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“Chromebox for Meetings” Package Launched in India #chromeweekender

Xolo and Nexian Air Chromebooks Launched In India for Rs.12,999

Google Chrome Will Soon Play 4K and Other High Resolution Videos Smoother

Here is the Chrome OS Login Screen in Material Design

Here is a Chrome Extension to Add Fancy Formatting to Your Tweets

Google Launches Chrome Extension to Help Users Submit Feedback

Chrome for Android (Beta) Now Tells You When You Download The Same File Again

Google Chrome to Get “WebBluetooth” Support

Here is a Website to Test How Your Browser Responds to Good and Bad SSL Configurations

Chrome’s Built-in Plug-Ins Explained!

Google Releases Two New Accessibility Extensions for Chrome

Dell Appliance for Wyse-vWorkspace Lets You “Run” Windows on Chromebooks

Now You Can Search Your Google Drive Files and Local Files From Chrome OS App Launcher

“My Little Password” Lets You Create Password Protected Zip Files From Your Chromebook

LG G4 Has Inbuilt Chromecast Support

Microsoft’s Edge Browser Will Run Chrome and Firefox Extensions

Chrome OS Adds “Lucid Sleep” For Chromebooks to Stay Updated While in “Sleep Mode”

Google Launches Dev Channel for Chrome on Android

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