Google Now Offers Free 60 Days Trial For Chrome Device Management Console


Google is making it easy for administrators to try and purchase the Chrome Device Management Console. Admins can now sign up for a free trial right from their Admin Console. From the blog post: If you’re a current Google Apps customer, we’re making it easier than ever to set up Chrome device management for managing […] Read More

Google Drops “Chrome” Branding From Chromecast


The first update to the Chromecast Preview Channel was very insignificant. Or so we thought. The official release note say just one thing, the usual "we fixed some bugs and made the thing a little better" stuff. However, Android Police reports that the update came with a very significant change, Google is no longer showing […] Read More

Chrome OS Admin Console Gets Google Play Settings For Easy Management


As we have detailed regularly here on Chrome Story, Android apps are coming to Chromebooks! With the release of the Google Play store to the stable channel of Chrome, it is time for IT administrators to considering how they will manage, deploy and monitor Android App usage on Chrome OS. A new section has been […] Read More

W Zoom – Chrome Extension for Per-Tab Zooming


Zoom in and zoom out are features all Chrome users use often. However, the zoom feature is not pertained to just one tab you open. Zooming in on a per-tab basis is a difficult task, and a solution to this problem is using W Zoom- the Chrome extension which can perform per-tab/per-origin/per-path zooming. Read on. […] Read More

Google Play For Chrome OS Hits The Stable Channel


The latest update to Chrome OS is a piece of history. With this update, Google Play Store is available for the three devices it launched on, in the stable channel. To remind you all, those devices are: Asus Chromebook Flip. Acer Chromebook R11 / C738T Yes, as the Google Play access hits mainstream with the […] Read More

Chromium OS Based Container-VM Image Now Available On Google Cloud Platform


Chromium OS is moving into a new arena, Google Cloud Platform. Google has been using it to run its own containers, and now their Cloud Platform customers can run them too. This is currently a beta release. From the official page: Container-VM Image is a container-optimized OS image for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We […] Read More

First Ever Apollo Lake Chromebook ‘Amenia’ to be Out Soon?


If reports are true, another new Chromebook is in the making while Intel’s next generation of Atom processors have found their way into a new device which is currently under development. The news becomes more interesting as  Braswell-based Chromebooks are much in demand in the tech world. Apollo Lake is built off of the latest generation of […] Read More

Chromebooks Can’t Do Times New Roman?


Never saw this one coming. An article that appeared on Gadget Spot says that Chrome OS does not really have the omnipresent, Times New Roman. Author Ian McIlwraith explains how he lost one point in a college essay. The comment from the teacher said “Font not Times New Roman, -1 point”. Ian explains that what Chrome OS shows […] Read More

Samsung Website Says Chromebooks Are “Powered By Android”


There were always rumors of Google merging Android and Chrome OS and making one single OS. Recent development made it clear that they are not merging any time soon, but co-exist, sharing Google Play Store and all the Android apps. Samsung seems to have a different way of looking at it. They are advertising their […] Read More

Microsoft Responds To Google’s Response To Microsoft’s Battery Tests On Chrome


Microsoft did a battery test to show that Chrome is horrible with laptop batteries. That was a while back. Recently, Google replied to their tests to say that with Chrome version 53, things are much lighter on battery life. Now, Microsoft has responded to that response, with more tests. In a new blog post, Microsoft […] Read More

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