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How To Force Chrome To Open Windows Store App Links


If you try to open a link to a Windows Store app from Chrome, the Windows App Store will launch and open the app's page for you. Here is how to force Chrome to open the link instead of the store. This is not a Windows specific thing. If you try to open a link […] Read More

Get Ultrawide Display Aspect Ratio For Netflix With This Chrome Extension


Netflix uses 16:9 aspect ratio for all it's content, and this will not be the best resolution for at least of a few of you with ultra-wide displays. Here is a Chrome extension that will give you additional display aspect ratios. When watching TV shows though, that are originally 16:9 content it's not always desirable […] Read More

Official Chrome Extension for Google Spaces


Spaces, the new group messaging app from Google, is here. We are all playing around with it and trying to figure out if we really need another service like this, and how this will be used. To make that process easy, here is the official Chrome extension for Google Spaces. I am still trying to understand […] Read More

Is Google Planning To Abandon Flash In Chrome Soon?


The end is nigh for Adobe’s Flash player, and it’s about time. When Steve Jobs said he would not be supporting Flash because of the player’s inherent faults, I agreed that a Flash alternative was sorely needed, but at the time we didn’t have one yet, and not supporting Flash seemed like a foolish move, […] Read More

How To Temporarily Disable Caching For A Specific Website In Google Chrome


Here is a simple Chrome tip to (quickly) temporarily disable a website's cache. If you are testing something on a website, this tip will come handy!. The trick here is to use the Chrome Developer Tools Console to temporarily disable the website's cache. There is one catch. You will need to keep the console open […] Read More

“Video Speed Controller” For Chrome Lets You Control Playback Speed Of HTML5 Video


Most of the videos that you watch on the web these days is HTML5. Here is a Chrome extension that lets you speed up, slow down, advance and rewind any HTML5 video with quick shortcuts. According to the developer, HTML5 video provides native APIs to accelerate playback of any video, but most implemented players either hide […] Read More

“Like” Theme For Google Chrome


Happy Sunday guys! Here is a Google Chrome theme, Like. I am not sure why designer Stanislav Nikulin named it this way, but here goes: The original image (and couple more similar designs) are available on designer's website here. Like Like? Install it from here […] Read More

“Web Maker” Lets You Run HTML, CSS & JavaScript Experiments on New Tab Page


Today, I was perusing around when I came across a pretty neat Chrome extension developed by Kushagra Gour (@chinchang457 for you Twitter users) called Web Maker. If you’re a regular user of apps like or, then this might just be the Chrome extension you’ve been waiting for. Codepen and Jsfiddle are pretty […] Read More

DisplayLink Adds Chrome OS Support, Time To Dock Your Office Chromebook


DisplayLink, a company that specializes in devices that let you connect displays to your computers and laptops via USB, has added Chrome OS support. This clearly is part of Google's recent efforts to make Chromebooks more enterprise friendly. DisplayLink makes universal docking stations, monitors, projectors, zero client systems and display adapters. The support for DisplayLink […] Read More

“Salmon Player” for Chrome – Beautiful Design, Play Local Media or Stream From Google Drive and Dropbox


This must be one of the most beautiful Chrome apps that I have seen so far and that is why I am recommending it while it is still in beta. Salmon Player is a lightweight media player for Chrome and Chrome OS. You can install this on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Chrome OS. Currently, […] Read More

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