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Google Chromecast Tips and Tricks

Chromecast user? Here is something that you’ll totally love. This is a list of tips and tricks for Google Chromecast. Try them out and share with your friends.

Google Chromecast Tips and Tricks


Before we start, here is a quick video on how to get started:

  1. How to Share Your Desktop Using Chromecast
  2. How to Stream Local Files Using Google Chromecast
  3. Google Chromecast Supported Files, a list.
  4. Here is a complete list of Chromecast supported apps and content providers.
  5. If you have the Google Cast extension installed,check “Auto-resizing” on the options page to automatically resize the browser to best fit the receiver screen when projecting a tab
  6. From the options menu for the Google Cast extension,  change the tab projection quality if your projection is lagging.
  7. Full screen zoom: You can enable or disable this.Enabled – prevents black bars on widescreen video.  Disabled – show projected content exactly as it appears on this screen
  8. Rooting Chromecast, for those curious and adventurous minds!
  9. How To Switch To Dev or Beta Channel on Chromecast, for wandering souls!
  10. How to Factory Reset Your Chromecast
  11. To use Cast in Chrome incognito mode, type chrome://extensions into your browser bar, locate the Google Cast extension, and select ‘Enable in incognito’.
  12. Hidden Settings of Google Extension for Chrome – get them if you are a developer!
  13. Make Nexus Q Play As Your Chromecast Device with “Cheapcast”
  14. If you are using a Chromebook, you can close the lid without worrying about losing your content. Chrome OS considers Chromecast similar to an external display and continues to cast.
  15. Get the Google Cast extension beta channel to try new features and APIs.
  16. If you are seeing a pink screen error while casting to your TV,  uncheck Use hardware acceleration when available on Chrome’s Advanced settings. This should fix the issue.
  17. Use Guest Mode to let your friends send content to your Chromecast
  18. Mirror your phone’s screen to view your phone’s content on your Chromecast connected TV. Enable this in  Settings of your Android phone, and look for the “Cast Screen” option on the menu when you slide down from top.
  19. Use the Backdrop feature available on your Chromecast app to cast your Google Plus photos on your TV when it is left idle.
  20. Keep checking the Chromecast Offers page, you never know when things show up there!