#Offer – 3 Months Of HBO Now Free For Chromecast Owners


If you have a Chromecast, chances are that you already got more than  what you paid for the device, as free goodies. Most of these offers are giving to new and old Chromecast owners. For Black Friday 2016, Google has some more offers for Chromecast owners, like this 3 months free HBO Now subscription that […] Read More

More Chromebooks Get Google Play Store Access

Google Play Store on Pixel

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Here is something that many of you will be thankful for. The Google Play Store access is rolling out to more Chromebooks, albeit in the Developer channel. Chrome Unboxed reports that three more Chromebooks have been added to the list: Acer Chromebook 14 Acer Chromebook 15 ASUS C300 As this is Developer […] Read More

Sound Not Working On Your Chromebook? Read This.


Chromebooks are a solid machine. The operating system is simple to use, bloatware-free, secure and fast. Many Chromebooks are very affordable, and there are even some high-end devices for those with expensive taste. But even Chromebooks have their issues from time to time. Something we see semi-regularly on the Google Product Forum is issues with […] Read More

Black Friday Chromebook Deals – 2016

Acer R11

The biggest shopping day of the season is here! If you are in the market for a new Chromebook, this is a great chance get get even lower prices than normal on a ChromeOS device! Here is a quick roundup on Black Friday Chromebook Deals. Note: We are planning to keep this article updated through this […] Read More

“Google Cast” Is Now “Chromecast” Again


If you have been following Chromecast / Google Cast news post Google IO 2016, you will understand the "again" part. Google first dropped "Chrome" from Chromecast. Later, they renamed the Google Cast app "Google Home". Now, Google Cast branding is going away and Chromecast is coming back. Android Police is reporting that Google is working […] Read More

Chromebooks To Get Google Assistant?


I am happily jumping the rumor wagon with our friends over at Chrome Unboxed. They have found a Chromium OS code commit that could possibly be related go Google Assistant. This bit of code, headed towards the Samsung Chromebook Pro, talks about "Wake on voice". This could very well be the OK Google hot-word that we […] Read More

Bookmark chrome://restart to Instantly Restart Chrome


Here is a bookmark that you can use to restart Chrome, instantly. Add chrome://restart to your bookmarks to restart Chrome with a single click. You can even add it to the Chrome bookmarks bar to have it available all the time. To add this bookmark, press CTRL + D from any page. This will create […] Read More

Enpass – The Offline Password Manager Now Available for Chromebook


Google announcing support of Android apps and Google Play Store on Chromebooks helped developers behind Enpass build their Password Manager extension for Google Chrome. Enpass secures your passwords, and other credentials offline on your device and is available for all major desktop, mobiles and tablets. Enpass Browser extensions lets you create strong and unique passwords […] Read More

Use “B.S. Detector” To Know When You’re Reading a Fake News Source


More than half of the news stories that I come across on WhatsApp are fake. I try to verify the source whenever I can, and get into arguments and fights with friends and family. Not everybody likes when you point out their stupidity. It is no exaggeration when I tell you that B.S Detector, a Chrome […] Read More

Chrome Dev Adds New Audio Focus Feature


A new feature has been added by Chrome to avoid running into more than one audio source playing at the same time in your browser. You need to enable this option and restart your device to get this running, as it doesn't work by default. Here are the instructions: Go to chrome://flags/#enable-default-media-session in the address bar. Get […] Read More

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