How to Install Mac OS X El Capitan On an Acer C720 Chromebook


A Reddit user has managed to install macOS El Capitan on an Acer Chromebook. For those who are interested in trying this out, he has shared all the required download and installation instructions as well! Before you get started, remember that this was done on a Core i3 Acer C720 chromebook and the results may […] Read More

Google Play Store Finally Comes to Chromebook Pixel (2015) and Acer R11

Google Play Store on Pixel

It's finally happened, Google Play Store is here! (for Asus Flip, Pixel 2 and Acer R11 owners on the Dev channel anyways) When Google first announced that the Google Play Store was coming to Chromebooks, we were told that the Asus Flip, Acer R11, and Chromebook Pixel (2015) would receive the update on version 53, […] Read More

TIDAL adds support for Google Chromecast


TIDAL is a global music and entertainment platform that brings artists and fans together through unique music and content experiences. If you have TIDAL media streaming app on your phone, and a Google Chromecast dongle, you are up for some interesting news in here. TIDAL has finally updated the app with the ability to cast […] Read More

MacOS – Set Chrome OS Default Browser From Command Line


Here is a tip that you may not use anytime soon. Or may be never. Here is how to set Google Chrome as your default browser on macOS using command line. Setting Chrome as your default browser is mostly a one time thing. You might have already done that on your computer. So, doing this […] Read More

Google Is Experimenting With Quantum-secure Connections in Chrome


Many companies including Google, Microsoft and IBM are working on "quantum computers" which will dramatically increase computing speed and efficiency. This is still a thing from the future but looks like Google is preparing Chrome for challenges in the quantum computing era. Quantum computers can in future decrypt information saved in the current modes of […] Read More

Google Adds Built-in Cast Option to Chrome


Google Cast is a technology that lets you cast your favorite entertainment and apps from your device (phone, tablet or laptop) straight to your TV or speaker. Beginning with Chrome 51, Google is rolling out a few welcoming changes to the Cast functionality in Chrome. 1. Google Cast functionality is now built in as part […] Read More

Stylus Support Spotted in Chrome OS Code

One of the first official renditions of Chrome OS tablets.

I am prepared for a variety of new things that might show up in Chrome OS in the near future, thanks to the addition of Android apps support. Here is one such possible future that recently showed up in the code; stylus support. It was very recently that we saw reports of "Chromebook Pro" being […] Read More

Your Device Is Up To Date! Or is it…?

Screenshot 2016-07-08 at 8.46.07 AM

A fellow Chromebook Central Top Contributor, Jim Dantin recently pointed out to me that there is a large number of users complaining about Chromebooks that are not up to date, and won't update. This naturally leaves the user quite frustrated, understandably. Everybody wants to be on the latest and greatest software, and security updates are very […] Read More

Google Adding VR Shell To Chrome On Android


2016 saw the much awaited release of the Oculus Rift, Samsung's Gear VR and also the VR platform Daydream Project. Now, Google is all set to make VR (Virtual Reality) content available for the developer version of its Chrome browser. This means that you don't have to take your headset on and off as you browse through websites with or without WebVR abilities. […] Read More

Use or Upgrade an Old Chromebook


The CR-48, the oldest Chromebook patriarch celebrated it's 5 year birthday in December of 2015. It hardly seems like Chromebooks have been around that long, but they have. Not long after the CR-48 Samsung and Acer released models of their own to consumers. And of course since then, every computer manufacturer under the sun has […] Read More

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