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Chrome OS Video Player is Getting Chromecast Support

Platform integration all the way! Google wants Chrome OS, Android and the Chromecast ecosystems to work together, in most cases look similar too. At Google I/O 2014, we saw many announcements in this direction. This is a rather small step in that direction, but I am sure of finding many fans in the Chromebook community for [...]

Popcorn Time Adds Chromecast Support

For those who do not need an introduction to what Popcorn Time is, the newest Alpha release has added Chromecast support. This build is highly experimental, so try it at your own risk. (Along with the other risks of using Popcorn Time, I don't know much about that). You can download  the latest alpha release [...]

HP Releases Chromebox Bundle With Wireless Mouse And Keyboard

HP has a new Chrome OS product offering. A new Chromebox bundle with wireless mouse and keyboard. For this new piece of hardware all you have to pay is an additional $20. Sounds like a good combo offer to me. And yes this is a Chrome OS keyboard that we are talking about. ChromeOS • [...]

Oculus and Cardboard VR on Chrome Anyone?

Oculus Rift, Virtual Reality and Cardboard VR. There is a lot of talk going on around these topics. Now, let's add web and Chrome into this mix, because developers are already making progress with these new geeky gadgets and technologies on the web. Googler Brandon Jones has announced that he's working on a way to [...]

Acer Drops Chromebook Price to a Record Low – $169.15 for C720 Haswell Chromebook

When Google released the first set o commercial Chromebooks, one of the most popular comments was that we need something under $200 for Chromebook to become popular. Chromebooks eventually became popular without that magic price point, but today, Acer actually did it. Acer C720-2848 Chromebook with Haswell is now available from their website for $169.15. Most probably Amazon [...]

Google Wants Your Chromecast Feature Wishlist

Got a feature request for Chromecast? Googe wants your wishlist! Soon after Google I/O 2014, the Chrome OS team conducted a similar survey to come up with a list of Android apps that users want ported to Crome OS.  Now, the Chromecast team has a similar one up here. Current stats of this survey says "371 [...]

Australia’s Preso Adds Chromecast Support and 1 Month Free Trial for Chromecast Users

Chromecast users from Australia got a nice little gift today. Presto, a content provider from the country added Chromecast support with a free 1 month trial offer for Chromecast users. Here is the official announcement from Google Australia on Google Plus: Just like that, Aussie Chromecast users can now watch great new movies on the [...]

Chrome Can Now Handle Hangouts Without Plugin

Using the Web Real-Time Communication API (WebRTC) and Native Client (NaCl), Google has enabled Chrome to handle Hangouts without  a separate plugin. In the new set up, WebRTC will handle all the audio and video of Hangouts. This will make it easier or first time users to get started. Just click to start the Hangout, allow Hangouts [...]

You Can Now Buy CTL and Intel’s Education Chromebook for $279.00

Back in May, Intel and Google announced a reference design for education market that Intel was working on with CTL. Today, you can buy this shiny Chromebook online from the CTL website. The device is available to the education market as well as regular customers. 11.6-inch HD LED screen Intel Celeron N2930 (quad core) running [...]