Here is How Google Tests Chromebook Touchpads

No surprises here. Google Chrome team has device and script that automates Chromebook touchpad testing. They call it Quickstep. The Quickstep device is designed to facilitate the measurement of drag-latency for touch devices. We define drag-latency as the amount of time between a finger sliding over (x, y) on the device and the firmware reporting [...]

Here is an App to Control Your Chromebook Pixel’s Lightbar

Remember the lightbar that Google put on the Chromebook Pixel just because it is cool? François Beaufort created an app to control those lights. LightBar, the new Chrome app works only on Pixel though. The HP Chromebook 11 has a similar looking lightbar, but the hardware inside is different, or limited. Oh, you also need developer mode [...]

Asus Chromebook Prices Leaked – Starting At $260.26 has listed the two upcoming Chromebooks, with most of its specs (we already know that) and the price. Prices start at$260.26. Here is what they have posted. ASUS C200MA-DS01 11.6 inch HD N2830 2GB 16GB Chrome Os Only $260.26 That's your 11.6 inch model, with 2GB RAM, and an attractive price. The second model is [...]

Office Online is Now Available on Chrome Web Store

Google Chrome Web Store received a celebrity app the other day. Microsoft has made Office Online available on the Google Chrome Web Store.( I messed up something on my blog yesterday and couldn't post anything, sorry!).  Office Online works great in all browsers, but for those of you who use Chrome, you can now add [...]

Facebook Chat Pop-Outs Detaches Chat Windows From Facebook

Want to detach Facebook chat windows like you do with Google Hangouts? Possible. Facebook Chat Pop-Outs is a new Chrome extension that lets you do that. After you install this extension and refresh the Facebook page, a small detach icon appears on each Facebook chat window. Click that, and you will have the chat window separated [...]

Now Search Chrome Apps Menu With First Letters of App Name

The Chrome team has added a neat (bit unconventional) shortcut to search the Chrome apps menu on Chrome and Chrome OS. You can search an app using the first letters of the words. Here is an example. For Chrome Remote Desktop, you type CRD and you type GPM and you get Google Play Music. Easy? I [...]

Chrome OS Now Lets You Dock Small Apps on the Side

Remember those docked windows from Windows 8? Chrome OS is getting something similar to make multi-taskers happy. You can have a hangout window docked along with your main browser window, or have your Google Keep tasks list to look at while working on something else. Official announcement: Multitasking on your Chromebook just got easier: you [...]

How to Test the Battery Health of Your Chromebook

Here is a quick tip from François Beaufort to test the battery health of your Chromebook. All you have to do is enter the Chrome OS command line using Ctrl + Alt + T and enter the following command: battery_test 0 That will run a (very) short test and tell you how good your battery is now. [...]

Chrome OS is Separating “Gallery” from The Files App

After separating the Video player  from the Files app, the Chrome OS team is doing the same with the Gallery. The work for this has  just begun according to this commit. Add manifest, assets, and empty place holders for new separated Gallery app. Currently the gallery app is integrated to This is the [...]