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Better Fonts, Project Athena and Other Chrome News #chromeweekender

I have always wanted to do a regular weekly episode of miscellaneous Chrome news. I did try a couple of times, and it did not go regular. And here I am, trying it again, writing this from an awesome co-working space that I decided to check out this weekend. Here is my desk, like, now. [...]

Watch This Developer Explain How he Hacked Into His Neighbour’s Chromecast and Trolled Them

Dan Petro is  a whitehat at security consultancy Bishop Fox. Using a Pi, a couple of wifi cards and a touchscreen – along with Aircrack (open-source WEP and WPA-PSK-cracking software) watch him take advantage of a bug in the way Chromecast recognises wifi, take over a Wifi network and Chromecast. He calls it "Rickrolling" and his device "Rickmote". Note: [...]

Handwriting Recognition Mode Comes to Chromebooks

As part of the on-screen keyboard, Chrome OS now has a nifty handwriting recognition mode thanks to the Googe Input Tools API. This is an experimental feature for now, available only on the developer channel, Google's François Beaufort says. One more thing. Since this uses the Google Input API as I said earlier, this will work only [...]

Chromecast now available from Google Play in Ireland

Great news for Chromecast fans from Ireland, Google is now selling Chromecast through Play Store there. Here is the official announcement from Google Play on Google Plus: Ireland, time to play your heart out! Your favorite films are now available on Google Play. Stream hits like +The LEGO Movie instantly on the web or your Android or [...]

Cheaper Chromebooks with MediaTek Processors Incoming?

According to François Beaufort of Google, a new experimental ARM Cortex A7 board named Moose has recently been added to the open-source Chromium OS repository by MediaTek. MediaTek processors are comparatively cheaper. Most tech blogs who reported this news expect Chromebooks with VERY attractive prices soon, something around $150 - $200, some say. And yes, this comes with some [...]

Chrome Remote Desktop App to Get Video Recording Capabilities

Chromoting is a Chrome feature or platform that allows remote connection between computers running Chrome. A new code commit that I found today in Chromium suggests that the team is working on video recording capabilities for this app, allowing users to record videos while in a Chromoting session. Before I tell you about those things, please note that [...]

Meet the Bay Trail Acer Chromebook 11

German tech website has a new video treat for all of us. A short video demo of the upcoming Bay Trail Chromebook from Acer named Chromebook 11. The Chromebook was leaked online couple of days back, but this time we have a short hands-on video as well. "Equipped with a dual-core processor and an 11.6-inch [...]

Google Launches Chrome Remote Desktop for Linux in Beta

Chrome Remote Desktop, a service that was available to Windows Mac and Android users was launched on Linux today in beta. Google Product Expert Natalie R. W. announced this on Google Chrome forums today. We are excited to announce official Linux support in Chrome Remote Desktop with step-by-step directions provided in our Help Center article linked here. You can find [...]

Chrome OS Video Player is Getting Chromecast Support

Platform integration all the way! Google wants Chrome OS, Android and the Chromecast ecosystems to work together, in most cases look similar too. At Google I/O 2014, we saw many announcements in this direction. This is a rather small step in that direction, but I am sure of finding many fans in the Chromebook community for [...]

Popcorn Time Adds Chromecast Support

For those who do not need an introduction to what Popcorn Time is, the newest Alpha release has added Chromecast support. This build is highly experimental, so try it at your own risk. (Along with the other risks of using Popcorn Time, I don't know much about that). You can download  the latest alpha release [...]