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CTL®’s New and Improved Education Chromebook – NL61


CTL® has announced its new classroom Chromebook- NL61, a much improved avatar of its previous version, NL6. NL61 claims to have a much faster Intel Braswell processor with a 14 hour battery backup. The 11.6-inch anti-reflective screen minimizes glare and it comes with a built-in virus protection with multiple layers of security and verified boot […] Read More

“FullPageOS” Is Chromium On Raspbian For Easy Full Page Web Kiosk Mode


Raspberry Pi is the go-to device for those who want a inexpensive computer for making displays and kiosk mode. With FullPageOS, which uses Chromium, developers are making this easier to set up. FullPageOS set up to boot directly into a Chromium window in full screen mode. This saves you a lot of time, no disabling […] Read More

Boxy SVG- Scalable Vector Graphics Editor

Boxy svg 2

Looking for something similar to Adobe Illustrator which can do illustrations, banners, icons, charts and more? Try Boxy SVG- the free Vector Graphics Editor made with and mainly for the modern web platform. This offline desktop app just requires Google Chrome to be installed on your machine. It is absolutely free. Yes, it comes with […] Read More

Google Play Lands on Asus Chromebook Flip (Dev Channel)


Version 53 of Chrome OS landed on Asus Chromebook Flip, as promised, with Google Play Store. Things are far from perfect, but if you are an enthusiast and don't mind experimenting on the Dev channel, it's time to update your Chromebook! Dev channel of Chrome OS is where Google adds all the experimental features before […] Read More

No Sound Through Chromecast. How To Fix It?


You are able to cast video to the TV from your Chrome browser, but not able to hear anything?. Here are some possible causes and solutions to try when there is no sound through Chromecast. See if you are using an external AVR. This may be one of the reasons for the ‘no audio’ issue. […] Read More

Vizio Launches Google Cast Enabled Sound Bars


Turn your smartphone or tablet to a touchscreen remote with Vizio’s all-new home theater sound bar collection. It features fully integrated Google Cast letting you stream millions of songs from any audio app that is Google Cast enabled directly to the sound bar, using wireless internet. The collection also helps cast video content from a […] Read More

Cast an iOS Safari Tab to Chromecast

enable momocast

Momocast is a new iOS extension that allows you to cast a Safari tab to your Chromecast. If you are new to iOS, or are a possible convert, you may not know what an iOS extension is, or how it's different from an iOS app. This is how Apple describes extensions to their developers: App […] Read More

Older Chromebook Models Approaching Official EOL Date


Back in 2014, Google announced that they would be officially updating Chromebooks for 5 years after their release date. This seemed reasonable, as it's quite similar to Microsoft's Windows life cycle, and certainly better than Apple's Mac OSX life cycle. It seems even more reasonable when you consider that the CR-48 is still receiving updates, […] Read More

“Airbar’ Can Add Touchscreen To Your Regular Chromebook Using A Beam Of Lightt


Android apps are almost here. A lot of people picking up a Chromebook will look for touchscreen variants to make the best out of Android apps on Chrome OS. For others, there is a new device that promises to add touch to your regular screens. Airbar is made by a startup named Neonode. Installation and setup […] Read More

VLC 3.0 Chromecast Support Confirmed


Ask any Chromecast fan to name the one app that they wish had Chromecast support, and I am sure almost everyone will say VLC media player. As the most popular media player across operating systems, there are many who crave for Chromecast support on VLC. There has been a lot of rumors and discussions about […] Read More

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