CB3-431-C6ZB, is priced $ 349.99, same as its silver color variant. If you have friends still skeptical about Chromebooks, those who wonder why someone will pay top dollars for a glorified web browser, send this link! CB3-431-C6ZB, spotted by Redditor VictoryGoth comes in gold color but everything […] Read More

FOX Sports Go to add Chromecast support


If you have been trying to cast the Olympics this season, you would have wished for your favourite Sports channel to support Chromecast. According to the FAQ section in, the wish is coming true this summer. This was a much awaited update expected from FOX Sports after NBC Sports added Chromecast support last week.Do […] Read More

Hotstar for iOS Gains Chromecast Support


Now you can watch your favourite Hotstar content on an iOS platform with Chromecast support! Yes, the news is true. Star India’s video streaming service, Hotstar has come up with a new update on their iOS arena with support for the Chromecast. Till now, this service was quite limited, restricting its use to only to […] Read More

Use ALT + ARROW To Go Back On Tabs On Google Chrome


Google Chrome recently disabled the option to navigate tab history using the backspace key. Most of us welcome this change, but for those who miss this keyboard shortcut, here is the new shortcut: ALT + LEFT ARROW According to Google, out of all the backspace hits on Chrome,  0.04% was for actually going back to the […] Read More

Chrome 53 Beta For Android Brings New API For Web Based Payments


Beyond building a popular browser, Google's intention with Chrome is to make a better web, which will be good for both users and Google's business. Here is an example, PaymentRequest API PaymentRequest is a new API that Google has added to Chrome for Android, currently available in version 53 Beta. This is intended to make online […] Read More

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